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Friday, October 28, 2016

Hi!! Happy Friday!!!
It's been a bit of a nutty week around youngest daughter was home from school earlier in the week because she had a fever, I had to take James to the doctor because he's had a super yucky cough- he actually ended up having an ear infection :( and then last night...Marshall was acting really fussy- which is out of character for him- sweet thing ended up throwing up every where and he had a fever!! So yeah...if you want to stay healthy- do NOT come over to our house! HA!

In the midst of sick kids...and another FULL week...there were several things that made me smile :) Here are some of my FAVORITES from this past week!

My "fall" front porch :) It's festive, fun and totally NOT perfect...but I love it :) I love seeing all the pumpkins we have piled on the porch...and when I pull into our driveway and see our porch- it just makes me happy! :)

NEW MAKEUP!! I recently got some new makeup for my gym bag and this Rimmel 'Exaggerate Eye Definer" is AMAZING!! It goes on- AND stays on- almost like a liquid eyeliner...but can be smudged and blended like a crayon-like eyeliner! It is $4.44 at my Walmart- so cheap!! Love it when I try a new makeup item- and end up LOVING it!

Matching jammies, books and brothers. Does NOT get any cuter than this!! 
We bought Marshall and James a bunch of matching jammies for the winter and it is seriously one of my FAVORITE parts of the day- when we get them all snuggled up in their matching jammies after their baths!

Speaking of matching jammies- we got our's from Walmart! (If you "know" me at all- you're like- "of course she did!" HA!) Carter's has a line of clothing, called "Child of Mine," they do just for Walmart- and they have a BUNCH of blanket fleece sleepers starting at 0-3 Months- going all the way up to 5T!
It can be SO hard to find matching clothes when you have one child who wears a "baby" size and one who is in a toddler size! They are $7.44 and are SO soft!! You can find the boy's jammies HERE and the girl's HERE! You really can't beat the price or the quality of the comfy, snuggly sleepers- we just love them! :)

We eat dinner together as a family EVERY night. Even if Aaron is gone for a meeting- the kids and I sit down and eat together. Most of the time there is a HUGE hullabaloo leading up to dinner time...homework is getting finished, the kids are running around inside and outside, there are meltdowns, tantrums, the microwave is going off, the baby is know how it is :) Anyway- I always love it when everything finally calms down, we are sitting around the table together and we get to share about our day. We always go around the table and say something we are grateful for and/or what the "high/low" parts of our day were....but even with us doing that...getting the girls to engage in conversation while we're eating can still be a little painful- HA! In their defense- they just want to eat and get back outside to play- BUT- Aaron and I feel really strongly about teaching our kids about table manners AND being able to have a nice conversation around the dinner table. 
SO- look at these fun conversation starters I found on good ol' Pinterest! Aren't they great!? I love them! We have asked just a few questions off of this list...but already we have had some fun conversations because of them! 
Hope you've had a great week....and you have a WONDERFUL weekend :)
It is supposed to be unusually warm here in Indianapolis and I am NOT mad about that at all!! 

Hope you have the BEST day!

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  1. Oh no- I hope no one else gets sick! I love love love your front porch!
    I'm terrible about getting us all together to eat! I really need to work on that!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. So sorry to hear about the illness making the rounds at your house. Jack came home sick yesterday just not feeling well and then had a low fever by the evening. So I guess it's that time of year when the mystery virus goes around. I have to check out that eyeliner! Currently I have a couple that came with Ulta kits and they are just ok. I love that y'all eat dinner together. We do too, and it's such a great time to come together. We do the highs and lows too, and call it "rose and thorn." Another fun idea for when they are a little older is a game called "The Original Dinner Games." It is a little metal box of cards that sits on your table with easy games to play while eating. I just looked and it says for ages 6-12. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh Justine! I hope everyone is feeling better very very soon!!!
    Your porch looks SO good! I also love driving into our yard and see all the pumpkins and corn stalks. It makes me happy =)
    Those pj's are adorable. Alyx is in need of new pj's and as you know I'm heading to WalMart this weeked so I will have to see what they have for jammies.
    I love the idea of the conversation starter! I am going to have to use this!
    I hope you have the best day and great weekend!!!

  4. Hope everyone at your house is feeling better soon. I am going to have to try that eye liner. I am always looking for a new one, I use liquid but sometimes that can look too harsh. Dinner time is my favorite time of the day, we sit together and talk and I love these conversation starters. I hope you are all able to enjoy your weekend with no sickness.

  5. I love your conversation starters! My daughter's class has to sit boy/girl at lunch and she was telling me they really don't talk to each other since they aren't really sitting by their good friends so I started sending her with a question each day to ask her friends. They need to learn to talk to one another appropriately at a table!

  6. I hope everyone feels better very soon! I am loving your fall front, so cute!!! :)

  7. I love that you eat dinner as a family together every single night! It's just my husband and I, but we try to do the same and to have real, genuine conversations. It's such a nice thing to look forward to each evening :)

  8. LOVE your front porch - definitely perfect to me! Love the chalkboard sign! Hope your littles start feeling better for Halloween!

  9. I love that you are so intentional about having dinner together as a family! My husband and I also think it's really important and have had our 10-month old sit with us since we brought him home! It isn't always the calmest time of day, but we have already made such sweet memories together! As an additional bonus, our son is so used to hanging out at the table that he does great at restaurants :)

  10. Love your front porch!! So very cute! Hope everyone is on the mend and feeling better!! Have a great weekend!

  11. Sorry to hear that everyone was sick! Hope they're feeling better. LOVE those matchy pjs and I can't believe how big Marshall looks sitting next to James! Slow this growing up stuff down, boys :) I love those conversation starters. I used to do them with my students and was so much fun. I've got to come up with some for Olive. She's just starting to love telling stories so I bet she'd enjoy these :)


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