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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hi!  Welcome to a "short" week! :)

We had a super fun, busy and wonderful weekend visiting lots of family!  We first drove to my parents' house on Friday afternoon (they live 4 hours from us) and spent the afternoon and night with them.  Early Saturday morning, we woke up and headed down to Southern Illinois to visit my grandpa and several of my aunts and uncles.  While we were in my grandpa's hometown, we had the privilege of attending a Flag Display, where he had a Flag displayed in his name for his service in the United States Navy.  It was a beautiful day and so profound to see hundreds of American Flags representing so many individuals who have served in the military and are still currently serving.  After having a super yummy cookout at my Aunt's house, we headed to my sister's house (she lives about 45 minutes from my grandpa) and spent the night there.  After a fun morning of playing and donuts, we got on the road again for our 5 hour trip home to Indianapolis!  Not more than 30 minutes after we got home, we were in the van again, headed to our YMCA to go swimming!! The girls had a BLAST and it was so fun to have our first swim of the summer!
Memorial Day was a quiet, low key day- we went to the gym and Walmart in the morning and then went to the park in the afternoon.  We ended our long weekend with a cookout and ice cream cones in the back yard.  
SO thankful for an extra long and special weekend with my family!!
And now it is time to get organized and back on schedule for this short week!
I bought several pounds of chicken breasts at the store today and I am going to use them in several different meals this week!
Here is what is on the menu at our house this week....

Tonight we are having chicken lettuce wraps.  We don't use a specific recipe; but this recipe and this recipe both look delicious and have such great reviews!  I am going to have my husband grill up all the chicken I bought and use 2 grilled chicken breasts, chopped up very small for this meal.  I will reserve the rest for a couple other meals we are having this week!

On Wednesday night, we are going to use some of the chicken my husband grilled last night and make grilled chicken sandwiches!  I will cut the chicken so it fits nicely on a hamburger bun, put a slice of cheese on top of it and melt the cheese on the chicken under the broiler.  Once the chicken is warm and the cheese is bubbly, it goes on a hamburger bun with a little ketchup and dinner is served!  I am going to steam some green peas and make some white cheddar shells and cheese to make this meal complete!  

Thursday night is chicken fajita night! YUM! I am going to slice up the remaining grilled chicken I have reserved and sauté it up with a thinly sliced red pepper, yellow pepper and sweet onion.  I like to sprinkle fajita seasoning over the peppers, onion and chicken when they are cooked about half way.  I finish cooking everything over medium heat and serve it up with warm tortillas, shredded cheese and sour cream!  Such an easy, low stress meal!  

Friday is homemade pizza night!  The girls have a pizza picnic and my husband and I enjoy our dinner at the table in the kitchen- it is like a date- HA!

I never feel like cooking on the weekend...especially when the weather is warm and we are spending all of our time outside.  Knowing that...I thought taco salads would be an easy, light and yummy dinner for Saturday!  I am going to brown a pound of lean ground turkey with a can of chopped green chiles and season it with some salt, pepper, garlic powder and cumin.  To assemble our salads, I just pile some of the "taco" turkey on top of chopped romaine lettuce and add some shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream and crumbled up tortilla chips.  YUMMY!

For Sunday dinner, I am going to make a meatloaf using lean ground turkey and chopped spinach to help us get an extra serving of veggies in our meal.  I have several potatoes I need to use up- so I am going to make some homemade mashed potatoes.  Fresh green beans are in season right now and we just love them- so I am going to steam some of those up for our veggie.  A nice, traditional Sunday dinner...perfect way to end our weekend!

What is on your menu plan for the week?? Are you trying out any new recipes??

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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