Menu Plan: Breakfast Edition!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hi!! How was your long weekend??
We had a great 3 days "off!" 
We did a mini-makeover on our pantry/laundry room/mudroom and it looks so fresh and organized now!
We went over to our friends' house for tacos and it was SO much fun! Our friends have quadruplets- and they are seriously the most gorgeous 4 little people you have ever seen!! 
The rest of our weekend was spent going to the pool!  We had to get in as much time there since it is so hot and yesterday was the last day it was open for the summer season. 

So....we are about 3 full weeks into school now and my girls are already done with eating cereal every morning.  The nerve of them! HA!  In an attempt to make their mornings a little brighter AND so that I don't hear nearly as much whining at 6:30 in the morning- I came up with a little breakfast menu plan for the week.  This is nothing fancy or even creative- I was just trying to come up with some healthy, easy breakfasts that the girls (and James!) like- that I can make quickly- since the "morning rush hour" can be crazy!!

Breakfast Menu Plan

Tuesday: Cheesy scrambled eggs, applesauce and 1 mini powdered donut

Wednesday: Whole wheat waffle with peanut butter, yogurt and peach slices

Thursday: Cinnamon sugar toast shapes and spinach-banana-strawberry smoothie

Friday: Peanut butter toast with sprinkles, mandarin oranges and yogurt

Saturday: Oatmeal with brown sugar sprinkles and raisins and apple slices (applesauce for my 2 picky daughters :)

Sunday: Cheesy eggs, cinnamon rolls and whatever fruit we have on hand

For today's breakfast, I just scrambled up 5 eggs with a little milk and when they were done cooking, put a couple of slice of american cheese (we are loving Boar's Head American cheese from the deli counter!) on top of the eggs and covered them for about 1 minute so the cheese got nice and melted.  I served the eggs with a side of applesauce (we like the organic, unsweetened applesauce from Aldi!) and 1 mini powdered donut.  I figured a little sweet surprise on their plates would be a great way to start the week, since it is always hard to jump back into the school routine after an extra day off!  

Sidenote: These are the plates I use for my kids and I LOVE them!  I got them at Walmart for $1 each!! The compartments are great for keeping foods separate and honestly- I just think they are really cute! Don't they look like a mini school cafeteria tray?!? :)

For Wednesday's breakfast, I am going to toast up some whole grain waffles and smear them with some peanut butter.  Each of the girls will get a yogurt and some peach slices with their waffle.  Easy, quick, healthy and yummy!

These are the waffles we eat at our house- they are really good and at our Aldi are only $1.29 for a box of ten!!

On Thursday, I am going to make the girls cinnamon sugar toast.  I make each girl, 2 slices of toast and then cut it up into triangles, squares and rectangles. They think it is SO fun to have their toast in "shapes!"  I am also going to make them a smoothie.  
My kids' favorite combination is (this ratio makes 4 kid sized smoothies): 1 frozen banana, 8 frozen strawberries, 1 individual sized greek yogurt- any flavor, a generous handful of spinach, a squirt of honey (probably a tablespoon), flax seed if you have it (but no biggie if you don't), 6 ice cubes and 1 cup of milk (and more if you need the smoothie to be thinner- I just add milk as needed until I get the smoothie to the texture I want it to be).  I blend this up in my Ninja blender- we LOVE our Ninja!!  My kids LOVE smoothies and I love knowing they are getting about 3 servings of fruits/veggies in their ONE smoothie! :)

Our tradition on Friday, is to have peanut butter toast with sprinkles.  We started it last year when Charlotte was in kindergarten and it has just stuck :)  So peanut butter toast, yogurt and some mandarin orange slices- and breakfast is done! :)

For Saturday's breakfast, I am going to make my kids some oatmeal.  My oldest daughter likes oatmeal and I think James is ok with it- but I am not sure about my other 2 daughters.  I figured I would try it out on the weekend- because if we have some tantrums over not wanting to eat it- we have time to deal with those:)...versus on a school morning when we are trying to get out the door by 7:05 and momma doesn't have time for any of that business! HA!  I will let you know what Cora and Celine think of the oatmeal and if it can become a part of our regular weekday breakfast rotation :)

I always make cheesy eggs and cinnamon rolls for our Sunday morning breakfast before church.  I actually haven't done this in awhile because we have been traveling and our weekends have just kind of been all over the place!  I know my kids (and husband!) enjoy this breakfast- so I want to get back to making it for them.  If you are interested in how I make my cinnamon rolls- I totally use a "semi-homemade" method- check out this post

Now it is your turn!! Please share with me your favorite breakfast items/meals you make your kiddos! I would love to have some new ideas to try out!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. Yum! I need to get this organized that school has started meal planning should be done!

    1. Hi Leigh- yes- even though I am not a huge fan of meal just makes life SO much easier!! Even if it is just simple, easy meals- having them all planned out really helps decrease a lot of stress at that super fun 5:00 time of day :) Hope you are having a great week!

  2. These are all such fabulous ideas!!! What fun to have sprinkles on Fridays & a mini donut on Mondays! I might have to borrow a few of these ideas! Lily's favorite breakfast is oatmeal. I try to make an "oatmeal bake" once a week to eat off the rest of the week. Works out nicely for sure! Anything to streamline the weekday mornings.

    1. Hi Amanda! I have seen so many recipes for oatmeal "bakes." I would love to try making one...just not sure if my crew would eat it. I do love the idea of making it and it being ready to eat the next morning! Thanks for your kind comments and for stopping by!

  3. Yum! I have two sons- one eats anything hit isn't very hungry for breakfast. He would be fine with a yogurt and a piece of sausage every morning. My other son is SUPER picky- but breakfast is his favorite meal. He likes to eat a full farmer's breakfast- eggs, toast, meat, and pancakes or French toast. So this momma cooks a hot breakfast every morning. Sigh. I wish my picky son would drink a smoothie!

    1. Hi! Your one son sounds just like my husband :) He LOVES a big, hearty breakfast! just keep trying with your picky oldest daughter used to be SO picky (and still refuses to try a lot of things), but she has come a long way!!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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