Thoughts for Thursday!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hi!!! Happy Thursday!!!

How has your week been?

It's been a full week over here....nothing big going on...just lots of little things that need to get done- that add up and make me feel like I don't have a whole lot of time left over to do OTHER stuff that I would like to get done (you know- things like cleaning the toilets- ha!)- does that make sense?? HA!

I am feeling random I hope you are in the mood for a "stream of conscious" style post! HA!

- First- I feel the need to share that I now eat bananas. YUP. This may not seem like a big deal to you- but up until a few months ago- I could count on one hand how many times I (choked) down a banana in my 35 years of living :)  I have always been fine with frozen bananas in my smoothies- but eating a fresh banana used to almost make me dry heave! HA!  Anyway- I don't know what prompted me to start eating them- but I am! And I don't hate them! I wouldn't say they are my favorite fruit- but they are very handy to grab when I am on the go and they are very filling. My favorite way to eat them is on top of peanut butter toast :)
So- welcome to adulthood tried a new food and actually liked it! HA!

- If you have kids- are you the type of parent that goes all out for your kids' Halloween costumes? Do you buy them a new one each year...or maybe even make them one?? 
You are SO nice. I am NOT that parent. HA! You know what I tell my kids they can be for Halloween?? Anything they can find in our dress up bin.  I refuse to buy costumes when we have gorgeous dress up dresses and several bins of costumes that have been given to us! Luckily- my girls are totally cool with this...and James has no idea what's going on :)  

- So....Aaron and I haven't been on a date in QUITE A LONG TIME. We have some WONDERFULLY AMAZING friends that have offered to watch the kids for us so we can go out- but we have had something going on every weekend- and I am SUPER weird and find it easier to just NOT go out until Marshall is older because he is still nursing so much 
( I know I can pump and do bottles- I just find that super annoying :)  
Anyway- Aaron and I were chatting the other evening while the kids were playing outside, after a particularly ANNOYING dinner experience (you know- everything was GUH-ROSS and James threw his plate- filled with food across the floor and Marshall was a huge fuss bucket)- and we both were like, "WOW. We could use a couple hours where we are clocked out of parenting." But then we both looked at each other and I said, "But really- I don't want to be away from them." And he said, "Yup. me too." :) The truth is- we are SO used to always being with our kids- that it feels super weird to NOT be with them. 
And so when we do get to out on a date...we usually have fun for about an hour- and then want to go pick up the kids- because it just feels un-natural to not have it be all 7 of us! HA!  I DEFINITELY know this will change for us as the kids get older and more independent...but for now- I am good with date nights on the couch once the kids are all tucked into bed :)

- Again- since this is the most random post ever- what are your thoughts on me sharing: 

1) How I pick out outfits for family pictures? (Someone commented that I should share about this- but are the rest of you interested??)
2) Snacks and meals that I eat while following Weight Watchers?? 
3) A day in the life post? (Again- someone suggested I do a post like that- but I have just always felt like my life is so routine and boring that no one would really want to read about my day! HA!)

Let me know what you think!!! :)

Ok- so my little buddy James just woke up (about an hour earlier than he normally does ;) - so it's time for me to go :)

I hope you have the BEST day!! 

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  1. I would be interested in hearing about any of those topics mentioned. The routine is always fun to hear about! And I remember feeling exactly the same way about date night. When the kids were little, it was almost more work to go out than it was to just stay home. Now it is a lot easier! We also love going out for "date days" when Michael has a Friday off. Unfortunately, the program that gives him every other Friday off is ending in January. Hope you have a great Thursday!

  2. We only have two kids and my parents live 7 minutes down the road so they spend a lot of time over there which gives us a lot of date nights, which is fun. But very often we drop them off at their request and head to dinner downtown in our little town and then right back home. But I definitely appreciate my full night of sleep. :) You'll not regret spending all that time as a family unit and I do believe the investment we make in our children when they're small pays off for many years to come.

    1. Aaron and I both really value that because we have not family close to us- it forces us to be an extremely close family unit. I will say though- I would give anything to live close to a family member- it can get a little hard when you could just need a little help :) Hope you have a great day friend!!

  3. I would love to hear about all of the topics you mentioned, especially day in the life posts because those are always so fun to read! :) I hope you have a great Thursday!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Courtney!! Now if I can just remember to take pictures throughout my day!! HA! :)

  4. Yes, to all the blog posts... especially your snacks.

  5. I love day in the life post....
    when my kids were younger, I hated leaving them. I felt like it was way to much work to tell someone else how to do "my job" , so our date nights were rare but know that they are older and pretty independent we date night a lot! But fortunately we have family close by, so we can drop them and go!
    Have a great day!!

  6. I would love to hear about Weight Watchers. This is something I'm interested in starting, but I'm worried it will be too hard or restrictive. Thanks!

  7. I really like the day in the life posts, I watch vlogs on youtube as well and I like watching those type of videos. We are the same with our girls I really miss them when they are not around, a little bit is ok but then I want them back, lol.

  8. Yes to all 3 blog post ideas!!! Love day in the life posts! I'm the exact same way about leaving the kids too :)

  9. I've just recently started WW so I could use all of the ideas.

  10. I love all the random!! Glad you're a fan of bananas now... I swapped them out for granola bars when I want a snack. They're so much cheaper and really filling like you said :) Kevin and I just had the exact same conversation last night... we should get a babysitter this weekend... nah let's just do something extra fun with the kids! What would we even do with ourselves for a few hours alone?? I'd love to hear about your family picture combos since we've got pictures next month and anything else you write about! I'm a fan :)

  11. Weight watcher posts would be awesome!

  12. I would love to see a day in the life post. I'm curious how you survive 5 kids. I can barely manage the one I have :)


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