Weekly Walmart Finds!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!

I was doing some "shopping" last night online and found some of the cutest things on- you guessed it-!! I am so excited to share them with you!

Let's start right off with something super fun!
I am loving this cardigan! I think the black and grey pattern totally make it a "neutral" piece. These types of open, comfy patterned cardigans are in almost every store- and of course- depending on the store- the price for a cardigan like this can be pretty high!  This one is only  $13.45!! I am all about spending more money on classic, timeless pieces- but with something like this trendy sweater- I don't necessarily want to invest a ton of money on something I might wear only 1 or 2 seasons!
How cute would this be with a neutral colored tunic shirt under it, black leggings and some booties?? Or it would look great paired with some skinny jeans and flats too!

Okay- so the plaid button down "lumberjack" shirt is super popular right now!  How cute is this one?? I LOVE the pink plaid!  This shirt is $12.88! Wouldn't this be so fun with a pair of dark jeans and booties?? 

 I think this baseball t-shirt looks so comfy AND cute! This shirt is very "me." I dress really simply- but still like to look cute! This shirt is $7.88 and comes in several other color combinations if you think black and grey are boring ;) 
I can totally see this paired with yoga pants and a vest for running errands on Saturday or it would look super cute with skinny jeans, cuffed a little at the ankle and some Converse chucks- like these!

Okay- how gorgeous is this necklace?? Aren't the colors just perfect for Fall?? This necklace is only $10!! I actually have several "statement" necklaces from Walmart and I love all of them! Again, for something trendy like a big necklace- I don't want to pay a lot of money for it- when I know in a couple years it won't be in style anymore. That's why I love being able to get necklaces like this one for such a great price!


And wouldn't this simple dolman sleeve top go perfectly with that gorgeous neutral colored necklace??  This shirt is $9.88! I am thinking this top, (it comes in several colors- but currently only the cream color is in stock), the statement necklace shown above, my favorite dark pair of jeans and tall, brown boots- this could be my "go-to" outfit this Fall! :)
Also- I think this shirt would be perfect with leggings, boots and a denim jacket for a super comfy- but cute look!

And now for my favorite- I can never get enough workout gear- I just love it!! 
These capri pants are SO FUN!  If you have never tried the Danskin Now brand at Walmart-  YOU MUST! Their workout clothes are GREAT quality and the prices can NOT be beat! Aside from one pair of workout capris I got at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago- ALL of my workout pants are from Walmart!! This purple design is SO awesome and I love the high waistband that keeps me feeling "sucked in" while I am pounding it out on the treadmill! :)
These capris are only $12.96!! Seriously- try a pair of these!

And wouldn't this hoodie look so good paired with those workout capris (pictured above)??
I would totally live in this hoodie!! I workout every morning after I drop my girls off at school- and now that it is getting cooler in the morning- this would be the perfect thing to have to throw on!! It comes in a lot of fun colors and is only $16.46!! What a great Fall/Winter workout staple to have in your closet!

I love finding great deals on cute clothing items!! My clothing budget is teeny tiny- so it is always so fun to find things that are super fun AND that I can afford!

Where are your favorite places to shop for affordable clothing? Do you mainly shop online or are you all about actually going into stores and tryings things on?
For me personally- I am ALL about online shopping with stores that I can return items for free or in the store!! 

Hope you have the best day!!


  1. I love your weekly Walmart finds! I love the Cardigan, it's super cute!!

    1. Thanks for always reading Johannah!! I am definitely ordering the cardigan, necklace and cream top! I will be sure to share how they fit and if I like them!!

  2. I love baseball tees! And that pullover looks so comfy for a work out or just being lazy! A co-worker of mine had this super cute coral colored cardigan on and when I complimented her she said she found it at Walmart! Sounds like my next grocery trip needs to make a detour first! :)

    1. Yes- You seriously need to check out their clothes!! They really do have some great things and you just can't beat the prices!

  3. Love this! The plaid shirt is PERFECT!!!

    1. Leigh- the pink plaid shirt would look so pretty on you!! Get it! :)

  4. Love these inexpensive picks! Thanks!

    1. So glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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