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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hi!! Happy Thursday!! One day away from Friday--- YAY! :)

Sooo...I was lacing up my shoes yesterday, getting ready to get on the treadmill and just DID NOT WANT TO RUN.  I was not feeling it. BUT- I was already at the gym, James was already signed into child watch (the babysitting service at the YMCA) and I knew I just needed to GET IT DONE. Even though I work out 5-6 days a week, this happens to me a lot!  I have no problem getting myself to the gym- but several times during the week, I have to give myself a pep talk to get the party started :)  I have come up with 3 different ways I can power through 3 miles on the treadmill and I thought I would share them today!
Maybe you are needing some motivation too?  
Or maybe you are wanting to start exercising, but not sure where to start?
Maybe this will be helpful! (or not- and that is fine too- HA!)

3 Ways I Power Through 3 Miles

I break my 3 mile run into 3-1 mile runs and do 15 pushups and 15 sit-ups in between the miles just to get a "quick break" from the treadmill.  This is one of my favorite, fast ways to get in a good workout.  I run about an 8:30 minute mile, so for me mentally- I tell myself- "All you have to do is run for 8 1/2 minutes." That is not bad at all!! Once I pump out a mile- I hop off the treadmill and do my pushups and sit-ups.  That probably takes about 3 minutes.  Then I get back on the treadmill and start another mile.  This entire workout takes 30 minutes for me to complete and I am SWEATING by the end of it.  Even if you run more like a 10-12 minute can still have this workout done in about 40 minutes!  For me- why this works is because I am achieving 6 small goals throughout the workout.  And I just focus on ONE goal at a time.  First- get a mile done, then pushup/sit-ups, then another mile, etc. Whenever I am feeling gross or sluggish, I just tell myself- get this part done and see how you feel.  I always make it and keep moving! This workout would totally work if you are exercising outside with a baby/babies in a stroller!  Figure a one mile course in your neighborhood/park.  Then run it, find a place to do your pushup/sit-ups (the grass works just fine in my opinion!) and then start up your second mile!  You will be done before you know it!  

I like to run a 5K once a week, uninterrupted.  I usually run it on Fridays- so I have termed that workout 5K Friday's. I KNOW. I am SO clever- HA!  Anyway- again, even though I am decent shape and run on a regular basis, sometimes the thought of having to pump out a 5K on the treadmill at 7:45 in the morning JUST DOESN'T SOUND FUN.  So- here is how I mentally approach the 5K (the same would work if you are running outside!) I look at my 5K as needing to run 6, 1/2 mile sections.  For me, I can run a 1/2 mile in about 4 1/2 minutes- so when I look at it like that- it is totally doable.  When I get on the treadmill, my mindset is: "All you have to do is get to your first 1/2 mile marker."  That is SO much easier than thinking about 30 straight minutes on the treadmill!  So- I run my first 1/2 mile, and keep going to my next.  Anytime I feel like quitting, I just tell myself- all you have to do is run another 1/2 mile!! If you are running outside, it might be easier to break you run into 6- 5 minute sessions since you won't have your mileage being calculated for you.  Whatever works best for you!!

The third way I get myself to complete 3 miles is to run 3- 1 mile runs- and I run intervals for each mile.  Running at varying speeds is a GREAT workout and an awesome way to shed weight (if that is one of your goals).  I personally think running intervals also makes the time I am on the treadmill FLY BY!  I start my run by jogging at an easy pace (this is going to totally vary by your running ability)- which is about 6.0 mph.  I do this for 2 minutes, then I move it up to 6.5, run for 1 minute, move it up to 7.0, run for 1 minute and then finally, 7.3 mph for 30 seconds.  Then I go back down to 6.0 mph and start the whole interval over again. By just doing this interval twice, I get a mile done!  Sometimes I take a quick break and do some squats or lunges, then hop back on the treadmill.  Other times, I just start the next mile right up- without a break.  
If you are just starting to exercise and run on the treadmill, it might take you awhile to find your groove with running at interval speeds. Do what feels right FOR YOU!

Soooo...that's how I motivate myself to get my 3 mile runs in throughout the week.  On days I am not running, I like to swim laps and do weight training with light cardio.  

What do you think?  Would this work for you?? For me personally, getting my workouts done are so much more mental than they are physical.  I tell you what though- it never fails- if I can just get started- I never want to quit once I am moving.  It is just taking those first steps that always prove to be the hardest!!

**And just because I feel like this needs to be said: I am OBVIOUSLY NOT a doctor, fitness instructor, running coach or personal trainer.  I am a mom who is just trying her best to be fit and healthy- and these are just my personal opinions and thoughts.  You should ALWAYS discuss changes you are making to your lifestyle (e.g. starting a new exercise program) with your doctor. And if you EVER have any questions when you are at the gym- ask a trainer!!!** 

Hope you have a fabulous day!! 

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  1. For me getting started can be the hardest part!! I like your first idea - I rarely have to do a dreadmill run, but if I do I hate it! The intervals would be good. I also do "laps" outside - just in my neighborhood but if I think of 4 miles it can be taunting, but 4 laps - that is easy!


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