Friday Favorites!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Friday!!
How has your week been??
Our's has been really good and quite busy- I am looking forward to the next few days where we can move at a slightly slower pace!! :)

Being that it's Friday- it's time to share some FAVORITES of mine! 

We have a super fun weekend ahead of us! Tonight- I am going to give the girls a Valentine's manicure :) I set up warm bowls of soapy water for them to soak their hands in, use my, what they like to call, "special smelly lotion," to "massage" their hands and then paint their nails sparkly red. It will most likely be chaotic and I guarantee some nail polish will be spilled somewhere- but I know we will have so much fun and I can't wait! Tomorrow- we have a family breakfast playdate with some great friends of our's and then of course, Sunday is VALENTINE's DAY! I am looking forward to a really sweet day of hanging out and baking sugar cookies with my girls. And my most FAVORITE part about this weekend??
Yesterday, my friend Johannah had a picture on her blog of her sweet daughter sleeping on her Christmas sheets :) My girls have the same sheets- they are from Walmart and they seriously are SO SOFT and SUPER COMFY!! And as you can see by the picture below- we are totally still rocking our Christmas tree sheets too! It is SO cold outside and these flannel sheets are so warm and cozy. They are my girls FAVORITE sheets- so I am thinking they won't be coming off of their beds until about the end of March! HA!
And I just had to share....yesterday I was changing all of the kids' sheets (such a FUN job with an almost 30 week pregnant belly- HA!) and this is how I was able to get the job done :) I put Celine and James in his crib and kept them corralled in there so I could get sheets changed without James destroying every square inch of our playroom.
You can tell who was having fun and who was NOT so happy about the situation- HA! 
Here's a little "throwback" FAVORITE for you: after I had my first daughter, Charlotte, my mom gave me a sweater that MY DAD wore when he was a toddler!  It is absolutely precious.  There are a few stains and the hearts that are supposed to be white are now kind of yellowish because it is so old. You could say it is very "vintage." HA! Each of my kiddos have worn it several times around Valentine's Day and it just makes me smile to think my babies have worn the same sweater my dad did when he was little!  
 And to think, next year I will get to dress up our new baby boy or girl in this sweater!! Can't wait to add his or her picture to this precious Valentine's sweater collage!! 
Since I am all about cliches, I can't do a Friday Favorites post 2 days before Valentine's Day without mentioning Aaron :) Besides a couple from our wedding pictures, this picture (it was taken in October 2014) is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.  It really depicts "us." And I love that.
And I love Aaron. A LOT :)

Speaking of Aaron, Valentine's Day and LOVE- I wanted to share one of my FAVORITE "love" quotes. Isn't this just awesome and perfect?? It totally sums up how I feel about Aaron and our marriage. Our life could look a million different ways than it does right now- and I would still choose HIM. He is IT for me. And I will tell you- for a solid portion of my younger adult years, I did not know if it was God's plan for me to be married. 
Meeting Aaron and being in a relationship with him for the last 9 1/2 years has been one of the most amazing gifts I have ever been given- I am just really grateful for Aaron and the love he shows me EVERYDAY!

Here's to a HAPPY FRIDAY and I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of LOVE!

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  1. Oh, the little manicures sound so sweet. I hope you all have a fun Valentine's weekend!

    1. Hey Cat! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! It is definitely a lot of fun to have some girly time with my 3 little ladies :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  2. What a great idea with manicures for your girls!! I have done that a couple of times with Emma and she loves it too =) I painted Alyx's nails the other day and she got a hold of the bottle and nailpolish went ALL over my kitchen floor, LOL Honestly, all I could do was laugh...But I quickly cleaned it up before it stained =)
    I'm soo soo glad to hear that Emma isn't the only one still sleeping on Christmas sheets! HA!!! =)
    I love the photo of you and Aaron together! And the sweater that was your dads...PRECIOUS!!!!
    Have an awesome weekend, Justine!!

    1. Oh we have had many a nail polish spill...including right on our white carpet. That was FUN! HA!
      And you know we are rocking our Christmas sheets- I can't take them off of the girls beds when it is going to be a high of 12 over the next few days! HA!
      Thanks for always having such kind words for me- hope you have a great day!

  3. You and your hubby are precious, and I love that you're rocking Christmas sheets through march. The story of your dad's sweater is too sweet, you will cherish those pictures forever.

    1. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Gotta love the Christmas sheets in March- right!? HA! And yes- love my dad's special sweater- it is so sweet to think about him wearing it as a toddler!! :)

  4. I love the sweater story! So stinkin cute. I'm 33 weeks with my second, another boy, and after going through my first son's clothes I saved, there are SO many that I can't wait to take pictures of this new guy in!

    1. Oh you are going to have so much fun dressing up your new little guy in all of your favorite clothes your oldest wore!! SO MUCH FUN!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a great weekend!

  5. Happy Friday!! I love the Valentine's sweater and your sweet tradition to put all the kiddos in it! Have a fun (manicure filled) weekend!!

  6. I love those Christmas sheets! That's a mom goal I'd like to have for next year is to get everyone flannel Christmas sheets for the winter :) Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend with your family!

  7. So sweet, love the picture of you two!! 💕 I really need to do that, get some new great pictures taken. Have a great weekend!

  8. I can just imagine the chaos with the manicures, but OH so sweet!!! Those are the kinds of memories kids remember :) Hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend, and thanks for linking up with us at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  9. I hope you had a great weekend! Enjoy your Monday off! XOXO

  10. Cash is still rocking his Christmas sheets, too. I just washed them today & I was going to put on his other ones, then I decided nah. :) Hope you guys had a great Valentine's weekend. I LOVE that picture of you & Aaron!


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