Weekly Walmart Finds: CUTE Fall Clothes!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hi!! Happy Wednesday! How is your week going so far??
Raise your hand if you are ready for the upcoming three-day weekend??! 
I am currently raising both of my hands :) HA!

So- today I am doing another installment of some of my favorite finds at Walmart.  Today's "finds" are very specific.  If you have a little girl who wears size 12 month - 5T- you are in luck- because it is all about cute Fall clothes for little girls! :)

My favorite clothing brand for kids at Walmart is Healthtex.  The clothes made by Healthtex are SO darn cute, very age-appropriate, extremely well made and ridiculously affordable.  I know a lot of people are kind of wary about shopping for clothes at Walmart, but I am telling you- don't be afraid! Especially with the Healthtex brand.  My girls have MULTIPLE Healthtex dresses, that have been worn and washed hundreds of times- and they still look brand new!

Here are current favorite Healthtex finds at Walmart!
All of these items I have actually seen (and touched and examined :) in store and they are also online!  

This dress is SO cute!!  This a year round dress in my opinion.  Right now, when it is still warm can be worn as is.  Once it starts to get cooler...pair with a cardigan and cute leggings!  For winter time, put a long sleeve turtleneck or t-shirt under it and pair with some warm tights and boots!  It is only $5.97...which I love- because if you are buying for multiple little girls (like me!!), your wallet will still be intact after you check out! HA!

I think this dress would actually be precious for Valentine's Day!! Add a pink tights and a gray or pink cardigan with it?!? SO cute!!

 LOVE the gold, shimmery waistband on this dress AND the mis-match of the hot pink top and leopard bottom half of the dress!! This would be ADORABLE with a jean jacket, some hot pink tights/leggings and cowboy boots!! EEK! I need to get this for Celine :)

How fun is this dress?? It also comes in hot pink with gold hearts sprinkled at the bottom.  This dress would be perfect for everyday wear at home, school or is made out of cotton and is so soft! All you need to do is pair it with some cute tights or leggings and a big ol' bow and your little girl is ready to go! is only $5.97!! At that price I would get the black and the pink! ;)

I LOVE this little peacoat!! Celine is definitely getting one of these!! :) They are not pictured below, but the coat also comes in a black and white houndstooth pattern and plain black! And get this- they are priced at $12.96!! 

That little bow detail is SO perfect!
 I can't handle the hot pink with white polka dots!!
 Um...LOVING this animal print!!
Aren't these dresses so precious?? How cute would these be with a cream long-sleeve knit top underneath them and then some fun leggings or patterned tights?? Put a pair of boots on your little girl and she is ready for her first Pumpkin Spice Latte! HA!
 I think this dress would be perfect for family pictures.  I know this time of year is when everyone is getting their picture taken for their Christmas cards...and I think if you have multiple kids you are trying to find outfits for- this dress would be so cute.  It has enough detail that it stands out- but it is also a great neutral that could go with other colors and patterns!

Look at these tutus! They come in a "2-pack" and it is $10.00 for both of them!
I don't think much needs to be said about these gorgeous tutus!! I am especially loving the ivory with gold tutu.  How pretty would that be paired with a black or red top and some ivory tights and a sparkly shoe for the holidays?? The purple tutu is just cute- I know my little Celine would go nuts over it!!

I saw these t-shirts in the store and had to restrain myself from getting all of them!  Let me tell you- these shirts are very nicely made.  On each shirt there is an appliqué made with real material- for instance- the butterfly on the shirt below is a plum fabric sewn on so it looks kind of "puffy." The shirts are made of cotton with a tiny bit of spandex in them- so they are super comfy.  I know there are other "graphic" style t-shirts at other stores that cost double- triple what these do (a 2 pack is $11.94 online- pretty sure they are $7.97 each in the store).  If you are looking for some fun, CUTE shirts- I would totally recommend giving these a try- I just loved them!
 I am LOVING the umbrella design!! How cute would it be paired with a black tutu or flared skirt, white tights and black mary janes??  Also- I thought the ballet shirt would be so cute for your little girl to wear to dance class over her leotard!! How fun would it be to give her this shirt as a little surprise on the first day she starts dance class?? 

Sooo...are you loving these clothes as much as I do??

Have you every bought any clothes made by the Healthtex brand?  If so- what do you think??

Hope you have the best day!!


  1. Such cute finds! I'm just curious -- you said these clothes last for a long time. Do you use a specific laundry detergent to keep them bright for so long?

  2. Cute!!! The ongoing struggle of an in between girl is tough - 8 year old clothes are not cute anymore...and borderline inappropriate!!

    1. Leigh!!! I KNOW! It is SO much harder to shop for my older girls!! Next week- I will feature some items for school age girls!! :)

  3. I love the Healthtex brand! This summer I got Alyx a cute little pink/white healthtex sundress on clearance for $1.25! It's adorable and washes amazing! I'll be checking out the fall line soon! =)

  4. We LOVE the Healthtex brand for Lily! The price & quality definitely can't be beat. Most of it is super precious and not over the top so it's totally age appropriate! Love!

  5. Wow! Amazing kids dress not only for summer but also for winter. Wonderful dress collection for kids. I appreciate your all post and included reference. All are looking awesome.

    Here are just a few of the great items you can find in store boutiqueken

    I think you will get more and more unique dress for kids....


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