Thoughts For Thursday!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!

I have sort of a "Hi/Low" post for my Thursday Thoughts today:)

I will start with my "Low" thought...always good to get the bad news out of the way first, right???
And this really isn't a low is more of a complaint- HA! husband and I LOVE The Zac Brown Band and we have been saying for several years that we MUST make it to one of their concerts!! husband looked up and saw they are coming to Indianapolis in September and we were SO excited!!  The other night we went to go buy our tickets and when we got to "checkout," we saw that on top of our $35 a piece tickets (to sit in the LAWN), there was an additional $30 in FEES.  Um. NO.   We love The Zac Brown Band A LOT- but not that much.  We are just too cheap too spend $100 on two lawn concert tickets!!  What is up with that though??? That really kind of makes me mad...because it really does make it hard for people with limited budgets to go and enjoy live music when ticket prices and fees are SO high!
So instead of going to see Zac Brown in concert, we are going to sit on our OWN lawn, listen to Zac Brown on iTunes and have a picnic and some adult beverages.  Take that Ticketmaster! HA!

Now onto my "High" thought for the week!
I  absolutely LOVE doing business with companies that have excellent customer service.  We have had several situations in the last week where we have needed to make returns or something has broken and each company has taken care of everything- 
no questions asked!
Last Saturday, as I checked my Fitbit right before I went to bed and it wouldn't light up.  I plugged it into the charger and still nothing.  I called their customer service line the next day and after being asked a couple of questions about my account information, I was told a new tracker would be sent to my house in just a few days!  SO awesome! Major props to Fitbit!
I use Easy Lunch Boxes containers to pack my kids' lunches in.  My oldest daughter told me a piece of the plastic on her lid broke after school one day, so I took a picture of the lid, emailed the company and a couple emails later, I was informed we would be getting a new lid shipped to us!! I LOVE using these containers for my kiddos lunches and now I love them even more knowing the company provides such great customer service!
Amazon, in my personal experience, has ALWAYS had great customer service.  I could tell multiple stories about how easy they are to work with- but just yesterday, we had an issue where we returned some shoes and my husband got an email saying they did not get all the shoes returned to them and that we would be charged for the missing shoe.  Totally not true- so my husband called Amazon, and after a quick conversation with a customer service representative, the issue was solved and the money they charged us, was refunded.  I LOVE Amazon!
And finally, I know a lot of you ladies share my love for Nordstrom.  I mean- what is better than FREE SHIPPING/FREE RETURNS, NO minimum, ALL THE TIME?? Just love that!! Anyway- I got my mom a few things for Mother's Day from Nordstrom and they didn't fit.  It was so easy for her to slap the return label on the box and drop it off at the mail box!  I love that I get an email notification once they have received the returned item and then email you again when the refund has been processed.  Nordstrom ROCKS!

I am curious, what stores/companies have your loyalty?? 
And I am just a big cheap or do you feel the same way about the prices of concerts?!?

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  1. I just emailed Fitbit yesterday about my Flex not charging. They were quick to get back to me with suggestions on fixing it and now I am waiting for a return email since those suggestions didn't work. I am hopeful that they will send me a new charging cord or something. Your great experience is encouraging to hear!

    We use Easy Lunch Boxes as well and a piece of plastic on the corner broke. I never even thought about contacting them to get a replacement! I will be now!!

    I agree Nordstrom ROCKS! I only recently began shopping there and I love their free shipping and easy returns.

  2. Hi Danielle!! I called Fitbit versus emailing them- so you might just want to call them to speed up the process! They were super helpful! And yes- getting a replacement lid to our easy lunch box was so easy too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! :) Justine

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