Thoughts for Thursday: Fun, Fall Finds at Walmart!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!

How's your week been going??
Our's has been good...not too much going on and the weather has been GLORIOUS!!

Sooo...yesterday, I had to pick up a few things at I decided to do a little looking around to see what items were worth mentioning to you!!  
I found a couple "Fall Finds" that are SO fun!!

First up- these dish towels. They are called "flour sack towels" and they are a great size and have a night weight and texture to them! I think it would be so sweet to bake some pumpkin bread and wrap one of these towels around it- and you could deliver it to a friend or an elderly neighbor! You get could one of these towels and a yummy smelly hand soap from Bath and Body Works- and you have the perfect little hostess gift for any get togethers you might be going to this month or in November! I picked up several of the lower right hand towel...I am getting things together for my girls' teachers' Christmas gifts- and a cute fall themed dish towel was something I needed for their present! Guess what- these adorable towels are $1.97!!! At my store- these were on a little side aisle in the kitchen ware area.
 Next up- SUPER cute Halloween outfits!! 
I found these in the "big girl" section and was SO excited!! Most of the time- Walmart has super fun holiday clothing for the toddler sizes- but not in the big girl sizes. How CUTE are those black and orange sparkly tutus?!? And the leggings are SO fun!! I love purplish pink color mixed with the orange and black. Behind the striped leggings, there was also some sparkly black leggings...and a gray pair with a different pattern on them. I didn't get a chance to really look at those- because James was tearing down shirts (from his BUCKLED position in the cart) the whole time I was taking pictures! It was REAL special. HA!
The tutus and the leggings are both only $5.87!!!! 
 LOVE this cute pumpkin shirt!!! I am not a huge fan of a lot of the Halloween themed clothing...but I thought this shirt was adorable and so age appropriate for school aged girls like my daughters!! They had several other options for Halloween shirts- but this one was my favorite! It's $5.87 too! So for a little under $18- you could get your daughter a cute halloween shirt, a pair of leggings AND a tutu!! That is an AWESOME deal!!

Over in the little girls' section- they also had ADORABLE Halloween tutus, leggings and shirts. I wasn't able to snap a picture of them- my phone has been intermittently working and then NOT working- and it decided NOT to work when I wanted to take a picture of the little girl outfits! Just trust me- if you have a little girl who wears 12 month - 5T - and your looking for some cute Halloween themed clothes- go check out your Walmart!! 
 And finally, I found some fabulous Fall signs!!
So- I can't take credit for "finding" these of my best gal friends sent me a picture of a bunch of these signs about a month ago. She stumbled across them while shopping at her Walmart (in a suburb of Cleveland, OH). Ever since then- I have been on the lookout for them!! I was SO excited to see them yesterday!! 
Look at this amazing "Blessings" sign!! Let me tell you- this sign is BIG. It would be SO perfect in a kitchen...or over an entry or door way! It is $19.97!!! This sign totally looks like something you would find at Hobby Lobby or Kirklands!!
 And here are my other two favorite signs!! I especially love the "pumpkin, apples, hayrides" sign!! How perfect would that 'welcome' sign be on your porch with some hay bales, pumpkins and mums?!? Both of these signs are $19.97 each. There were several other signs I didn't take pictures of...including a super cute Halloween one!!
Another area to check out at your local Walmart is the outside out aisle...close to the sheets/blankets in the home section. That is typically where you will find seasonal house ware items like plates, bowls, table cloths, mugs, etc. My phone decided to NOT work when I went to take a picture of the cutest little pumpkin bowls!! There were under $3 each and would be SO cute for soup and chili!! 

Have you seen any of these fun, fall items at your Walmart?? 
I really had to restrain myself from buying 3 of the oranges tutus, leggings and pumpkin shirts....we already have a huge bin filled with Halloween clothing for the girls- and I think my husband might have been a tad bit annoyed if I felt it necessary to buy even more. HA!
Go shopping and get some of these cute things, so I can live vicariously through you!! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. I love your Wal-Mart finds! Unfortunately, I haven't seen the "Blessings" sign, but I will be on the lookout!

    1. I found it in the seasonal decor, over by all the Halloween stuff! There was just a random pile of signs on a shelf under the wreaths and fall garland. Keep me posted if you find it st your store! :)

  2. I love all your Wal-Mart finds. I swear you find the best stuff and I find nothing:(
    Happy Thursday friends. Now you make me want to go to Wal-Mart

    1. I wish we could go together friend!! I would help you find all the things! Ha!

  3. Love these posts!! I got the Walk in the Woods candle last week and have not stopped having it lit!! Smells so good!! I spied a few cute pillows I needed and a rug I loved but didn't need right away. Thanks for reminding me of great Walmart finds!!

  4. I always love your walmart finds! Those flour sack towels are so good. I bought one with a summer print on it and really enjoyed it. Unlike most decorative kitchen towels, it is actually absorbent and functional! I always loved the girls department when Grace was younger. Now I'm thinking I need to go to Walmart tomorrow! Enjoy your day!

  5. Those flour sack towels are awesome! I bought one a couple of years ago with owls on it in the summer and it is still my favorite kitchen towel! I kept hoping that Walmart would stock them again so thanks so much for the heads up! I love your blog and your Walmart finds are always so helpful! Have a great day!

  6. Girl! I bought the big pumpkin tureen with ladle for our clambake this weekend! It is white with a bronze stem...SO PRETTY it is almost exactly the same as the William Sonoma one for $69.95! I think I paid $14.96 ;) woohoo! Can't believe as a field reporter I didn't text you. I can't find it online either and yesterday they were gone when I was making my weekly trip.

  7. Wow! I wish I could find these items at my Walmart! I live in Northern Canada & our Walmart is nothing great (maybe that's why..ha). Love all your finds.

  8. So many fun options for Fall!! I noticed that my Wal-Mart had a great selection of Halloween clothes so I'm keeping my eyes on the after Halloween clearance to stock up for next year. I love the tea towels and I have my eye on so many of the new items from The Pioneer Woman's line. Those wooden signs are such a bargain! I was tempted to buy a pretty wooden sign I recently spotted on instagram. When I checked into the details the sign was tiny and it was $50+ shipping. No thanks - I love Wal-Mart!!

  9. So after a MNO last week, I went looking through WalMart and I can tell you, you've finally convinced me that they deserve a bit more respect from me.

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