Christmas Ornament Show and Tell!!

Hi!! Happy Monday!!
I am SO excited about today! My friends Johannah, Jenny and I are hosting our Christmas Ornament Show and Tell link up and sharing all about the Christmas ornaments we love the most on our Christmas trees!

We have an artificial Christmas tree up in the kids' playroom. That is where almost all of our Christmas ornaments reside :)  The kids have a BLAST decorating their tree and I love that they can appreciate all of our ornaments while they play!
Two of my favorite ornaments are ones Charlotte and Cora made me in their Parents Day Out class several years ago.  Their teacher did such a beautiful job with the angel ornament and the awkward photos of the girls inside of the ornaments is SO classic and I just LOVE them!! 
 My other favorite ornament that is on the kids' tree is this one from my grandmother.  I was very close to my grandma (my mom's mom) and she passed away on Christmas Eve almost 30 years ago.  I LOVE that her handwriting is on this ornament and that I ALWAYS think of her when we hang it up every Christmas!
And speaking of my grandmother, another TREASURED ornament of mine is this vintage clip-on bird ornament- that used to be her's! My mom has vivid memories of when she was growing up and having her Christmas tree be covered with these bird ornaments :)  
This special ornament is on our real tree, down in our living room and every time I pass our tree, I love seeing it perched on one of the branches!
 And my final favorite Christmas ornament is this tiny baby carriage with a baby girl inside of it!  My mom was gifted this ornament when I was born and I remember, as a child, LOVING this ornament and getting so excited to hang it on our Christmas tree!
 It is a tiny ornament and it is made out of wood.  It is SO cute!  And so special to me :)
I can only imagine how much my mom must have loved receiving it as a gift shortly after she had her first baby girl! :) This ornament is also hung on our real tree :)  The girls LOVE this ornament- but because of how sentimental it is to me- I keep it pretty high up on the tree :)  

And there you have it- my 4 favorite Christmas ornaments!
If you are linking up with us today, I am so excited to see your favorite ornaments!!
And if you don't have a blog, but want to share about your favorite ornaments on Instagram- you can use the hashtag: #ChristmasOrnamentShowandTell2015

Hope you have the BEST day and have so much fun checking out everyone's favorite Christmas Ornaments!! :)


  1. Such special memories of your Grandma. Whenever I come across something from my Grandma {my Mom's mom} or especially her writing, I just get all cozy inside. I miss her so much! I'm sure your Grandma is so, so proud of you, Justine!

  2. Love your ornaments!! I love ornaments that create special memories!! Have a great day!

  3. such special memories of your grandma! I also love that your mom gifted that baby girl ornament to you. Love all the family memories in your ornaments. Something we are trying to do with our kiddo/family. :)

    1. Yes! Ornaments are such a simple and special way to carry on wonderful family memories!!

  4. Awww such sweet memories!! Love your ornaments!! The vintage bird is gorgeous!!!

  5. I love love love all your ornaments you chose to share!! Thank you sooo much for linking up with me on this!!! =)


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