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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Today is my precious, youngest daughter's birthday!  She is 3 years old and just about the cutest little girl you have ever met.  She has requested a "Princess Tiana Party," so after we pick up my oldest daughter from school today, we are going to have ourselves a sweet little princess party and celebrate our THREE year old girl! :)

One thing I do for each of my kids' birthdays is get them a "birthday outfit."  I get them a personalized shirt, a big fun tutu and an over the top bow.  We haven't celebrated a birthday with my son yet....but his birthday outfit will obviously look a little different- HA!

My absolute FAVORITE store to get my girls' personalized shirts made is a shop on Etsy called, Kritter's Kreations.  There are hundreds of shops on Etsy that make personalized, embroidered shirts- but I love Kritter's Kreations for several reasons.  Kristen (the shop owner) responds VERY quickly to any emails you send her.  She is super helpful and is very accommodating if you want to switch up materials/different color threading.  Her shirts are extremely reasonably price and really nice quality.  They are not just a flimsy $3 shirt she picked up on the clearance rack.  Best of all, she is FAST.  She usually says to allow 1-2 weeks from the time you place your order to get your shirt- but mine have always arrived before that.  I have ordered at least 10 shirts from her and they have all been perfectly done!  I cannot recommend her enough!  (And this is absolutely not a sponsored post- just wanted to share about a great Etsy shop!)

Here is my daughter's birthday outfit she will be sporting today!
Her shirt is from Kritter's Kreations, I made a her bow and my mom made the tutu for my oldest daughter a couple years ago.
For my oldest daughter's "Frozen Party" this past November, 
we had an Elsa shirt made for her! 
My 2nd oldest daughter had an "Ariel Party" for her 5th birthday and this is the shirt we had made.  The super fun bow is from Polka Dot Posies and it is one of their "over the top" bows.  I got the tutu on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx!
 For my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday, she wanted a Doc McStuffins shirt...and Kristen did such an awesome job making it!
These are the shirts I had Kristen make for my girls to wear to the hospital when we had our 4th baby!  Aren't they so cute?!?
Now onto my favorite store to get our "birthday bows" (and actually all of our everyday bows too).  Polka Dot Posies has the best bows in my opinion!!  I have pretty much exclusively bought all our bows from this shop.  Almost all of the bows are under $5 and they are SO nice!  My girls wear a bow EVERY SINGLE DAY and they all have held up so well!  Polka Dot Posies also ships really fast and the shop owner, April is super helpful and responds very quickly to emails! (again...not sponsored...just sharing the love! :)

Here are all of our bows from Polka Dot Posies (and some bows from other places- I would say 90% of these bows are from Polka Dot Posies)!
I don't have a specific shop I get my tutus from.  TJ Maxx actually carries a lot of fun, party tutus.  I got one of my daughter's tutus on clearance at Old Navy and another one from Belk.  I just keep my eye out for tutus whenever I am shopping and if I see one that I know has the colors my daughters like, I usually pick it up.

I absolutely love putting together "birthday outfits" for my girls!  And I can't wait to see what sort of things/characters James gets into so I can put together special outfits for his birthdays too!  I love that my girls know this is a tradition we do for their birthday and right now I am soaking up that they are thrilled with a cute shirt, tutu and bow.  I know in just a few short years we will be going on a shopping trip to the mall looking for the birthday outfit and I am just not ready for that yet! HA!! 

Do you get your kids a special outfit for their birthday?  Any shops you recommend for cute, personalized items??

Hope you are having a wonderful week!! 

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