Show and Tell Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Today I am linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday Series!  Today is all about FAVORITE parties that you have hosted!  So much fun!

I definitely wouldn't qualify myself as some amazing, crafty, "go-all-out" party throwing momma :)  I admire those types of moms SO MUCH.  
When I am planning a party, I personally function best with the motto: 
Cute, FUN and simple :)

One of my favorite parties we have had was for my 2nd oldest daughter's 3rd birthday.  She was SO SO excited to have a "friend" birthday party, the weather was gorgeous and we just had a blast!

Some of the birthday decorations in our kitchen...

The favor table :)  I loaded up each little box with Cora Maye's favorite types of candy and as her friends left the party, she gave each of them a treat box for being so sweet for coming to her party :)

When we lived in Cleveland, our house sat on about 1 1/2 acres.  Our back yard was AMAZING!  For her party, we borrowed a bouncy house from friends and that along with our big sand box and swing set, made the PERFECT set up for a 3 year old birthday party!  The kids just played and played and played! :)

We had the party from 10:00 - 12:30- so I made lunch for everyone.  I packed each of the kids a cute little sack lunch.  I also packed lunches for all the adults at the party- but instead of a PBJ, I made fancy sub sandwiches.  It was so fun to have a bunch of people in our backyard, enjoying a picnic lunch!

My precious girl!! I can't believe it has been almost 2 years since we took this picture!?!

Make a wish!! I always make a birthday cake for our "family" celebration and cupcakes for our "friend" celebration.  Cupcakes are so cute and SO much easier for little ones to eat! :)

Another favorite party we had was my oldest daughter's 5th birthday...she wanted a fairy theme!  

I picked up a bunch of fairy wings from the dollar store to give to all the girls for their party favor.  They ended up being the best decorations!! I used clothes pins to attach them to fabric I had draped over some shelves and when the party was ending I just unclipped them off and gave each girl a pair! I thought they looked so cute and festive hanging up during the party! :)

This past November my oldest daughter requested a "Frozen Party" for her 6th birthday.  While I kept things pretty simple, I thought it turned out really cute and she LOVED it- which is all that matters!  
Here is our dessert/favor table!  The girls got a Frozen cup and the boys got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Cup :)  During the party, they went on a scavenger hunt around the house and filled their cups with treats.  It was so fun!

Because my daughter's birthday is around Christmas time, I got really lucky with the decorations I got from the dollar store!  I thought the snowflakes were just perfect for a Frozen party!

We always play a couple silly games at our birthday for the Frozen party we played "Musical Pillows" to Frozen songs.  The kids LOVED this game and we played it about 7 times!  You can tell my husband was having a horrible time! HA!

 My birthday girl and me!! 

I love celebrating my kids' birthdays!! There is nothing better than seeing their smiles and excitement...makes all the late night decorating and baking totally worth it! HA!

Hope you have the best day! :)


  1. At home parties are the best! All of your parties look fun and I really like the backdrops. Bounce houses, scavenger hunts, and musical "chairs" sound like the perfect party games.

    1. Hi Maren! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I am always worried the kids aren't going to like my simple party games...but they are always a hit- kids are so easy to please! :)

  2. Stopping over from the Momfessionals link up, such cute party ideas!!

    1. Hi Emmy! Thanks for taking the time to comment! Hope you have a great day!

  3. All 3 parties are so cute! Love how bright & cheerful they are!

    1. Hi Mel! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment!

  4. Love your parties! Super cute. :)


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