Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!!
How was your Valentine's weekend??
We had a lot of fun...on Saturday we had a breakfast playdate with friends of our's- Aaron and I got to catch up with our friends and our kids (our friends have 4 kids like us) played SO well together the whole time! A LOT of cinnamon rolls, donuts and turkey bacon was consumed and it was just a really fun morning!
Valentine's Day was so sweet (TOTALLY had to utilize that pun opportunity- HA!) The kids were SO excited to see their Valentine's treats when they woke up (I got them little baking "kits"- I wrote a post about what I got them- you can check it out here! :) We went to church, had donuts afterwards, hit the grocery store and then after naps- we baked and decorated sugar cookies. I was seriously impressed with how much icing and sprinkles my girls managed to fit on one cookie! HA!

Our four funny Valentines....You don't even want to know what kind of noises and faces my husband and I were making to get these 4 stinkers to look and smile at the camera!! HA!

I usually post my weekly menu plan every Monday....but yesterday I opted out :) My kids were off of school and I woke up feeling less than stellar. I chose a little extra sleep over posting the somewhat boring meals we are eating this week :)
While most of what we are eating is pretty standard- I am making two new recipes:
I actually made the Enchilada Elbow Bake for dinner last night- and I would consider it a semi-success :)  My husband and my daughter Cora loved it. I would say James didn't love it- but he definitely liked it and ate about 75% of his portion. My two other daughters, Charlotte and Celine are super picky and said it was "too spicy"- which is wasn't :) I left the sour cream and cheese out of mine- to make it dairy free- and I thought it was super yummy!! I consider 4 of 6 people enjoying dinner a WIN :) 
We are having it for leftovers tonight!
The other recipe I am making this week is a tried and true soup recipe my mom passed along to me.  It is a super yummy potato corn chowder that is very filling (important for my husband who is always hungry) and meat-free. I am making this soup for us to have on Friday (we are Catholic and during Lent we abstain from eating meat) with grilled cheese. You can see on the recipe you can add diced ham or some crumbled bacon- if you are wanting to add some protein to your soup! 
Just FYI- this recipe makes A LOT- and it freezes great! 

We went to Walmart over the weekend to grab a few things and when we walked by the Redox kiosk, I mentioned to my husband The Martian was on DVD now and I had heard it was a really good movie. forward 6 hours, after we had gotten the kids in bed and Aaron says, "How about we watch The Martian?" He had rented it without me knowing and it was such a sweet little surprise! 
So- it was a LONG movie- but oh my gosh- SO SO GOOD! We both LOVED it. 
Matt Damon was incredible in it and it is no surprise he won a Golden Globe award for his performance in the movie. If you haven't seen it- I highly recommend watching it!! Just plan for a solid 2 1/2 hours of viewing time :) Aaron and I are such wimps- the movie got over at about 11:30 pm and we were acting like it was 2 am in the morning- HA!

 Can you believe March is less than 2 WEEKS AWAY??? On the first Wednesday of every month, my friends Leigh, Erica and I host a Pinspiration Wednesday Link-Up party and our next link up is planned for March 2! The topic is: Favorite Easter/Spring D├ęcor and/or Favorite Easter Recipes! 
So start pinning those favorite Easter and Spring ideas now and plan on sharing them with us on the first Wednesday in March!! :)

And just for fun- I am curious- did you watch the Bachelor or the Grammy's last night??!
It was The Bachelor all the way for me...but I did catch Adele's performance on the Grammy's as soon as the Bachelor had ended. She is seriously perfect. LOVE her!

I hope you have had a great start to your week and the BEST day!

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  1. Your kids look so cute, and all smiling at once for the win! I loved the Martian, both the book and movie! It was probably my favorite from last year. I watched part of the Grammy's last night, but fell asleep so need to go back and catch Adele's performance. She's wonderful! Have a good Tuesday!

  2. Such a sweet picture of your kiddos! We tried to rent the Martian, but it was out at all of our kiosks. Hopefully this weekend!

  3. Love the picture of your sweet little Valentines. When people used to see me with my littles in the grocery store and exclaim, "You sure have your hands full!" I always used to either say or think (depending on situation) - "And they're a heart-full too!"

  4. Your kiddos!!! What a great picture!! Can you believe March is right around the corner?!? How did that happen!

  5. Haven't seen The Martian yet but it's on the list. Finding time to stay up late enough to watch a whole movie is becoming embarrassingly difficult

  6. Yes, the Bachelor... It makes me look forward to Mondays now. :) I've even gotten my husband suckered into watching it with me every week.

  7. Your little valentines are SO cute! And I agree, I can't believe March is 2 weeks away. WHAT?!?
    Stopping by from the linkup. XOXO


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