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Friday, September 25, 2015

Hi!! Happy Friday!! Can you believe this weekend is the last one of September?? 

How was your week? Any fun plans for the weekend?
We have my oldest daughter's soccer game tomorrow morning, then in the afternoon, we are meeting some friends of our's at our church's Fall Festival. On Sunday, we have church and we will probably take a family walk to the park.  As always, I am looking forward to 2 days "off!"

LOVE this :)

Now time for some fun! Here are my FAVORITES for this week!

BLUE BLOODS!! The season premiere of Blue Bloods is tonight and I am SO excited!! Besides Gray's Anatomy, this is the only show that I LOVE to watch.  Seriously- Tom Selleck is amazing!! And I just really love how every show ends on a positive note.  Soo happy to have this show back on Friday nights!!

Last week, in my Friday Favorites post, I mentioned I had just gotten a new Cover Girl Mascara- Flamed Out.  Well, my blog friend Johannah suggested I try Maybelline Falsies of course- I went right out and bought some! :) And I LOVE it!! It goes on really nicely, makes my lashes very long, adds some volume to them- but does not get clumpy.  So between my Cover Girl Flamed Out mascara and my Maybelline Falsies mascara...I am SET! I actually love layering the two together to get some serious lashes!! :)

My precious James is growing at lightening speed!! He is almost 15 months old...but is the size of a solid 2 year old :)  His little feet are SUPER fat- SO CUTE!!- and he totally jumped from a size 4 to 5.5!! James definitely does not have any where near the shoe collection my daughters have- so when his feet grew out of his old shoes- he literally had no shoes to wear! We decided to invest a little more money (I am all about getting shoes from Walmart/Target/Payless) and get him a pair of New Balances.  They come in wide sizes...which my little guy needs :) and they are such great quality.
This is the pair we got him...can you even handle little BABY running shoes?!? Aaron and I were freaking out when we pulled them out of the box! There is just something so adorable about tiny shoes!! 
We are super happy with them and James seems to like them too.  Like I said, I have NEVER spent $40 on a pair of my kids' shoes...but given the fact these are James only shoes (and he has 1 pair of shoes for church)- it made sense to spend a little more. We will definitely be going back to New Balance when he outgrows this pair- definitely our new FAVORITE shoe brand for James!
I asked James to show me his shoes so I could take a picture of them....this is what he did!! Dropped down to a squat and pointed to them :) Love this baby boy of mine SO much!

Soooo...Aaron has been working some late hours this past month...meaning a lot of the time he is not home for dinner. Last night- I decided I was totally taking a pass on making dinner and I picked up a Papa Murphy's Take N Bake pizza.  Get this- at our Papa Murphy's- you can get your choice of sausage, cheese or pepperoni Take N Bakes for FIVE DOLLARS!!! Seriously the best $5 spent! There is hardly any clean up, my kids love Papa Murphy's pizza- so there is no complaining and like I said- it's $5!! Totally one of my FAVORITE ways to make dinner easier when Daddy won't be home until late!

Speaking of Aaron...
my oldest daughter took this picture of us last weekend and I just love it :)
Just a couple weeks ago, we celebrated our "when we met/started dating" was 9 years ago!! Being totally honest, the past 9 years have been amazing, hard, filled with so much joy and quite a bit of trials.  There are days when this handsome man makes me want to rip my hair out :) HA! BUT- even on those days- there is NO ONE else I could ever imagine having by my side as we journey through life.  Always have been and always will be immensely grateful God put Aaron in my life! 
And just for fun- if you want to read about how we met- check this post out! We have a fun love story :)

Hope you have the BEST weekend!!

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  1. Those shoes...STOP. IT. They are SO cute!!!!! :)

    1. I KNOW. I really can't handle them!! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I have heard so many good things about the show Blue Bloods. I think I definitely need to start watching it...maybe it's on Netflix so I can start it from the beginning =) I am beyond excited for my 2 fav shows to come back, Chicago Fire & Chicago PD. And they are starting a new one this season, Chicago Med. I cannot.wait.!!!
    So glad you liked the mascara!! When my husbands cousin came up to do makeup for a wedding, he told me that was the best inexpensive mascara around =) He said he uses it 99% of the time...and he does makeup for famous people =) I'm so jealous of him! Haha! The sneakers are sooo cute! Emma had a pair of cute new balances like that when she was little and they held up amazing!
    Love the photo of you and your hubby =)
    Happy Friday, Justine! =)

    1. Okay- how could I forget about Chicago Fire and Chicago PD?!? What is wrong with me?? Those are 2 of my favorite shows too!! YAY! So excited for some decent TV shows to be on! And yes- seriously- I think you love Blue Bloods!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. I need to try that CG mascara - I have used The Falsies before. My fave is still Loreal Extra Volume Collagen! Oh and sweet James in his new kicks, love!

    1. April! Totally going to pick up the L'oreal mascara this weekend! I am seriously a total mascara junkie!! I love having several brands I love in my makeup bag!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Now I need to head out and try that mascara. And what a great picture of you two. :)

    1. Hi Jenny! Thank you for your sweet compliment about the picture of my husband and me! And yes- go get the mascara!! It is awesome!

  5. This year is flying by far too quickly!! I love that mascara~

    1. Priscilla- Seriously- I don't know how it is even possible for time to be moving this fast! And YAY for the really is awesome!

  6. Those shoes are adorable!! I literally just bought size for my 1 year old! So I completely understand having a growing like a weed child! Hope you have a great couple of days off. Your days off sound like ours! :)

    1. How fun!! Aren't they the cutest shoes ever?? Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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