What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 is the last Wednesday of the month...which means it is time for another What's Up Wednesday Post! I am joining MelShay and Sheaffer for their super fun link up party!

What we're eating this week...I made a couple new recipes last week, including Shay's Enchilada Elbow Bake and Creamy Chicken Noodle Pasta from the awesome food blog, Damn Delicious. Both turned out super yummy and provided enough leftovers I was able to freeze enough for a couple meals this week! I post our family's menu plan for the week almost every can check out what's for dinner at our house HERE!

What I'm reminiscing baby boy!!! AAHH!!! Last night, James and I were looking at videos of him on my phone from last year and it was just CRAZY to me how much he has changed in just ONE YEAR. He was just a little baby who started crawling this time last year!!! And now he is this precious, crazy 19 month old little boy! It was so sweet to see him watch videos of himself!! After every video- he would look up at me and clap! I thought my heart my burst!!
What I am loving....My Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette! For Valentine's Day, I mentioned to my husband that I would love a new Urban Decay eyeshadow in the shade called Verve. I have had the Naked 2 palette for over 2 1/2 years (!!) and ran out of that color- it is my FAVORITE- a couple of months of ago. Well- Aaron totally surprised me and completely spoiled me by getting me a brand new Naked 2 palette- instead of just the one color I was wanting!! I am LOVING having all new fresh colors!
What we've been up to...we really haven't been up to much! We have just been rocking our regular ol' school schedule and trying to pack in as much fun as possible on the weekends!
This past weekend- we had the most gorgeous weather on Saturday and I took the girls to get their faces painted at a local grocery store by our house (they were having a customer appreciation day and had some fun things going on).
Didn't the lady who painted their faces do an amazing job??? I told Aaron, face painting has come a long way from back when I was a kid and all you could get was a tiny rainbow painted on your cheek! HA!
What I'm dreading...I really am not dreading anything :) But if I had to pick something- I would say having to fold and put away the 2 mounds of laundry I currently have in my laundry baskets! HA!
What I am working on...we have just started getting things organized for baby #5's arrival! We are taking stock of the things we have- which is almost EVERYTHING- and figuring out what we need to get. We have the baby's room about 70% set-up- and all that is left is to organize the closet in the baby's room. UGH. Kind of avoiding that task- HA!  I have also started getting things taken care for "events" that will be happening in the next couple of months. I am almost all the way done getting the kids' Easter basket goodies and I just ordered my daughter's birthday outfit and decorations (her birthday is just a couple weeks after the baby is due!). I am a BIG fan of getting things DONE in advance, so I can just relax and enjoy the moment- and not be scrambling last minute to put things together. I know I am only going to get more tired and less motivated in the upcoming weeks- so getting a few things taken care right now makes me feel a little bit more organized! 

What I'm excited about...scheduling a pre-natal massage I won at an event several months ago! I have never had a pre-natal massage before- so I am REALLY looking forward to it!! And everyone in our house is getting SO SO SO excited about meeting our new baby!! Aaron was setting up the crib in the baby's room the other day and then later on in the evening he said, "Getting everything set up today got me really excited to meet our baby." 
SO sweet. And I couldn't agree more!!!  

And finally- I am also excited to be teaming up with Erica and Leigh for our monthly link up – Pinspiration Wednesday!  Our next link up is the first Wednesday in March- which is next week! The topic is: Favorite Easter/Spring Décor and/or Favorite Easter Recipes! So start pinning those favorite Easter and Spring ideas now and plan on sharing them with us on March 2!! :)
What I am watching/reading...I just finished reading "The Matchmaker" by Elin Hilderbrand. I loved it!! My friend Johannah recommended it and I am so glad I listened to her :) I just started reading "The Royal We" after seeing several bloggers mention they really enjoyed reading it.  I am still on the first chapter- but so far it seems like a fun book!
And I am still watching "The Bachelor." I am totally hooked :) And I am so excited/curious to see who Ben ends up picking in final episode!! And CANNOT wait to see Olivia and all that she has to say in the "Women Tell All" episode. That is going to interesting to say the least! HA!

What I am listening to...I haven't been listening to a ton of music lately...but I have been putting on the Sam Smith station on Pandora when I clean up the kitchen after dinner.  There are always SO many good songs on that station!! I am also still totally OBSESSED with Adele and my very favorite song off of her new album, 25, is "Water Under the Bridge." 
What I'm wearing... Oh how I wish I had some cute outfits to how show off...BUT. I don't. HA! At 31 weeks pregnant, I am wearing the same 4 maternity tunics and 3 pairs of maternity leggings and 1 pair of maternity jeans on permanent repeat. My girls have started asking me when I am going to wear pretty clothes again! HA! But honestly- I am okay with my super boring outfits...I only have 9 weeks (maybe 10 if this baby is stubborn!) left of my full panel pants and boring maternity tops- and then I can do a little spring/summer clothes shopping!!

What I'm doing this weekend...We have absolutely NO plans, other than church, this weekend and I am totally OK with that!! We always seem to busy the whole entire weekend no matter how little we have planned! I just always appreciate SO much 2 days off of our regular "school" schedule....not having anywhere to be at a specific time is one of my love languages- HA!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Daylight Savings Time!!! St. Patrick's Day!!! We aren't Irish- but I love getting the kids all dressed up in green and we always have a "GREEN" breakfast: green pancakes, green yogurt, green milk, green eggs and green applesauce. My kids max out on the amount of artificial food coloring they should probably have in a year in one day! HA!  And Easter! I am almost done getting everything I need to fill the kids' Easter Baskets and I plan on getting our Easter decorations up in the next week or so!

What else is new...Nothing really! Just enjoying being where we are RIGHT NOW :)

BONUS QUESTION: What's Your Favorite Easter Tradition? We always spend Easter at home, with just our family and it is such a fun and beautiful day!! We go to early Mass at church and then once we get home, the kids get to find their Easter Baskets that the Easter Bunny hid the night before!  We have an Easter egg hunt in our backyard and I always make a bunny cake that I let the kids decorate themselves :) Easter is one of my most FAVORITE holidays! 

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!! I hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. What an amazing side by side of James!! He has grown so much! And I pass the Urban Decay pallets every time I am in Ulta and I hold myself back - maybe soon I will indulge!

  2. wow how awesome! were voting on our new book club book on my blog and i'd love for you to come vote and read with us next month! so glad i found you through the linkup! hope you'll stop by mine!

  3. Verve is my favorite color in the palette too! I totally didn't know that you could order them by themselves. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I also can't wait to see who Ben ends up with!!!! I have no idea who he is going to pick!
    The Royal We looks good....adding it to the list!
    Thanks for linking up with us!!!

  5. The Royal We is next on my list. LOVING The Bachelor this season...He has a tough decision, but I'm team Lauren!!

  6. Soo many people have mentioned these Naked eye palettes. I am thinking my next trip to Ulta I need to check them out!
    Glad you liked the Matchmaker =) And baby #5 will be here sooo soon! eekk! You guys must be getting soo excited!!
    I love the bachelor, and I am team Lauren all the way!!


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