Hello Monday!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!!

We had such a great weekend!! We didn't do anything super special...but we spent lots of time together and enjoyed every beautiful minute of the gorgeous Fall weather that we were lucky enough to have!! And even though the weather was perfect here in our neck of the woods, we definitely have had everyone being affected by Hurricane Matthew in our thoughts and prayers.

I am joining my lovely friend, Johannah, for her "Hello Monday" link up party!! 
Aaron and I kicked off our weekend by snuggling up on the couch and catching up on all of our favorite shows we didn't get to watch throughout the week. Aaron works super late several nights a week- so we watch all our shows on Friday and Saturday night. Times have definitely changed from our Friday nights out in downtown Austin to now...but I wouldn't change it for anything!! Give me my man, a cozy blanket and a couple hours to just chill out and I am ONE HAPPY GIRL :)
So my youngest daughter Celine is just about the cutest thing you will EVER meet. She has the sweetest little munchkin voice and says the funniest things!! She LOVES to draw pictures and "write stories." Saturday morning, while I was out running, the kids stayed home with Aaron and colored and Celine drew all of these pictures. I don't know about you- but is there anything cuter than how a pre-schooler draws people?!? You can't NOT smile when you look at these little pictures!! And the picture in the top right is one of her "stories." She just rights a bunch of random letters, then she brings it up to me and says, "Mommy- what do my letters say for my story?" SO. STINKING. CUTE!
We had a super busy day of running errands on Saturday- which included a trip to Sam's Club!! We went there to return a few things and ended up being there for over an hour because it was Sample Saturday!! We were the total nut jobs pushing this massive cart to all the sample stations....HA! I got totally sucked in to all the ADORABLE outfits they have- if you have a girl- GO TO SAM'S. They have several different Fall, Halloween, and Christmas themed outfit sets by the brand Emily Rose- and they are SO over the top CUTE. And if you have a boy- there are REALLY cute outfit sets for the Fall and Winter too!! I could have done some major damage in the clothing aisle if I didn't have that silly thing called a BUDGET to follow. GEEZ. HA!
Sunday was another glorious day of Fall weather! We went to church, made a quick run to Target to use a coupon I had (I got my oldest daughter three pairs of Cat and Jack leggings for $13 with it!) and then we headed home. The girls brought their baby dolls outside and played "daycare and mommies," the boys took a nap, and Aaron and I had the pleasure of organizing the kids' closets. Aaron brought all of our clothes bins up from the basement and we changed over everyone's clothes from their spring/summer stuff to their fall/winter items. We got Marshall and James all done..and I have a little bit more to go with the girls' closet. It's a BIG job and not one of my favorite things to do...but I can't help but feel super grateful for the abundance of clothes that we have!! Most of the kids' clothes are hand-me-downs- primarily given to us from my sister-in-law (Hi Erica!!!) and brother...they have been giving us clothes since we had Charlotte and I am SO grateful for their generosity!!
 We ended our weekend by grilling out and then having sugar cookies and a dance party in the back yard. Pretty perfect ending to a wonderful weekend :)

I sure hope all of you had a great weekend!! And maybe you are off or your kids are off today because of Columbus Day!! We have school today...but next week the girls have a couple days off for Fall I am not complaining :)

Hope you have the BEST day!!

P.S. Most of you know, I have started a new journey as an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One :) I am having so much FUN! I seriously LOVE talking about all of the fun products we have- but I TOTALLY understand that not all of you really want to hear about them :) So- I decided to start doing separate posts where I can ramble on about all our of different products, keep you updated on specials, show off products I am loving and using, and just basically share why I love 31 bags and accesories! If you want to read a little bit more about why I love one of our current customer specials for October- check out this page!! :) XOXO


  1. Your weekend sounds exactly like the kind of weekend we love, too. How is Marshall doing? Sleeping okay? I love receiving Cash's drawings, too. They are just so special!

  2. Thank you for the prayers! It was a bad few days here in the east coast of Central Florida, $5 we are grateful because it could have been SO much worse. Waking up to what we now call "the 20 mile miracle" was a great feeling. I'm so tired and bruised from boarding and unboarding, and we still have friends with no power staying with us, and schools are cancelled till Wed. But I'm heading to Disney with some friends today to have some fun because we deserve it! Praying for Haiti and NC where things are so much worse.

  3. I'm glad I am not the only plastic bin clothes hoarder! Our son is the biggest out of all our friends' kids so normally we don't get hand-me-downs but do the hand-me-downing but this weekend a friend gave us a bag of stuff and it was like hitting the mega millions ;) Praise the Lord for new-to-us stuff!

  4. Oh, the fall clothing swap! The first year I had to swap all 4 kids, I told my husband I wanted to move to a deserted island become! Since then I've learned to pre-sort our bins and fold everything so I just have to move the piles into drawers and hang dresses. I also dread seeing the "holes" in their wardrobes each season...but that does give me an excuse to go shopping!!!!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend!! Love the photo of you all at Sam's!! I just did the clothing swap last week and I still don't understand how some clothes that are clearly a few years too little make it in the drawers when it comes clean out time!!

  6. What an awesome weekend!! Love the picture of all of y'all at SAMS. So cute.

  7. I'm curious what your favorite shows are?? Gla dyou had a fun weekend with the fam. Your kids look so cute in their Halloween outfits. Sams does have some really cute holiday outfits for under $20 right now. I need to reorganize clothes for both kids, but I keep putting it off. Oh well... maybe this week it'll get done. Celine's art is so cute! You'll have to frame it :)

  8. Should I just list my things I love?
    -Cora's piggies
    - the fact that Celine and James are the same size and look like twins
    - Marshall's facial expression at Sam's. I feel the same way at Costco

  9. Sounds like a great Friday night routine!

    The clothing swaps are brutal but so great when they're done!

  10. There is nothing better than a low key Friday night cuddling in front of the TV. I am so happy to be at this stage of my life!
    I love Celine's pictures! My son drew a similar family portrait recently and he was stepping on his sister's head. I figured this was an accident and just a depth perception thing, but when I asked him about it he said, "No, I meant to do that!" Ugh, boys!!
    Have a fantastic week!!

  11. We have one weekend night where we both claim a couch, get cozy under a blanket and veg out to some TV. It gives us the chance to unwind a bit from our busy week.


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