Remembrance on Memorial Day

Monday, May 25, 2015

While Memorial Day weekend represents the start of summer, pools opening, back yard barbecues and picnics, the day itself has a heaviness to it.  Many people think that Memorial Day honors ALL service members who have been in the military- but Veteran's Day is actually the official holiday that honors all individuals who have served in our Armed Forces.  Memorial Day is the official holiday in our country remembering and honoring the people who have died while serving in the Armed Forces.  So knowing that, it is hard for me to say "Happy" Memorial Day.  We are privileged to have multiple people in our family who have served in the Armed Forces and are still currently serving.  We are SO fortunate that no one in our family who has served/currently serving has lost his life while fighting for our country's freedom.  

My heart absolutely aches thinking about the women and men who have lost their loved ones while they were away serving our country.  I wish I had the ability to eloquently convey my thoughts, but honestly I don't.  One of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie Howell, always posts on Memorial Day her thoughts and I really encourage you to read what she has to say.  Here is her post from last year and be sure to read what she has written this year.


Wishing you a beautiful day spent with loved ones, filled with gratefulness for the great country we live in and the ones who have and continue to make that possible for us.

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