Menu Plan Monday!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hi!! How was your weekend?? 

Our's was fun and busy as usual :) It doesn't seem to matter how little we have planned...we always end up having two packed days of doing stuff! I have to say though- in my opinion- there is no better way to go to bed every night- than very tired...but HAPPY tired. I love my family SO much!

The biggest event that happened over the weekend was the Butterfly Ball! 
Friday night, Aaron took our 3 girls to their school's Butterfly Ball AKA Daddy/Daughter dance.
I made them each a little bouquet (out of Aldi's $4 half dozen roses and some babies breath- they turned out SO cute) and he asked each of the girls if they would go to the dance with him. It was precious :) Aaron said they had a blast taking pictures in the photo booth with their friends, eating A LOT of cookies and running around and dancing like crazy!

The rest of our weekend was spent running errands, playing outside, doing lots of laundry, going to church and tackling a few house projects (and please note- Aaron was the one tackling those projects- NOT ME! HA!)

And now we are at the beginning of the LAST WEEK OF FEBRUARY!!
I am not one to wish away time- I really try to be mindful and focus on right where I am- but I am SO excited to be moving into March! Daylight Savings Time starts on March 13- which is SO huge to get that extra hour of sunlight, and we get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day AND Easter! And finger's crossed it will be getting a little warmer :) Anyway- February has been a great month- but bring it on March :)

Sooo...I have our meals all planned out for this week and my goal was to utilize freezer meals- so I didn't have to cook much this week- HA! 
Here is what we're having for dinner at our house this week:

Monday: Submarine Sandwiches, Shoestring Potato Fries and Carrot and Cucumber Sticks- I always like to plan a simple meal for Monday- I am always a little extra tired (I am such a wimp!!) from jumping back into the busyness of getting the kids to and from school and I really don't like prepping a big meal. So- for dinner tonight I am making our favorite sandwich, cutting up some veggies and baking some shoestring fries (got them at Aldi!) and calling it dinner!

Tuesday: Pancakes, Turkey Bacon and Sliced Peaches
Aaron has a dinner meeting and won't be home for dinner- and since my kids love breakfast for dinner- and Aaron is NOT a huge fan of it- it's the perfect night to make it! I use the Aunt Maple's pancake mix from Aldi (it makes great pancakes and all you do is add water to the mix!) and we get our turkey bacon from Sam's club- we really like the Oscar Mayer brand! We bake our turkey bacon in the oven at 425 degrees until it just starts to get crispy- and it is SO good! My daughter Cora and my baby boy James LOVE it!! Peaches are a favorite fruit in our house so we will have those in place of a veggie :)

Wednesday: Enchilada Bake, Black Bean and Cheese Taco Chips + Green Salads
Thursday: Creamy Chicken Pasta 
Last week I made Shay's Enchilada Elbow Bake and my family (minus two picky eaters :) really enjoyed it!! We had enough to have it for 2 meals AND I was able to freeze a container of it for another meal! We are going to have it paired along side black bean and cheese taco chips- (I just break crunchy taco shells in half, spread some black beans on them and then melt cheddar cheese on top- Voil√†- Taco Chips! :) We will have side salads for our veggie!

Thursday: Creamy Chicken Pasta and Steamed Broccoli
I made this recipe for creamy chicken pasta this past Sunday and had enough to freeze for another meal!  Aaron and I really enjoyed it- the kids not so much. Oh well! You win some and lose some! HA! We are having it one more time with some steamed broccoli and then I will probably not make it again for our family- just because I don't want to hear my kids complain :) I will say- it would be a WONDERFUL meal to make for friends or a family who just had a new baby! It makes a ton, uses not that many ingredients and really was tasty!!

Friday: Potato Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches + Green Salads
It is a meatless meal night at our house since it Friday (we don't eat meat on Fridays during Lent), so we will be having homemade potato corn chowder, grilled cheese sandwiches and salads. A very simple meal- but super yummy! :)

Saturday: Pizza Night
During Lent, we have moved our pizza picnic night to Saturday night. The kids have cheese pizza and Aaron makes this super yummy pepperoni, pepperoncini and mushroom pizza.  We use a Mama Cozi pizza kit from Aldi and they turn out SO good!

Sunday: Homemade Chicken Nuggets (for the kids) and Panko Crusted Chicken over Big Green Salads (for A & J)
For our Sunday dinner, I am going to bread some chicken breasts with Panko breadcrumbs plus some seasoning and bake them in the oven to have over big salads for Aaron and I. 
I will just cut the chicken breast into bite size pieces and bread it for the kids to have "chicken nuggets." They really like when I make homemade chicken nuggets- and I really like it when they actually eat some form of protein without gagging- HA! The kids will have green beans and some buttered parmesan noodles to go along their nuggets!

And that's our menu plan for the week- simple and easy!
Do you have your meals planned out for the week?
Any yummy, new recipes you are trying out??
Tell me about them!

Happy Monday and hope you have the BEST day!

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  1. That picture of your best girls & your hubby is a framer!

  2. Your girls and the hubs - TOO CUTE!!! I am so glad they had a great time - what a memory for them all!!

  3. There have been Daddy / Daughter date nights / dances here the past two weekends...and I LOOOOOVE seeing pictures for these nights on social media and now your family's picture. Such a sweet memory the girls are being able to make with their daddy! I would've loved something like this when I was little.

  4. I'll have to check out that turkey bacon at Sams and the pancake mix you mentioned from Aldi. I keep wanting to try Aldi, but am kind of intimidated but the unknown :) Yay for more daylight, holidays and likely a baby for me in March :)


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