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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hi!! How has your week been going?? Isn't it fun to have a "short" week??

So- I need some help today :)  I want to switch out my current "summer" porch decor to a fall theme this weekend- but am not quite sure what to do!

Here is what the current set up on my porch looks like...
I thought this would be such a simple way to change my wreath!  I could easily pick up a roll of this type of ribbon at Hobby Lobby as well as a letter for our last name!  I think these easy changes would make such a big impact! Loving this idea!

The other option I liked was to add some fall type flowers, along with a fall bow.  A bit more traditional looking...but I do like the big, bold color flowers.  Again- so easy to pick up a few big flowers and make a big bow.  That's what I love about having a burlap wreath- it is so fun to change it up throughout the year with different accents!

So- I need an idea for the space where my American Flag is currently hanging over my bench.  Here is the first "look" I like...a big chalk board with a pretty frame.  I would definitely not do something this ornate looking and I would have the frame hanging in a horizontal orientation...but you get the gist :)  I would definitely write "Happy Fall Ya'll"....with my husband being from Texas...'ya'll' is a word said frequently around our house! :)

The second idea is to make a rustic pumpkin out of wood pieces.  I love this idea because it is specific to the fall season...and it works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.  For my pumpkin- I would want it to be more wide than it is pictured below.  I would also just paint it a distressed orange and leave out the words.

I found this piece of wood in our garage and I am wondering if my husband can work his magic and make a pumpkin wall hanging out of it??? If I had to choose between a chalkboard sign and the pumpkin- I like the pumpkin cross your fingers he doesn't look at me like I am crazy when I ask him to make me a wooden pumpkin! HA!

Other ideas I had were to add some corn stalks behind my tall "welcome" sign and of course  we will be getting pumpkins to put on our steps!  I need to make some fall colored pillow covers for the pillows on my bench too.  I plan to find the cheapest material possible- because with the pillows being in direct sunlight- they get bleached out and faded super fast.  I don't want to spend a ton of money on fabric that is going to be covering outside pillows.  I was even thinking some natural colored canvas material would look good!

What do you think?? I would love any suggestions you might have!! 

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  1. I love both wreaths! But I love the 2nd one the most =) I think the second one would also look cute with a letter in the middle =) Definitely corn stalks behind the welcome sign. Mums would be cute on your bench too =)

    1. Thanks for your input Johannah!! I LOVE the ideas of putting some mums on the bench!!!

  2. Monogrammed wreath and chalkboard art for the win!!! Then come do my porch!!

  3. OK. You know this is my favorite thing in the world to do. Make a smaller version of that pumpkin and hang it in the wreath with the bow on the stem instead of the initial. Flip the flag sign around and hang three mini triangle burlap buntings that say happy fall Y'all in marker/stencil. Pile some pumpkins and mums on the bench and drape a plaid throw over the edge instead of pillows. Fun!


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