Hello Monday!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Hi Friends!!! Happy Monday!
And Happy Halloween too!! :)

Being that it's Monday, I am linking up with my wonderful friend Johannah today!! 
We had a jam packed weekend- full of fun Halloween festivities!!

Friday night, we went to our church's Trunk or Treat! It was SO fun and such a great crowd! The weather was fabulous and it really was such a great way to kick off the weekend!!
James wasn't really sure what was going on at first with the whole "trick or treat" business, but we kept on "practicing" and by the end of the night- he had it DOWN! He would look at me and I would say, "you have to say trick or treat buddy!" And he would say, "Trick or treat- get lolly pop?" HA! Love him. There was a DJ in the parking lot, where Trunk or Treat was taking place, and after the girls filled up their bags with candy- we all had a pretty awesome dance party. I can't help but bust a move when 'The Cupid Shuffle' comes on! HA!
Saturday- I went on a nice, long run and oh my goodness- it was glorious. I don't want to sound like a broken record- but the weather was INSANELY amazing this weekend- and I just couldn't help but have a perma-grin on my face the whole time I was running!! :)
We did our usual Aldi grocery trip later in the morning and then after the boys had taken their afternoon nap- we carved pumpkins!!! And when I say "we" I mean Aaron :) The kids got all the "goop" out of their pumpkins and then they told daddy what design they wanted for their pumpkin. We ended up with a quite the array of pumpkins...Aaron always does such an awesome job carving them!! 
Saturday night, Aaron surprised me with an impromptu movie night! He rented "Central Intelligence" with the Rock and Kevin Hart....and we really liked! The reviews are just so-so...but we thought it was really funny and it actually had a really good story line! It definitely is not a movie that is worthy of an Oscar nomination...but it's fun, light hearted, has some fun action scenes in it AND it doesn't have a TON of swearing in it and there is no uncomfortable s*x scenes. That's a great movie if you ask me! HA!

Sunday- we went to church and then the girls and I spent the whole afternoon setting up and preparing for our First Annual Spooky and Fun Halloween Dinner!
I put the girls in charge of decorating and they did SUCH a great job!! They made placemats for everyone and Charlotte made a menu for everyone. They were really big helps in the kitchen and we made Mummy Meatballs, Spider Hot Dogs, Spooky Trees in the Forest (broccoli) and Candy Corn Cupcakes. Everything turned out really yummy!! The girls and I had so much fun!! 
Just kind of a random side note...I was telling Aaron- I got absolutely NOTHING done this weekend as far as chores go- clean laundry is sitting in baskets needing to be folded and put away, everyone's sheets need to be washed and changed, and the bathrooms need to be cleaned. A couple years ago- this would have bothered me SO much- and I most likely would have chosen to get all of my cleaning done versus spending an afternoon in the kitchen with my girls. Being a mom of 5 kiddos has really forced me to CHILL OUT- because I literally can NOT do it all. And I have realized I would much rather dance around in the kitchen with my 3 girls (who are growing up SO darn fast) and shove candy corn on our teeth so we look silly- then go change a bunch of sheets and put away laundry :) 

And that's our weekend in a nutshell!! :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!!
And Happy Halloween!! 
Hope you have a super FUN day!


  1. What a FUN weekend!! I love your Spooky and Fun Halloween dinner! What a fun tradition!!
    Happy Halloween! Hope you guys have a fun and safe evening!

  2. I love all the costumes and what a fun Halloween dinner! I know your girls will remember the time in the kitchen much more than clean laundry! Hope y'all have a fun Halloween tonight! :)

  3. Girl, I'm totally borrowing your spooky dinner idea. Genius! I'm so glad you had beautiful weather this weekend. Our Saturday was gorgeous, but Sunday left much to be desired. Ah well. It is almost November in WI. One out of two isn't too bad. ;)

  4. What a GREAT weekend!!! I love the picture of you guys at the trunk or treat! The candy corn cupcakes turned out super cute =) I hope you guys had an amazing Halloween!!!

  5. Your weekend sounds fabulous!! The weather really has been amazing!! It's going to be perfect for trick-or-treating tonight :) Your Halloween feast looked so cute- I'm sure your girls were thrilled to help you! We're hoping to squeeze one last day of Halloween fun in today


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