Weekly Walmart Finds: Fall Home Decor!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hi! Happy Wednesday! In the nicest, most positive way this week dragging on for anyone else?!? HA!  This week is feeling just a tad bit long! 

Anyway:)...whenever the seasons change I always get an itch to change up my home decor.    So, of course, I went to one of my favorite stores, good ol' Walmart :) and found some great things that would totally freshen up our living space- at really affordable prices!!
Here are a few things I found!

How neat is this monogrammed canvas??  I think this would look so great on a gallery wall or for me personally, I would put it on our mantle, "layered," with some other decorative items.  It is a 16 X 16 canvas and it is $29.97.  I wouldn't say that's the steal of the century, but the canvas is a fairly big size and obviously you get to pick the monogram you want.  I really like it!! :)
Next up: curtain panels.  Currently, in our living room, we just have some basic, cream colored curtains.  They are nice and neutral- but definitely BORING.  I am loving these curtain panels!! I love the subtle design on them...but they are definitely still neutral and would work in a lot of different spaces.  One panel is $14.34- which is a really good deal- you figure you could get a pair for under $30!  These curtains have awesome reviews too!

I also really liked these curtain panels! I love that they have the metal grommets...I think that add such cool look to the curtain!  I personally am not a huge fan of gray...but I know SO MANY people are!! Again, I really like the pattern- it adds "something," but is definitely not super crazy or out there.  These are also $13.97 for each panel.

Moving on to accent pillows! Changing up the pillows on my couch, love seat and leather chair in our living room is one of my favorite ways to freshen up our living room when the seasons change.  How pretty is this pillow for the fall?  It is $13.97- which is a great price for a nice accent pillow.  Most of the pillows I find at TJ Maxx are at least $14.99, if not $19.99. I love the earth tones and I think the floral print is super fun.  These would look great on our couch!
I also really liked this pillow!  I know the rust color might not be for everyone...but I am thinking it would look really pretty layered with a natural colored pillow and the pillow pictured above.  I love the texture of the design on the pillow! This one is also $13.97.

 Finally, this clock totally caught my eye when I was in Walmart the other day! I LOVE the turquoise color, the fact that it has a "distressed" look to it and also- the size of it is perfect.  Not too big and not too small.  This would look great on a mantle, on a smaller wall that you don't know necessarily what to put there and for me personally- I think it would look great in our kitchen!! It is only $12.97!!  

 What do you think? Would any of these items work in your home?  We have plans this weekend, but I am thinking next weekend I am going to change out our summer decor for fall decor.  A trip to Walmart will most likely be happening to pick up a few of these items! :)

Hope you have the best day!


  1. Yes! This week is draggggginnnnngggg!! I think it's dragging for me because my husband is away for the week =) I'm more than ready for him to come home already!! =)
    The teal clock is by far my favorite! I have been wanting to redo our living room a tad and adding some teal into it. I think I'm just stuck as to what exactly to do. I need an interior decorator at my house =)
    Happy Wednesday!

    1. If you are wanting to add some teal accents- also check Hobby Lobby- they have some pre-made pillow covers- several with the teal/turquoise color and they would be the perfect way to infuse some of that color into your living room!

  2. I am GOING to get that clock!! Just what I have been looking for and an amazing price!!!!

    1. I KNOW!! Isn't the clock awesome!! I LOVE IT!


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