Weekly Walmart Finds!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hi! Happy Wednesday!!
It is time for another round up of some things I am loving at good ol' Walmart! :)
I have kind of a random mish-mash of things today....some items I found in the store and some online!

First- last week- when we were are our local Walmart I saw these ADORABLE Valentine's tutus! I have actually seen them several times and it has taken A LOT of self restraint to not pick up 3 for my daughters (they just DONT' need them!).  They are $4.88 and I seriously can't get over how cute they are!! And really these little skirts aren't limited to being worn just on Valentine's Day- they would be perfect paired withy navy blue and white for Memorial Day and the 4th of July and of course would be precious at Christmas time paired with green and white! If your little girl still needs a cute outfit for Valentine's Day- run out to your Walmart and see if they have these skirts!! :)
Next up- I saw these SUPER cute St. Patrick's Day tutus in the girls' section (the Valentine tutus were found in the toddler girl section). Aren't these SO fun?? These are $5.88 and again- I just wanted to scoop up 3 of them on the spot for my 3 little ladies! I am really trying to use some restraint when shopping for them though- they wear a school uniform 5 days a week and its hard to justify purchases like these skirts, even though I just LOVE them, when they will maybe be worn once, at most twice!
Anyway- if your family celebrates St. Patrick's Day or your daughter needs some green for her outfit- these tutus are perfect!
Another option in the girls' section were these adorable green tutus with an animal print on them! My oldest daughter really wanted to me to get her this tutu! :) And again- these skirts will be perfect paired with a cute white or green top for St. Patrick's Day...but they can definitely be worn all the time. How fun would this tutu be with a bright yellow or hot pink tank top? I have bought several tutus like these from Walmart before and they hold up GREAT! I just wash them on a regular cycle (although it would probably be better to run a "gentle" cycle- HA!) and then air dry them! Our's have last at least 2-3 years!
And finally- in the toddler girls' section I found this adorable St. Patrick's day tutu! This one is $4.88 and SO PRECIOUS! The polka dots all over the skirt are silver glitter and it is just so fun! And hello- this skirt would be so perfect at Christmas time too!!

Now moving onto to some things that have caught my eye at lately!

With Easter only about 6 weeks away (which is SO crazy to me!) I have been looking for something my girls can wear over their sleeveless Easter dresses.
I am loving this simple cardigan and think it would be the perfect compliment to my girls' dresses- which have a mix of hot pink and light pink in them!  It comes in this beautiful soft pink color, the prettiest mint green, white and classic black. At $8.47 it is such a steal! Such a classic piece of clothing to have in your little girls' closet!

Next up- a few potential items for moi'! HA! :)
Okay- so it is still cold out and probably will be for at least 6-8 more I am not really looking at buying summer clothes yet. But, I am really feeling the need for a few transition pieces once my baby is born at the end of April!
I found this super fun cowl neck sweatshirt and think it would be so cute with leggings or yoga pants! I think it would even be cute with a pair of skinny jeans- but you know I won't be squeezing into a pair of those for quite some time- HA! I like that it is a lighter weight material and the pattern doesn't scream "WINTER!" I think this would even be super cute in the summer with a pair of jean shorts if you are outside at night and it is a little chilly! Best part about it- it is $12.88!
This is another great "transition" winter to spring piece (in my humble opinion :) It is by Danskin Now and is call the Women's Active Yoga French Terry Hoodie and it is on sale for $10.00 from $14.46!! It has multiple 5 star reviews and everyone commented on how nice the material of the sweatshirt is and that it is the perfect weight- not too heavy- not too light.
I am partial to this light gray color but it also comes in a dark charcoal gray. This would be the perfect sweatshirt to wear over your workout top to the gym or to throw on with some leggings or yoga pants- it is cute enough to run errands in- but casual enough that you can chase your kids around it at the park!

So I found these last two items while searching for some comfy, lounge type clothes to wear while I am in the hospital after I have Baby #5. 
First- this perfect longer length, light to medium weight open front cardigan! Walmart is calling it a sleep robe...but to me it looks like a lightweight, flowy cardigan.  This is not only perfect for new moms wearing nursing tanks A LOT :), but if you are NOT a new mom at all- but like a little extra coverage when you are wearing a tank or camisole with your PJ pants. I also think this would be perfect to pack if you are spending a weekend with friends or at your parents or in-laws house- and want to be comfortable in your jammies in the morning- but also want to look a little more put together! It is $9.96 and I love the classic black and gray colors it comes in as well as the fresh mint and soft pink colors that are available!
I definitely plan on picking one of these cardigans (or sleep robe :) up and packing it in my hospital bag! And I can guarantee I will be wearing it all the time! 
I was so excited when I saw that the same brand, Secret Treasures Essentials, who makes the sleep cardigan, has a coordinating sleep pant!! These pants come in SO many classic colors and fun patterns! I am loving this black/white polka dot pattern! So- from the description- these pants seem to have a knit-jersey feel to them and they have a nice, thick waistband. To me- they look a little higher end than your usual flannel PJ pants (which I rock ALL THE TIME) and I just think they are perfect! This is just the type of pant I am looking to wear in the hospital! Aside from me wanting to wear these pants post baby- what an overall GREAT PJ pant! How nice would it be to treat yourself to a pair of these pants and also get the cardigan so you have a nice "set" of PJs? Or wouldn't a pair of these pants and the cardigan be a lovely Mother's Day present or a great birthday gift for a friend?
Both the cardigan and the pants do not have any reviews yet- but that is not going to stop me from ordering them! One of the best things I love about ordering things online from Walmart is knowing that I can return EVERYTHING I get online at my local store!

So there you have it! Some adorable tutus and a cute cardigan for the little ladies in your life, a couple "transition" sweatshirts and the cutest sleep cardigan and pants! 
Yup- this definitely qualifies as one of my more random Weekly Walmart Finds posts! HA!
Let me know if you end up picking up any of these pieces- I always love to hear what your thoughts and opinions are on the items I "feature!" 

Hope you have the BEST day!!!


  1. Those tutu's are absolutely adorable! WalMart is on our list of things to do today and I am going in search of a cardigan for Emma to wear over a dress tonight, and I love the one you posted =)
    Have a great Wednesday, Justine!

  2. Love your picks!! I have a similar cowl neck sweatshirt that I could live in - great picks!!

  3. I think you justified those heart tutu skirts! lol! :)

  4. Those tutus are precious!! We are big Notre Dame fans so I think I could totally justify buying them so my daughter could wear them in March and then again all football season long. Thanks for the heads up :)

  5. I'm still searching for the glitter stud earrings! I loved the red ones! None of our local stores seem to carry them!
    Love your blog-your positive attitude is infectious!

    1. Hi Virginia!! Thanks so much for your kind comments!! Email me and if my store still has them- I can send you a pair!!


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