Friday Favorites!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hi!! Happy Friday!!  So....has this week flown by for you too?? Between the "short" school week, my little baby boy getting really sick and my husband being off from work this week- well I just can't seem to keep straight what day it is! HA! Also- my allergies are OUT OF CONTROL right now- which has made feel just a tad yeah...this week has been just a little funky! happy it is Friday!  The weather is supposed to be hot and dry here today and then it is supposed to get rainy and cool off. My oldest daughter has an event called "Kindy 500" at school this morning and then we are taking our kids to the pool after school.  We are going to soak up this beautiful weather and it is going to be a GREAT day!

Here are my FAVORITES from this past week!

This past weekend we traveled to Southern Illinois to celebrate Memorial Day with my grandfather and lots of other family.  While we were there, we went to a local park in my grandfather's home town to see over 300 American Flags on display, representing men and women who served in the military and/or are currently serving in the military.  My aunt arranged for my grandfather to have a flag on display and it was a really special moment to go see his flag with him.  He is almost 92 years old and by far one of the most extraordinary
people I have ever known.  I am so blessed to have a man like him in my life!

My mom is ONE OF EIGHT girls. My Aunts are so much fun and such neat women!  6 (including my mom) of the 8 sisters were at my grandpa's house when we were visiting this past weekend and it was SO much fun to get to see all of them! It really, really makes me sad that we do not have any family living in the same town as us, so whenever I get to spend time with my family- it makes me SO happy!!

Yesterday, was the 8 year anniversary of my husband and I getting engaged.  Our engagement was, hands down, one of my most FAVORITE days ever.  
I just had to include a few photos from our engagement :)
This one is right after he asked me and we were calling my mom and dad.  You can tell we had both been crying! :) And please look at my cute little cell phone!! I seriously miss the days of simpler phones- HA!
The day after our engagement, we were serious dorks and went and took some pictures under the tree where Aaron asked me to marry him. 
My love and me!! We look like SUCH babies in this picture!! And very well rested I might add! HA! My how times have changed! :)

The outdoor swimming pool at the YMCA we belong to has opened for the summer and we have taken the kids a few times this week to go swimming.  The pool is such a HAPPY place for the girls- and James loves it too!  Totally one of my FAVORITE summer time activities!  I can't wait until my oldest daughter is done with school and we can start going on a regular basis!!

And while this is pretty random...I had to include one of my FAVORITE items of clothing, that I am wearing everyday now that the weather is warmer.  My "momiform" in the summer is a pair of J.Crew city fit chino shorts, a short sleeve t-shirt or tank and one of these jersey stretch tamis.  Some of the shirts I wear are more sheer and I love the coverage this tank provides.  I wear a small tall.  They also make these in maternity and I wore these ALL the time when I was pregnant!! One of the best layering tanks in my opinion! They are $9 online at Old Navy right now!! was your week?? 
Any fun plans for the weekend??
I hope it is a great one! :)

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  1. that water park is ah-mazing! I'm jealous!

    1. Hi Lauren!! It really IS amazing!! It is all part of our monthly YMCA membership- I feel so fortunate we belong to such an awesome YMCA!! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  2. Love the engagement pictures! My hubby and I will celebrate 19 years on July 4th since we got engaged. My how time flies!!

    1. Hi Cara! 19 years!! How amazing!! July 4th- What a fun day to get engaged!! :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! :)

  3. Hi, there! I just came across your blog from Erika's link-up. You have such a beautiful family and I love your blog. I'm adding it to my feed! Also wanted to tell you that you look so much like Connie Britton from the show "Nashville." You're so pretty! :-)
    Have a great weekend!
    "The Busy Brunette"

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! I have never had anyone tell me I look like Connie Britton- but I LOVE that! What a compliment- she is gorgeous! :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  4. Happy engagement anniversary!! Also, my allergies have been insane too. Yuck!! Hang in there! Have a good weekend :)

    1. Hi!! So sorry your allergies have been bad!! I know how you feel! :( UGH! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. You guys look really happy! I have bad hayfever allergies too.
    Wonder if your kids would like

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! Hope your allergies get better soon! :)

  6. How have I never seen the re-enactment engagement shots?! Love them. Love swimming. Love the pictures of your mom's amazing family and your sweet Granddad. Love you. Love it all.


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