Finding My Cleaning "Groove"

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hi! Did you have a good start to your week?  It is really hot here in we are hitting the pool every day after school!

Soooo.....I am in a weird place.  Summer is pretty much over, we are done with traveling for awhile, we are settled into our school routine and today is September 1st! 
To is kind of the unofficial start of the Fall season!

All that to's time for me to stop saying..."I can do that tomorrow!"  and really get back on a good cleaning schedule.  Baseline, if you walked into my house, you would think it is "clean."  It is always pretty much picked up, we vacuum and mop the floors on a regular basis and always clean up the kitchen after each meal.  However, like I try to tell my husband (who is convinced our house looks like it could be in a magazine shoot- HA!), just because it looks clean, doesn't mean it IS clean! 

definitely become more relaxed about things in the summer and don't get as hung on the bath tubs being scrubbed and baseboards being wiped down.
And while that is all fine and is TIME.  I need to come up with a regular cleaning system that I can keep up with!  

So of course...I went to good ol' Pinterest to see what has worked for other people in regard to cleaning schedules/systems.  Here are a few that I thought might work well for me!

To start, I thought this post was awesome.  It is the 3rd "installment" of 3 part series.  Check out part one here and part two here! for some printable charts...
This cleaning schedule is VERY similar to what I am already doing...except there are specific days assigned to specific tasks- which I really like!

This schedule from here is very specific...I think my favorite part about the actual chart is that there are rainbow colors on it! HA!  Being totally honest...I am not sure I like how she separated the days...some of those cleaning activities aren't high priority for me...but it definitely gave me an alternative way to think about weekly cleaning tasks!
This cleaning routine, from here, seems really doable!  I like how each day is separated into a room.  Some of the tasks, again, aren't necessarily high priority for me, but I really like having a focused area of the house to clean, for each day of the week!
I found this schedule here and while it is kind of overwhelming to look at initially- it makes a lot of sense!  I thrive on having small goals to achieve throughout the day- so I think this schedule might work really well for me!
(Sorry the image is so small...I tried to get it larger- but couldn't get that to work! Definitely check out the link and you can view it regular size from there!)

So obviously...there are hundreds more cleaning systems/schedules out there...these are just a few that stuck out to me!  They definitely gave me some good ideas and a place that I can start from...I think the best option for me is to take pieces from each of these schedules and create my own weekly cleaning routine! 

I would love to know- do you currently follow a cleaning schedule?  If so, is it pretty easy to keep up with?? Or are you like me...looking for some organization in that part of your life?
Please tell me I am not the only one who feels like laundry NEVER ends and no matter how much you mop the floors...they always looks dirty?!? HA!

And I just had to share...this is just TOO funny!

Can't wait to hear your suggestions/thoughts/tips!! 

Have a fabulous day!!


  1. Hi Justine! What a lovely surprise to find your link to my blog today! Just so happens, I posted about post-summer I-gotta-get-organized feelings today...along with a free, downloadable PDF with all the housekeeping charts/tips in it. You don't even have to sign up for anything...just download. Anyway, thought I'd share it with your readers: you can find it here

    1. Hi Rachel Anne!! How funny that you posted about something similar! HA! Thank you so much for the link you provided!! LOVE all of your charts and definitely will be using them!! Thank you!

  2. Cleaning schedules are a huge blessing, and they really make the entire process much easier. I would recommend that you add a rest day to your schedule though – cleaning is a necessity, but you don’t want to burn yourself out. Getting the kids to help you out with small chores can make it easier as well!

    Monique Fletcher @ Safeclean Hillingdon


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