Menu Plan Monday!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hi!!  Happy Monday and 1st Day of February!!!
We got out our Valentine's decorations last night and we are ready to go for this fun month all about LOVE!!

How was your weekend? Our's was great!! I mentioned in my post last Friday, that Aaron had been out of town from last Tuesday until Friday- which also happened to be his birthday! It was a lot of fun to pick the birthday boy up at the airport!! Even though he was only gone 3 days, I still had excited butterflies in my stomach because I was so happy to see him!
My parents were also in town for a quick visit- which allowed us to go out on a relaxing dinner date Friday evening and we were able to have a nice breakfast with them on Saturday before they left to go back home. 
The rest of our weekend was spent playing outside (the weather was gorgeous on Saturday!), tackling the good ol' laundry, grocery shopping and getting ready for the school week! 
Not gonna lie...I could've used a 3 day weekend- but that's not happening- so here we are! Bring it on Monday!

Like I usually do most Monday's- I am sharing my SIMPLE menu plan for the week!

Monday: Crunchy Beef Tacos 
When my mom came to visit last week, she so sweet and brought some of her famous taco meat (frozen- obviously) for us to have for dinner sometime this week! My girls and Aaron prefer the crunchy taco shells over soft flour tortillas- so we are going to fill up taco shells with my mom's delicious taco meat (pretty sure it is just ground beef with taco seasoning- but for some reason- I can never make it as good as she does! HA!), shredded cheese, lettuce, salsa and sour cream. I will have a taco salad- which I am very excited about! :)

Tuesday: Grilled Cheese, Applesauce and Green Beans
Aaron has a late meeting at work- so it is an "easy dinner" night at our house. I have been cutting the kids' grilled cheese into "strips" instead of just cutting the sandwich in half- and they think that is just SO fun! No complaints about eating the crust or that last half of the sandwich...grilled cheese strips for the Win! :)

Wednesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs + Tossed Salad
I picked up some lean 93/7 ground turkey on sale at Sam's a couple weeks ago and froze it in individual size freezer baggies. I am going to use about 2 pounds of it and make a big batch of turkey meatballs. I am going to use this recipe to make my meatballs
and only use half the batch for our dinner tonight. I am going to save the other half for dinner on Saturday! I wish I could say I will be topping our pasta and meatballs with a homemade marinara sauce....but I use 2 of my favorite organic jars of marinara sauce from Aldi. When I say I keep our meals simple- I mean it! HA!

Thursday: Turkey Club Burgers + Sweet Potato Fries + Steamed Veggie
Friday: Pizza Night!
For Saturday's dinner, I am going to make our usual turkey cheeseburgers and make them a little more yummy by adding some turkey bacon (we just make ours in the oven at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes until its crispy!) and some avocado slices! Doesn't that sound fresh and delicious? I feel like that is something I would order if I was sitting at a fun restaurant somewhere in Ocean Beach (super cute neighborhood in San Diego). And since nobody is taking me to the beach anytime soon...a turkey club burger will have to do! HA! I picked up some sweet potato fries at Aldi and I will let one of my girls pick what veggie we have and dinner will be served!

Saturday: Meatball Sub Sandwiches + Steamed Veggie
Like I mentioned above, I plan on making a big batch of turkey meatballs- and will use half of the batch for spaghetti and the other half is going to be for meatball sub sandwiches. 
I just warm our meatballs up in some marinara sauce, put a few over an italian roll, put some provolone and muenster cheese on top and warm the sandwiches in the oven until the cheese is nice and bubbly. This is a favorite meal of my husbands and my girls! 

Sunday: Super Bowl Appetizer Party!
For Super Bowl Sunday we are going to have an appetizer "party." I haven't decided on our full menu yet- but I know my husband will be grilling some chicken wings- aren't those just a total must HAVE when you are watching a big football game?!?

Speaking of the Super Bowl...and yummy food to go along with it...don't forget that Erica, Leigh and I are hosting a fun, new, monthly link-up, on the first Wednesday of every month.
Our first link-up is this Wednesday, February 3 and we are sharing our favorite Pinterest Inspired Super Bowl Recipes!!
I would love it if you joined us and am so excited to get some inspiration for some fun, yummy recipes to make on Sunday!!

Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful start to your week!!

I am linking up with Laura today!


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    1. Oh you're welcome Sarah! My meals are never fancy or anything special...but they get my family to the dinner table every night and that is what I am grateful for! :) hope you have a great day!

  2. I soooo wish I had a weekly meal plan. Its just difficult some weeks. Haha Everything you are making this week sounds delicious! How did your family like the swedish meatballs that you were going to make a couple of weeks ago?
    Have a great day, Justine!!

  3. You are so good with your meal planning!! Here is my plan for tonight - I am going out with girlfriends, so you are on your own!! Ha! The "beach" burger does sound great, but I think you deserve a beach trip soon!!


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