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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!!
Hope you had a great start to your week!

Sooo...while I am sure we all have many things in our lives that make us different from one another- I am going to assume there is one thing we all share in common: LAUNDRY.
Am I right???  HA!

Given the fact that I am pretty much doing at least one load of laundry a day- it happens to be a favorite topic of mine to talk about :)

I know I might be really late to the party- but I just recently discovered how awesome plain ol' vinegar and baking soda are for washing towels!!!
So here is the current situation with our towels:
Aaron and I received A LOT of beautiful, high quality, fluffy towels as wedding gifts.
That was 8 years ago. There is NOTHING wrong with our towels. Like I said, they are high quality, we have PLENTY of them and there is really no reason to get rid of them or buy more of them.
Except- that because of how long we have had them (I am assuming???), after just a couple of uses, they start to get stinky. I KNOW. Don't think we are gross. PLEASE. HA!
So- knowing that going out and buying a bunch of new towels was NOT an option- I did what I always do when I need an answer to something- asked Google, "how to make my stinky towels un-stinky!" (How I got through undergrad and graduate school without Google is BEYOND my understanding- HA!)

And the overwhelming answer, from almost every blog and website that popped up in my search was this: WHITE VINEGAR + BAKING SODA.

I found this fun graphic off of Pinterest (of course) explaining the process of using the vinegar and baking soda on your towels:

Guess what?? It works!! I was SO worried my towels were going to have a weird smell when I pulled them out of the dryer...but they smelled CLEAN. And they were soft! I wouldn't say they were as fluffy as the first day we got them- but they definitely had a little more "oomph" to them :)  
I have heard over and over again how awesome vinegar and baking soda are when used as cleaning agents- and well- I am now a believer!
I have now exclusively started washing our towels using the vinegar/baking soda method. It is CHEAP, it is keeping our towels in great shape AND our towels don't stink anymore!

I would love to know- have you used this method before to wash your towels?
Do you use vinegar and/or baking soda to clean other things?

And because it seems like laundry is one of my favorite topics to chat about- check out this post where I compared several different stain removers and also this post- where I share about my FAVORITE stain remover of all time!
Okay- now it is your turn- if you have a laundry secret- share it with me!!
I need of every trick of the trade I can get!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. No kidding?! I'm going to have to try this for sure!

  2. I use vinegar on my towel load because my darling babes like to throw damp towels into their hampers. When I find them, they smell like mildew. I just throw it in with my tide, though. I had never heard of the baking soda trick. I might try it!

  3. Well that's a great idea - but after nearly 12 years of marriage - I think we are due for new towels - am I right?!?

  4. I have never heard of this combo for towels. Our towels are 11.5 years old and could definitely use a good fluffing so I appreciate the tip! Thanks for linking up with us today and for being the most clicked on link up last week :) You're awesome!!

  5. Seriously?!?! This is amazing! I need to try this asap. Brian and I also received some really great high quality towels as a wedding gift almost 9 years ago...and yes we still have them and use them daily. I am trying this out tomorrow!!


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