Hello Monday!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend??

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record over here- but time is seriously just moving by SO FAST! How can we be half way through October already???
I think a lot of it has to do with being so busy with school and work during the week- and then on the weekends- the weather has been INCREDIBLE- so we have just been doing all sorts of fun things, soaking up every minute we can be out and about- enjoying the outdoors!

Anyway....we are back to Monday again- and I don't mind it! I actually like Monday's- I am a big fan of "fresh starts" and routine...and Monday's are good for both of those things! :)

Linking up with Johannah today....if you have a blog...and you don't already- join her every Monday for her fun "Hello Monday" link-up party!! :)
We kicked off our weekend on Friday night, with our usual pizza picnic! Aaron makes several semi-homemade pizzas (it's a night off of cooking for me- YAY!) and the girls and James watch a movie and eat pizza in the living room. It's such a great way to wind down from the busy week- and we all enjoy it so much! 
Per Johannah's recommendation- we got "Spookely the Square Pumpkin" for the kids to watch- and they LOVED it! 
We ended up just paying $5 and buying it on our Amazon account! It is such sweet little movie- and I like it because it's friendly- and has a very sweet theme about it- not creepy or scary like most Halloween-ish movies are!
Saturday was a FULL day- but tons of fun. I go for a long run outside every Saturday (weather permitting) and I look forward to that 45 minutes of pounding the pavement all week. A little time alone + fresh air + gorgeous weather + watching the sunrise + working up a good sweat = THE BEST :)
After my run, we had our 'usual' Saturday morning breakfast of semi-homemade cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs...and then headed out to run a bunch of errands.

Later on in the afternoon- we went to a Fall Fun party being hosted by a family that goes to the same school as our girls.  We had never been to their house before- but I knew they had just finished building imagine what my jaw did when we pulled up to their driveway and I saw this....
UM. Three words: RED TIN ROOF.
Isn't it just gorgeous???
They live on 10 acres and have goats and chickens! We went on a hay ride, the kids decorated pumpkins, everyone brought tons of yummy food and the kids just ran around wild having the best time in the wide open space! The weather was fabulous and it really was just a super FUN afternoon! 

Sunday- we went to church-- which has recently gotten SUPER SPECIAL- all because of a certain year 2 year old little boy who shall remain nameless ;) We are definitely in a season where church feels like the longest hour of our lives...but that's ok :) We know it's temporary...we've been through it with our girls- and they have beautiful church behavior now :) Gotta love a toddler's little mind and the fact that he associates Jesus and time with God with DONUTS. HA!

After we got home from church, we got the boys down for a nap, the girls and Aaron played outside and I was able to get a lot of things done in the kitchen!
Aaron wants to bring his co-workers homemade biscuits and gravy to this week, so I got the sausage gravy made, baked 2 loaves of pumpkin bread and made a huge batch of meatballs (we're having meatball subs tonight for dinner). It was so nice to have my pumpkin waffle candle burning, the screen door open- with a cool breeze coming inside and a couple of hours to get a little bit ahead on meals for the week!!
Speaking of meals....I used to post our weekly menu plan every Monday- but I stopped for two reasons...1) Our meals have gotten pretty boring and we are eating a lot of the same things because that's what works for our family right now. We would rather stick to the same 10 meals- since we know the kids will eat them- rather than me trying to be creative and try new recipes :) 2) I started to think posting my meal plan on Monday was not the smartest thing- considering I meal plan on Friday afternoon/Saturday morning and then grocery shop over the weekend. I am assuming most of you do the same thing?? 
So- a couple questions for you- do you meal plan? If so- when do you plan out your meals/grocery shop for the week?
Are any of you interested in seeing our SUPER BORING meal plan for the week? I am thinking maybe posting it on Thursday might be more helpful?

Let me know your thoughts on this!!

And speaking of menu planning- 
Isn't this printable SO cheerful?? You can download it from HERE!
I write out our menu plan on a big chalkboard in our kitchen- but I also love to have it written down on a piece of paper to keep in my planner...definitely going to be printing out some of these to have on hand when I am doing my meal planning for the week!! :)

And finally- just a little PSA- I posted this on my Facebook page- but also wanted to share it here: This Thursday, Oct. 20, Thirty-One Gifts is turning 13 and they are throwing a big ol' party!

For one day only (October 20) they will be bringing back home past customer faves and offering them again as bundles at 31% off. 
I'm going to be throwing my own party and sharing deals through a Facebook event. 

If you want to be invited- email me at and I will add you to the invite list! I am creating the invite today and will send it out tonight! And for all you friends who have already commented on my Facebook page- I have you down on the invite list! :) I am excited! I can't wait to see what prints/products are going to be featured in the sale!! :)

Hope you all have the BEST day!!!


  1. Not sure if you know but Spookley is also a book and then there is a Thanksgiving version too! I loved sharing them in my kindergarten classroom when I taught :).

    Also, I'd love to see your weekly menu...I dread meal planning each week because I'm so bored with our!

  2. I just love reading about your weekends!! I feel so free with the nice weather right now - send the kids out to play, dad likes to piddle in the yard and I am free to clean or cook or organize to my hearts desire!

  3. Yes! Please share your weekly menu. I meal plan with young children too and it's nice to grab a new idea from another real (not Pinteresty) family!

  4. I am so glad your family enjoyed Spookley! I think this fall we have already watched it 1,526,304 times. Ha! Alyx just loves it =)
    I always enjoyed your meal plans...probably because it usually gave me ideas on what to make for my family! =)
    I'm glad you guys had a good weekend...and the house that you went to is absolutely beautiful!!
    Have a great Monday =)

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! I love seeing menu planning ideas. I have started making my plan on Thurs and grocery shopping on Friday. I like this better because then we have fresh fruit and snacks for the weekend. Before I went shopping on Monday, so it seemed like we were running low on things over the weekend. Usually, when I make a plan I just list out four or five meals without putting them on a definite night. Then I can mix things up if I need to be flexible. Have a wonderful week!

  6. That Fall party sounds amazing!! I love that red tin roof and all of the activities sounded like a blast. The weather has really been gorgeous. We spent the majority of our day outside today and are soaking in these warm Fall days :) I'd love to see your menu. My husband always says don't mess with success when it comes to making good food. So having a selection of things you KNOW your family will eat is priceless :) We had family visiting so I didn't get as much prep done as usual. I need to get caught up tonight. We are still in the process of finding a church and it's so daunting to think of new nurseries/classes, nap times and planning it all out. It's easy to get discouraged so thanks for the reminder that it's definitely worth the effort. Hope your week is off to a great start :)

  7. We are empty nesters and YES I still mean plan every week. It helps me stay on track with grocery there ANYONE who likes grocery shopping? God bless if you do. I do not like it. I meal plan on Sunday nights, when we are watching our DVR shows and I get my husbands input. Our youngest graduated from college in May and is still job she has input too as she had to move home over the summer. I also find I save a lot of money if I have my grocery list all written out. I post the weekly menu on a write on/wipe off board I made off of pinterest. That way everyone knows what is for dinner. My daughter has also taken one day a week and cooks for us. So that is a nice break. Have a great day!

  8. I want a Fall party!! Well actually, we get 3 but those are birthday parties. My husband's birthday is 10/24, Connor's is 10/30 and mine is 11/1


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