What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hi friends!!! How has your week been going so far?? is the last Wednesday of the month...which means it is time for a What's Up Wednesday Post!  I am excited to be joining MelShay and Sheaffer for their super fun link up party today!

What we're eating this week...
Well...l like to keep it SIMPLE at meal kids are PICKY and this mama does NOT have the time or patience for drama at dinner time! HA! So far this week we've had meatloaf + mashed potatoes and taco chips/taco salads....for the rest of the week we're having grilled turkey sausage + baked potatoes, pizza, soup and grilled cheese and a special Halloween dinner the girls and I are going to prepare together! :)

What I'm reminiscing about...this time last year we were announcing that we were expecting Baby #5!!!
 And now precious Marshall is almost SIX MONTHS OLD. I cannot convey in words how grateful we are for our Marshall. He is an angel baby and I am literally soaking up every minute with him!!!
What I am that it is getting colder...I drink it ALL DAY LONG. Can't stop, won't stop :) Totally obsessed with this pumpkin pie smoothie- it's dairy free- and is SO yummy! (Just FYI- I use stevia in place of the maple syrup and I use this protein powder)
Loving this beautiful fall weather that we have been gifted this entire past month, loving my snuggly baby boy, my WILD 2 year and my sweet girls- they are growing and changing- and are just SO fun. They challenge me on a daily basis- but WOW. 
They are amazing little girls!!
What we've been up to...well...the kids and I just got back from a quick trip to visit my parents- which was so great! We have been spending TONS of time outside after school and on the weekends- the weather has been so gorgeous! Aaron's always super busy with work and the girls always have a lot going on with school and homework and just STUFF. HA!
And then there's my crazy 2 year old tornado and precious little 6 month old baby that keep me on my toes! :) I feel like we really haven't been up to that much, yet feel like we are always doing something or going somewhere. Does that make sense?!? HA!

What I'm dreading...nothing really! Well- that's not being honest- I am not liking that it is pitch black out until 7:45 am AND that it is getting darker much sooner at night AND that it is getting colder. I keep hearing these AWFUL rumors that we are going to have a ROUGH winter and I just cover my ears and pretend like I didn't hear anything. HA!

OMG. How funny is this?!? And SO TRUE (at least for me)!!
What I'm working on...well...I am once again behind on my kids' photo books. I started off this year with big plans to stay ahead of them- and upload pictures every month- so when I sat down to complete their books- it wouldn't be such a big undertaking. YEAH. That didn't happen! HA! I am almost done with Celine's book...gotta get James' book started next and then Cora Maye's! And then it will be Charlotte's book next! And then hopefully I will have a couple months where I am not working on a photo book..until it's time to make Marshall's first book! :)

What I'm excited about...I have some really FUN gift ideas for the holidays to share in the next few weeks!! Also- VERY excited about Thirty-One's customer special for November!!
Email me if you would like to know a few days early- and you can get a jump start on planning out some of your holiday shopping!!

What I am watching/reading...Like almost everyone else I know- I am LOVING "This is Us"
Also- Aaron and I are big fans of Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med. And we love watching Blue Bloods too!! The kids and I have a new favorite show we like to watch together- "Guy's Grocery Games!" They get so into the meals the chefs cook and they love when the timer is about to go off! HA! It's such a fun cooking show to watch! 
What I am listening to...been listening to good ol' Pandora whenever I get a chance and I am really loving anything that Ed Sheeran sings!! 

What I'm wearing...leggings- love these from Nordstrom and these from Old Navy, a layering tank- my favorites are from Old Navy, a sweatshirt tunic and a vest- I have this one from Old Navy and this one- which I got on sale from Nordstrom two years ago. 
Still rocking my flip flops!! HA!

What I'm doing this weekend...We have Trunk or Treat at our church on Friday night, a hike on Saturday with my two older daughters' Girl Scout troops and on Sunday we have church and our First Annual Halloween Dinner! I am putting the girls in charge of making the menu, decorating for our dinner and helping me with preparing our meal! I am really looking forward to having some fun with them in the kitchen!!
What I'm looking forward to next oldest's daughter's birthday! And Thanksgiving! And putting up my Christmas decorations! :)

What else is new...nothing! :) Life is full, somewhat chaotic and absolutely wonderful!

BONUS QUESTION: What is your favorite Halloween memory/picture/tradition??
I really love getting the kids all dressed up to go trick or treating! They are just SO excited to put their costumes on and they almost can't contain themselves!! I remember feeling the EXACT same way when I was little- I LOVED putting on my costume and I remember my mom always letting me put on a little makeup :) My brothers and I would trade our candy and it was just such a FUN night!!

Hope you have the BEST day!! :)


  1. I love how you end your posts--"have the best day!" It is such a joyful proclamation and wish! I have totally co-opted the sentiment in my daily text to my college son--as I am reminding him to make good choices! Haha. 😀

  2. Hope you & the kiddos had a great time by your parents! I can't believe Marshall is 6 months old already! I wish all the Chicago shows would come to Netflix. My Mom has watched them & she always raves about them. I'm too late to start now. Luke & I LOVE Blue Bloods. I have a ridiculous crush on Commissioner Reagan or should I just say Tom Selleck.

  3. Okay, now I feel the need to have a special Halloween dinner! I better get on Pinterest!

  4. Emma and I love watching Guys Grocery games together! We also love the kids bake off and cook off challenge on Food Network =)

  5. We watch Guys Grocery Games too :) My husband loves Guy - and all things Diners, Drive Ins and Dives so this works as well! Jealous you can still wear flip flops - it's already been pretty chilly here and I had to pull out the boots. Your kids are seriously so cute!

  6. I love your birth announcement from last year! So Precious!
    I can't stop watching 'This is Us'....LOVE!
    And I'm singing all the praises about it being cool enough to drink Coffee all day long! :)

  7. I can't believe he's already 6 months old. What a cutie!

  8. Oh my goodness - Marshall has gotten big, fast!!! Wow, 6 months!! Ummm I am still working on my kids photo books from last year and so worried that each week I get behind the harder it is going to be to catch up. Have to get with it!! I need a recommendation of a good winter/Christmas candle from the Walmart candles - what do you recommend?

  9. Marshall is such a cutie at such a fun age. Glad to hear that you all are busy in a good way, with lots to do but not too stressful. I can't wait to see your holiday ideas!

  10. Love that pumpkin baby announcement!! Hard to believe that was a year ago!! Just saw the forecast and we've got temps back in the 70s and 80s for Halloween - that's crazy, but my little mermaid won't be complaining :) Loving all the pumpkin treats, tons of coffee and I'm not sure I'm ready for the time change. I like being able to play outside in the evenings


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