What We are Wearing: Memorial Day Edition!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We are headed to Southern Illinois this weekend to spend some time with my amazing Grandpa!  Right after my grandfather was newly enlisted in the Navy, at 17 years old, he was IN Pearl Harbor loading up supplies on a submarine when it was bombed.  He retired from the Navy after 25 + years of service.  
There is a Memorial Day celebration taking place this Saturday in a town very close to where my grandpa lives and one of my mom's sisters (she has 7!!) arranged to have a flag with my grandpa's name on it.  A large group of us will be going to the celebration to see my grandpa's flag and to honor the many individuals who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  I am so excited to spend time with a lot of family we don't get to see nearly enough!! 

So in honor of Memorial Day weekend, I thought I would share how our family will be sporting our Red, White and Blue!!  I LOVE dressing my kids up in patriotic clothes...there is nothing more classic than little kids decked out in the colors our AWESOME and AMAZING country!

Here is what I will be wearing (and obviously I need to run an iron over my shorts and shirt before I wear them...but the truth is- I probably won't- HA!)
My shorts are from J. Crew Factory.  My color is from last year- but they have a beautiful true red color this year!
My shirt is from Loft last season and they don't carry it anymore.  But they have this shirt that is really similar and has great ratings!
You can get my sandals here!  They are SO cute and super comfy!
My necklace is a beautiful dark blue color and is very special to me.  My brother-in-law got it for me when he was on a tour in Afghanistan (he is in the Marine Corps and is a Harrier Jet pilot) and I have worn it EVERY Memorial Day and 4th of July since he gave it to me!
My husband will be wearing this shirt from J. Crew Factory and these shorts from Target.  His shorts are about 4 years old and they currently don't carry the red color he has.  J. Crew Factory has a red pair though!  Aaron has several pairs of shorts from J. Crew Factory and loves them!
His belt is from the Buckle about 12 years ago...HA!
All of James' clothes are several years old, as they are wonderful hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law.  I found some great shorts in "red rover"  from Walmart and this polo shirt is perfect, also from Walmart, if your little guy needs some red, white and blue in his wardrobe for the summer!  I always pack James two shirts...he usually requires a shirt change halfway throughout the day! HA!
The girls will be wearing these adorable dresses I got them from Walmart last year.  The coloring of the dresses seems a little off to me in this picture- but they are a true red, white and classic navy blue.  They were $5 each!!  Here are some ADORABLE patriotic options for girls Walmart currently has: this precious romper! this ruffle skirt! and this tiered tutu!

(I feel silly even saying this, but just to be transparent...none of these stores are sponsoring this post.  I just love these stores and they are where we buy most of our clothing!) 

Do you have any special plans for Memorial Day weekend?  Do you have your patriotic outfit planned out??

Hope you have a great day!!

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