Thoughts For Thursday!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It has been a super busy week so far at our house and I would be lying if I wasn't having to FORCE my eyes open right now! HA!  Lots of coffee drinking on the agenda today....!

How about some random thoughts for this Thursday??

- I currently have my hair colored an all over dark, auburnish brown color.  I was talking to my husband about getting blonde highlights put back into it and what he thought about that.  He started off by saying, "Well...your hair color now is definitely my least favorite color you have dyed it."  HA!  First- I LOVE how honest he is with me (he wasn't being mean at all!) and Second- could you have told me that a few months ago, right after I had it colored?!? I could have done something about it at that point!  Needless to say...I am going to make a hair appointment for some blonde-ish highlights ASAP! I prefer my hair lighter and apparently so does my husband! ;)

- As I was getting dressed for church this past Sunday, I realized I only have 2 summer dresses that are appropriate for church.  So, I hopped on over to Old Navy and here are a few dresses I am thinking about getting:

I thought the length on this dress was perfect for church and I like that I can wear a regular bra with the straps.  A perfect summer black dress!

This dress is made out of a jersey knit...and I am curious as to how it would fit me.  I love the color and I think it would look so cute with a denim jacket when the weather starts to cool off again!

This dress just looks so simple and easy to wear!  And I love the color! It has a cinched waistline already- but I think adding a fun belt would be so cute too!

I think I will just order all of them (hello free shipping!) and try them on!  LOVE that Old Navy does free returns too!  I am all about trying on clothes at home instead of in a dressing room  with my four spirited children who make their presence very known. HA!

- My favorite blogger, Grace, linked this article Jen Hatmaker wrote a couple of years in one of her posts earlier this week and I was dying laughing reading it!! SO where I am right now!!

That's all I have today...basically I need a hair appointment STAT, must do some shopping like NOW or else I will be wearing the same dress every Sunday and I CANNOT wait for summer break.  That about sums up my life right now. HA!

Hope you are having a great week!! Friday is TOMORROW- YAY!

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  1. You are too cute! I am cracking up at your husband's thoughts on your hair. Gotta love their honesty! And I know exactly what you mean when you said that he wasn't being mean! haha, too funny. I wanted to let you know that I'm linking to your blog tomorrow in my Mid-Month Confessions post. I stopped by for the first time last month and loved your blog and sweet bio and have a little confession related to that. ;) I hope you're planning to link up with me and E again tomorrow! Have a good one, Justine!



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