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Friday, February 5, 2016

Hi!! Happy Friday!!
Am I the only one who always feels a sense of accomplishment when another Friday rolls around?!? It always just feels so good to have tackled another week and know that for 2 days there is just enough of a break from the regular routine that you feel like you let out a nice long sigh of relief....or is that just me?! HA!  It was a great week at our house and we are looking forward to a fun weekend including a baby shower for one of our dearest friends and some time spent delivering girl scout cookies! :)

And now...for some FAVORITES from this past week!!

So this is VERY random...but one of my biggest FAVORITES lately is the little Halo mandarin oranges!!! My biggest craving when I am pregnant is really tart, kind of sour, but just a tad sweet citrusy things...and the last few bags of Halos I have gotten from Aldi have been SO GOOD. I seriously could probably eat 10 in one day. I try to keep it to 2 at lunch and maybe one after dinner :)  Runner Up on favorite "citrus thing" I love: Chick-Fil-A's lemonade. SO DARN GOOD!!!

I got out our Valentine's decorations last week and I just love how cheerful our set of shelves look! I change out the decor on these shelves for almost every holiday and my girls just LOVE it! Something else that has been really fun is leaving love notes for the girls in their mailboxes every day! We have a tradition, that everyday, starting February 1 leading up to Valentine's Day, there is a tiny treat and love note in their mailbox. I like to write them little love notes or do a "fun fact." They get one piece of candy along with their note and it just totally makes their morning when they come down and see the flag up on their little mailboxes!
I love Valentine's Day- it is just a FUN little holiday! :)

Okay- so I know our playroom is not the only one with toys EVERYWHERE.
It is crazy. I have to be honest- I get an urge, pretty much weekly to get rid of almost EVERYTHING. HA! girls, as they have gotten older have started playing more with princess little dolls, my little ponies and barbies. And of course, they all come with these TINY pieces and I am constantly finding them all over the house or even worse- in James' mouth!
This past weekend- we were at Walmart and I saw this 3 drawer bin and immediately put it in our cart! It now holds all of my girls' dolls/ponies/tiny princesses!
It's the perfect size and now that their dolls are all organized and separated- it makes clean up so much easier!  It was only $6 and by far my most FAVORITE thing I spent money on this past week! You can tell it really takes a lot to make me happy! HA!

My precious James is ALWAYS one of my FAVORITES...but OMG...he has been SO cute lately with how much he loves to read books! He will sit in my lap for a good half hour just pointing and looking at all of his favorite books!!! His books are kind of all over our house and a couple of his favorites, including, Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See? are in my bedroom. While I am getting ready in the morning, he will just plop down and "read" his books and I seriously can NOT stand the cuteness of the whole thing!!
He is such a precious baby boy!!! And he is HUGE. He had his 18 month check up yesterday- just a few days shy of turning 19 months :) and he weighs 31 pounds and is 34 1/2 inches tall. He wears a size 7 wide shoe :) I get a serious work out hauling him around on top of my big ol' pregnant belly- that's for sure!! 

Aaron and I got to go out for his birthday last weekend and it was SO fun!
My parents were visiting and they watched the kids for us- which for me- made our date so much more enjoyable. I have no problem with other people watching my kids (I drop them off at the gym daycare every day!) but I never can fully relax because I know that watching 4 very young kids is A LOT of work- as cute as they may be! With my mom- there are no worries and it is just so nice when the stars align and she can watch them for us!!
Anyway- we had a great date and went to a new-to-us restaurant called Tucanos (its a Brazilian Steakhouse type place). A couple hours alone with this handsome man...eating great food...and talking and laughing about everything under the sun...hands down- my FAVORITE moment from this past week! :)

What were some of your FAVORITES from this past week??
Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. You make pregnancy look good! Date nights that include good food, are always the best! Enjoy the weekend! :)

  2. I feel like every child loves Halos! I am a nanny and they eat so many of those little oranges-they are the best!

  3. You look so amazing and in every pic you post your house is so clean :)

  4. Date night wooohooo! Well deserved. My child that is turning 7 next week wears a size 10 shoe so I got the biggest kick out of that. James is too darling and you, my friend, are rocking this 5th pregnancy looking gorgeous! For future reference- I throw away Barbie accessories. Shoes-fine, but a Barbie bracelet- forget it. Trash.

  5. We have the exact same organizer for all my daughter's tiny toys. It is nice - when she uses it!!! Halos are fabulous we are all addicted to them in my house. Have a terrific weekend! xo Amanda

  6. Hellloooooo - you look so CUTE!!! Love it!! We go through a bag of Halos a week - we all love them and they travel really well to grab and go!! Your Valentine's decorations are so cute and YES, our playroom is a disaster of toys that are hardly touched and it drives me bonkers. I just tell myself in a few year I will miss this age and let it go.

  7. Do I spy an Iron Man doll in the second drawer of that 3 drawer bin? :) We have Princesses and Superhero dolls all mixed up too. That bin is a great idea!
    Also, you look so cute!!

  8. I need that rolling storage piece right now-and such a fun color!! I love your adorable Valentine's Day decor-holidays are so much fun with kids. Have a great weekend!-Lisa

  9. You look great! New to your blog. I'm 27 weeks with my 3rd. :)

  10. If you love CFA's Lemonade, have you tried their frozen lemonade?! I think it's DIVINE!! We can put a bag of Halos away at our house shame. It's fruit, can't be bad for you, right?! Have a great weekend!!


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