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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!! I sure hope your week is off to a WONDERFUL start!! know the saying.."if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" or the one "it's an oldie, but a goodie!"

Well- both of those sayings apply to something I routinely use when I do my hair!

Behold: My TWENTY YEAR OLD hot rollers!!!
Yup. I got these hot rollers for my 16th birthday- from my sweet brother!! 
And I am STILL using them!! As you can see- they no longer have a nice little cover around them, I am missing one roller and I keep the metal clips for the rollers in a ziploc baggie- but guess what- THEY WORK GREAT!

I was doing my hair a few days ago- and I thought to myself..."I bet all of my blog friends would totally get a kick out of the fact my hot rollers are basically an antique." HA! 
And then I figured, I might as well show you how I do my hair- because honestly- I think hot rollers are totally underused and under-appreciated in the land of hair tools! 

YES. These are the random thoughts that actually go through my mind....I am a WIERDO! HA!

Okay- let's get started :)
So- I wash my hair at night and just go to bed with it wet. When I wake up- it sometimes still needs a little more drying time...and this is what it looks like. HUGE and FLUFFY and FRIZZY!

So- If it is a "hair" morning for me, I plug in my hot rollers before I head downstairs to get my coffee. That way, they are nice and hot by the time I head back upstairs to curl my hair.

I have a TON of hair. It is long and extremely thick. So the easiest way for me to roll my hair, is to section my hair off and roll the bottom section first, then take some hair down, roll that section up and so on and so on. 
And here you big ol' head covered in my 20 year old hot rollers! 
I am the COOLEST. HA!

I GENEROUSLY (and when I say generously- I am not playing around! HA!) spray my hair after I have it all up in the curlers. I don't use anything fancy- my favorite hair spray is the Equate version of TRESemme Two Extra Hold Hairspray!

Side note: One of the biggest reasons I love using hot rollers is because it takes NO time at all to get my hair up in curlers. While I was taking pictures for this post, I decided to time how long it took me to curl my hair- UNDER 5 minutes! BOOM! It takes me quadruple that to curl my hair using a regular curling iron! 

So after I have all of my hair up in curlers...I am able to get my makeup done, help the kids get ready, make beds, put away name it! I LOVE that my hair is getting curled while I am able to be doing other stuff!! One of the major perks about using hot rollers versus curling your hair with a curling iron!

Anyway- once my rollers have completely cooled, I take them out. 
And this is what my hair looks like.

So....if you are a fellow hot roller user like know that you have to finger comb through your with the curls a little bit and get everything situated. I always usually take my curling iron and straighten out/re-curl the few pieces of hair around my face. This takes me just a couple of minutes!

And here is the "finished product!" It took about 15 minutes total for me to get my "done." But 10 of those minutes I was putting on my makeup and doing other stuff- hot rollers are a multi tasker's DREAM! HA!

Since my hair is so thick...I only have to wash it a couple times a week. So- these curls will actually last me a couple of days! On days 2 and 3 (post washing it/curling it), I just use some dry shampoo, hair spray and touch it up a little bit with my curling iron.
EASY PEASY. This mama does not have the time or patience for a long, drawn out beauty routine! ;)

So I have to know-- am I the only out there using an old school set of hot rollers???
I sometimes think to myself that I should buy a new set...but I quickly shoot that idea down- because mine still work SO great! 

If you don't currently use hot rollers, but are interested in trying them out- I found this set and it seems to be the "updated version" of my 18 year old set of rollers :)

I'd love to know- what's your "go-to" way of doing your hair?? Do you have a set "method" like I do? Or do you use a variety of different tools?

And I just had to include this- because it couldn't be MORE TRUE!! HA!
Hope you have the BEST day!!!

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  1. I love your hair. I wish I could use hot curlers to give me a different "curl" but I can't get them to work that way in my hair 😢

    1. You have gorgeous hair!!! My hair is super kinky/wavy on the bottom- but gets weird and flat and frizzy on top. Why cant we just get a blow out every other day and have someone else make our hair look fabulous??! HA! Hope you have a great day friend!! :)

  2. I used to use hot rollers all the time, but lately have been straightening it with a flat iron. Maybe I should give up the battle and go back to big wavy hair. :) I had those exact rollers, and I don't know what happened to them. Now I have the "flocked" ones, and they just don't work as well. You are's so much easier to set it and forget it and do some chores/makeup than using a flat iron or curling iron. I might have to order these and start going for some big Texas hair again. :)

  3. My hair is already soooo curly that I can't use hot rollers. My hair is basically a hot mess if we are being honest! ha Frizzy, curly, and crazy. It's up 99.9% of the time because when it's down it's just a mess unless I spent 5 1/2 hours straightening it ;) You really do have beautiful hair!
    Have a great day, Justine =)

    1. Your hair is NOT a hot mess! HA! I love your curls...but I do know they can be a big pain to work with!! I know my cousin with crazy curly hair loves the Aveda curly hair products...have you ever tried any those?? Hope you have a great too!! :)

  4. This is hilarious!! You are going to be the best old lady - sitting under a dryer at the salon!! Hahaha, Love it Justine!!

  5. I'm a hot roller gal myself. I also love using them because it gets my hair out of my face while I put on my make-up. I need a new set of hot rollers (I'm gonna put that on my Christmas list). I want a set with different sizes and a set that is complete. I've lost two.

  6. This post made me so nostalgic!! I hot rolled my hair for YEARS! I loved them for all of the reasons you mentioned... they're so quick, you can do everything else while your hair is curling itself and it's much faster than using a curling iron. I need to look around for my rollers - I surely have them somewhere! High school Whitney would wake up extra early to put in rollers and then go back to bed while they did their magic :) haha I've got to find my rollers and give them a second chance. Your hair always looks amazing so I need to get back on board with hot rollers. I think my set is missing one roller and has a mismatch set of roller clips... that means they were well loved - right!?!?

  7. I just had to stop and take my time with your post because I have seriously been thinking of going back to hot rollers. I have coarse, thick, frizzed hair that can be tamed after shampooing, but it takes time and patience. I get a keratin straightening treatment every summer so I can live a more normal hair life. Then, fall creeps in and so the frizz returns. I remember my first hot rollers (Christmas, 1969), yep, I am quite a bit older than you.... However, I am always on the lookout for THE ANSWER to more manageable hair. Thanks for sharing. And, I agree that all your reasons for staying with the rollers are very smart!

  8. I have that same set. The clear top splits in two, opening in the middle? Haaaaa! They still work.

  9. I'm a hot roller addict too!! If you make a fake line horizontally from ear to ear and roll everything below it vertically (like you would wrap it around a curling wand or iron) it will make more beach like waves. I also read that Beyoncé's stylist suggests rolling everything around your face backward- love your honesty

  10. I love that you use hot rollers! I actually bought a set from a garage sale a couple years ago thinking I would probably use them for my girls in the future, but I think I'm going to try them for myself!

  11. First, I am jealous of your washing schedule because I have to wash my hair every single day or it's so dang oily.
    Second, I never once thought to use rollers.


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