Show and Tell Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!
Today I am joining Andrea for her SUPER fun Show and Tell Tuesdays link-up!
Today's topic is so great- its all about "How To Win My Heart."
Have you ever heard of the 5 Love Languages? If you haven't- you MUST check out the website!! Or you can read the book! I have found that knowing what my love languages are and knowing Aaron's love languages has been SO incredibly helpful- and really allowed me to "love" him better!
Anyway- There are 3 love languages that really matter to me and the first one is Quality Time. I LOVE just being with Aaron. One of the things I like most about us as a couple is that we can have just as much fun sitting on the couch watching the Bachelor as we can going out on a date.
Since I am ALL about quality way to win my heart over is through a simple cup of coffee...
paired with a lazy morning (or afternoon or evening!) on a fabulous screened porch...just hanging out...doing not much of anything but being with each other (and I wouldn't be mad at all if there was some yummy food involved while we were drinking our coffee and hanging out on the comfy couches)!

The next way to win my heart is such a CLICHE but there is just no way of getting around it- I seriously LOVE long walks on the beach. HA!  Almost every year, we go on a BIG family beach vacation and while there is never time for Aaron and I to go out on a solo date, we ALWAYS make sure we sneak in at least one walk on the beach. This past summer, it didn't happen until the last morning we were on vacation, RIGHT before a big storm- but we made it happen! For me- there are few things that can top a walk, with my husband, on the sandy beach, with the waves crashing around our feet and the sunshine on our faces!

My "2nd" Love Language is Acts of Service. It REALLY means a lot to me when Aaron helps me with something or does something as simple as cleans up the kitchen after dinner!
Probably one of my favorite acts of service is when I have to be gone for a few hours for an appointment and when I leave the house is a disaster- but when I come home- he has everything cleaned up, organized and the kids are all playing together and everything is ALL GOOD. I am really fortunate that Aaron does "acts of service" daily and it is just a part of our lives and marriage. It is definitely something I never take for granted though!!
Now...if we were just talking hypothetical and it was totally acceptable to be completely over the top- I have to tell you what would seriously make my heart go pitter patter.
If Aaron would book me a morning at a spa- I don't need all day- just the morning to get a facial, a massage and a manicure and pedicure (I have NEVER done anything like that- so that by itself would be such a huge treat) and then while I am at the spa- he takes the kids somewhere fun and while our house is empty- he arranges to have it professionally cleaned. Like we are talking DEEP CLEANED. HA! 
Seriously- how amazing would that be?!? I have been telling him for several years about this "dream scenario," I am crossing my fingers maybe someday down the road he makes it happen!! :)

My "3rd" Love Language is Words of Affirmation. And honestly- if I had to define how Aaron "won my heart" it was through his words of affirmation. From the minute I met Aaron- I knew exactly how he felt about me. Which compared to my previous dating history, (which was bleak to say the least- HA!) was such a breath of FRESH AIR.
Since our first date, he has never EVER given me reason to question how he feels about me or our relationship/marriage. Fun fact- he told me he loved me FIVE DAYS AFTER WE MET (and I said it back)! About 3 weeks into us dating, he had already told me multiple times he was going to marry me.  While in the beginning of our relationship it was a little scary to have someone be so serious about me so was also so amazing and continues to be such an awesome part of our marriage!

So basically, in a nutshell, just pour me a cup of coffee, find a comfy, fun space outdoors for us to hang out OR just take me to a beach, all while my house is being cleaned AND let me know how much you love me- and BOOM. you have my heart :)

So blessed that 9 1/2 years ago God decided to give me everything I had dreamed for in a partner in the form of Aaron :)

I am SO excited to read about what make other ladies' hearts go pitter pat! I think this is such a fun topic! I love anything that has to do with love...I am a big cheeseball like that! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!! And Happy Groundhog Day!!!
PLEASE BE ON YOUR WAY SPRING!!! Momma needs flip flop weather like NOW!


  1. Loved reading this & getting to know more about you! Your wedding picture is stunning!

  2. aww your pictures are STUNNING girl! love all of this!

  3. Your wedding photo - Beautiful!!! Love this - and love that you both understand how to love one another so well!!

  4. So so sweet! My love languages are quality time and words of affirmation as well!


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