Hello Monday!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!
How was your weekend??
I sure hope it was great!!!

Since it's Monday- I am joining my wonderful friend, Johannah, today for her 'Hello Monday' link-up party!! :)
We had a jam packed Saturday...but despite the fact we were on the go from the minute we woke up to the time we got the kids to bed...we had the BEST day! The weather was supposed to be totally gross...but Mother Nature showed up and blessed us with a gorgeous day until about 5 pm- then we got some rain :) But by that point, we were inside, getting ready to have dinner- so it was no biggie! 
We got our family pictures taken bright and early on Saturday morning and can I please tell you- for the first time in 7 years- Aaron and I did not leave our photo session with a pounding headache! HA! The kids (miraculously) did SO good. Our photographers were AMAZING- and if you happen to live in the Indianapolis area- do yourself a favor and check out Red Thread Photography!! I seriously can't say enough about our experience- we actually had FUN taking our pictures! HA!

We stopped and got the kids donuts...because- isn't that the one of the best BRIBES ever?!? HA! 
Pretty much right after Charlotte and Cora were done eating their donuts, they had to leave again with Aaron for their last soccer game of the season!  While they were gone...I hurried around the house getting ready for a little fall open house I was having for Thirty-One!
It was such a fun afternoon!! It was a very casual get together...there were lots of yummy things to eat...and everyone basically just hung out and shopped! 
I wish all of you could have come!! :) 
(If you happen to be a reader here in the Indianapolis me if you might be interested in having your own fun 31 party!! And even if you are not local...we can still party together online!! It SO easy and such a fun time! Contact me if you want more details!! ;)

Here's a few pics from the party...OF COURSE- I did not get a single picture with any of my friends...I took these pictures right before everyone came over and then stashed my camera away. I was too busy chatting everyone's ear off that I forgot to get some pictures with my fabulous friends! 
Sunday, we went to church and then hit the grocery store. We got all stocked up for the next couple of weeks- which makes me happy :) I feel like it's such a "normal" thing to just go to the store whenever we need something, but whenever I am unloading groceries into our pantry and refrigerator, I say a prayer of thankfulness that we are able to ABUNDANTLY provide for our family. We may not be able to do a lot of "extras" - but my kids are never hungry and always have healthy, yummy food available- it's something I don't take for granted!! :)

After lunch, Charlotte and I snuck away to do run a couple errands! First stop- the nail salon so I could get a fresh coat of polish put on my nails! Charlotte helped me pick out a fun, dark purple color that she told me was "perfect for fall and very Halloween-y" HA!
We then headed home to pick up little Marshall, who woke up from his nap a little too early (stinker!!) and then we went to Trader Joe's! A super sweet reader (Hi Laura!!) commented last Friday that Trader Joe's has pumpkin spice almond milk- and that it worked perfectly as a coffee creamer. SAY WHAT?!? I was SO excited when I read her comment!! I immediately called our local Trader Joe's after reading her comment and they had JUST gotten their shipment of it in!!
When we got to TJ's on Sunday afternoon, there were only 10 pumpkin spice almond milks left...and I bought 7 of them. Do you think I went a tiiiinnnnyyyy bit overboard?? HA!
I should be good to go for at least the next couple of months- but I am not making any promises that I won't go back and buy more. HA!
We ended our weekend with a yummy Sunday dinner- I made this pork tenderloin recipe and then we put the kids to bed EARLY. They were exhausted from such a busy weekend and Aaron and I couldn't take another minute of whining/screaming/crying. HA!
Every single one of them was passed out a few minutes after we said which point they looked so cute and angelic! HA! No matter how batty my kids drive me- whenever I go check on them while they are sleeping, I am reminded of just how precious and sweet they are :) Thank goodness for that! HA!

And now we are back to Monday! It's the first full week of October!! 
What's on your agenda this week? Anything fun going on??
Let me know what you are up to in the comments section!!
Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL week!


  1. So glad to hear that you had a good experience with family photos! Usually by the end of them I am so stressed out! ;)
    What color nail polish did you end up getting? You know how obsessed I am with polish and all =)
    And I totally laughed out loud with all the pumpkin spice almond milk you bought!
    Have a great Monday, Justine =)

    1. Oh girl...I am usually sweating and have a migraine by the time family pictures are over. HA! I ended up getting a dark purple!! Charlotte said it was perfect for halloween :) And yes- I am such a freak- did I really need to get 7 containers of pumpkin spice almond milk?!? HA!

  2. Heading to Disneyland with my baby girl (who happens to be ALMOST 24!) hahaha! She graduated college last May and is still looking for her Career Job so she's working for her Dad and is taking a couple of days off to go to Disney;and at Halloween time! Its such a neat place at Halloween!

    1. Disneyland?!? SO FUN!! And I love that you are taking a trip with your daughter!!! How amazing to get in some special time with such a fun place like Disney! Have a blast!! :)

  3. You had family pictures AND an open house in the same day?! You rock girl! I have been stumped for family picture outfits. Mind sharing what you all wore? Love your've totally turned me on to Aldi. I had never stepped foot in the store prior to reading your blog! Love it! Have a great week!
    We have an unusual low key week. Soccer is over for the season so no practice! 😃

    1. Oh thank you Sarah!!! I was ready to collapse by the end of the day...but it all worked out! :) I would love to share what we wore!! You might be the only one interested in reading about it- but I can still do a post about it! HA! SO glad you are loving seriously is my FAVORITE grocery store! Our week is low key too...and I am NOT mad about it! :)

  4. I can't wait to see your family pics! So glad the kids did well!
    Ummm I think I need to try that pumpkin spice almond milk!

    1. Yes! I was so happy we didn't have any meltdowns and I didn't turn into scary mommy! HA! And yes- the pumpkin almond milk is a PERFECT dairy free alternative for your coffee!! :)

  5. PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING! Oh how I love this fall season.

    1. It really is such a fun season!!! :)

  6. Can't wait to see the pictures. I'm so happy it was a positive experience for y'all. Way to go on scoring the pumpkin spice almond milk. I guess it is shelf stable?! Have a marvelous Monday! :)

  7. I'm so happy that you found some pumpkin spice that you can have!! Hooray for Trader Joes. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see your latest family pictures with Marshall in them. You'll have to share your tips for making things go so smoothly and getting your family to look so cute :)

  8. I am definitely going to pick up some Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk next time I'm at TJ's! Thanks for passing that along. Don't you just love the treasures you find there?

  9. Our photos are scheduled for 10/22 and I can't wait!

  10. You are so pretty! Also, pumpkin spice almond milk sounds like a winner to me - especially for coffee. So much better than the creamer I buy :/

    *Love your blog, I'm a new follower!


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