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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday! 
Today is going to be an awesome day at our house! My parents arrive this afternoon! I am SO excited to see them AND extra happy they will be here because Aaron has been out of town the past few days and it is going to be great to have a couple extra pairs of helping hands! :)

Okay- now moving on to the topic at hand :)
I usually do a "Weekly Walmart Finds" post every Wednesday- but yesterday I joined Shay, Mel and Shaeffer for their "What's Up Wednesday" link up I am sharing my "Weekly Walmart Find" today instead! 

I am SO SO excited to show you what I found last week while I was picking up a few things at my local Walmart!!
You know those super cute, popular stud earrings a lot of women are loving and wearing???...Kate Spade makes several beautiful versions of them and Nordstrom carries a very similar version, at a much lower price point too. You can find the Kate Spade version here and here and the Nordstrom brand here!

Well...Walmart is now carrying the same, large stud earrings, in multiple, amazing FUN colors, in gold and silver tone- for THREE DOLLARS!!!
I KNOW. I mean seriously what can you buy for $3?!?
Here are some fun colors they had at my pink with gold glitter flecks (hard to see in this picture), multi-colored glitter, jade/mint green with sparkly flecks, and GORGEOUS glitter red (HELLO Valentine's Day)!! And not sure if you see in the way back- they have an amazing gold glitter pair set in gold tone- SO PRETTY!

I personally own 3 pairs of Kate Spade studs, two of them being this exact style, so I will admit I was a little hesitant to buy a pair.  Even at just $3- I am not the type of person to just buy something because it is a good price. I have to love them and use them!
I decided to give them a try- cause I am fun and spontaneous like that- HA! and picked this super pretty opal, glitter pair that are set in "silver."

And now that I have had them for a week and worn them MULTIPLE times- I will tell you what I think- I LOVE them. Like- I kind of like them better than my Kate Spade studs because they are so much lighter and don't hurt my ears by the end of the day! Obviously, the Kate Spade studs are made of a much higher quality metal and therefore have a heavier weight to them. These, being $3- are made of a much lighter (and I am sure not as high of quality) metal. At the end of the day, my ears appreciated the lighter weight of my Walmart studs VERY much! 

Here is an up close picture of the Walmart studs- in silver glitter.
Aren't they just fabulous?!?

Okay and now- here is a picture (sorry the lighting in this picture is so bad- I took this last night and had to have my bedroom light on!!) of my Kate Spade studs- my pink ones you can find here and you can find the Kate Spade silver glitter studs here
Um- please look at my silver Kate Spade studs and then take a look at the Walmart version of them pictured above.
Can you even tell a difference?!? 

To me- once you have them in your ear- you literally can NOT tell a difference.
However- if you were to look at them up close- there IS a difference. Again, being that the Walmart version is MUCH less expensive ($3 versus $38) the materials used to make the earring and how the earring is made is a little different. This is an up close picture of the Walmart stud and you can see how there is no "opening" to the setting- it is all just one "closed" piece. 

Here are my two pairs of Kate Spade studs and you can see the difference in the settings. 
The metal is open and has what I consider to be a "higher quality" look to it.
To me- it is not a big difference AT ALL- but it might be one that you do not care for and would rather pay the higher price to get the Kate Spade version of this fun stud earring!

So for me- I am TOTALLY excited Walmart has these earrings right now!
Like I said, I picked up the opal, glitter pair last week and have been wearing them A LOT. I love how lightweight they are and literally don't notice I am wearing them all day (something I can't say when I wear my Kate Spade version).
For the season of life I am in with young kids, running around a lot and ahem, sometimes getting my earrings yanked out by a certain ornery 18 month old- I don't always like to wear my nicer, more expensive earrings.  So these studs are perfect for me! I am definitely going to go pick up a few more pairs...some for gifts and couple more for myself. These will be the PERFECT earrings to wear this summer when we are going to the pool and the park every day. If I happen to lose one of them- NO BIGGIE. They were $3!!!

I would love to know what you think!! Do you own any of the Kate Spade studs or the Nordstrom BP brand of these studs? Have you seen these earrings at your Walmart? 
I found them right over on a major side aisle, right past the hats, gloves and scarves and just before smaller jewelry aisles.
(And just FYI- I looked everywhere online and can't find these earrings :( I will keep checking periodically and let you know if they do show up online!)

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. Walmart is on my agenda today for a couple of things, and I NEED to see if they have these there! I love the Kate Spade version of these and have been eyeing them for a long time. I'll be sure to let you know if I find them today. They are sooo pretty!! Happy Thursday, Justine!

    1. You have to let me know if you found them at your Walmart!! I seriously couldn't believe it when I saw them at mine!!! :)

  2. Wow!! I haven't seen these at my Wal-Mart yet so I've got to be on the lookout. I love that they're only $3, look so similar to the real things and make the perfect addition to any gift. I wanted the Kate Spade glittery ones, but didn't want to pay that much so thanks for the solution to my "problem". You always find the best things :)

  3. This might be your best WM find yet! Love these and you know I'll be on the lookout at my Walmart! :)

  4. You have got to be kidding me!!! I will check them out - I have super sensitive ears and the Nordstrom that I love I haven't been able to wear as much because they are heavy and so I have to wear the earring tight to keep them upright. Going to check these babies out!!

  5. I bought the Nordstrom version for Christmas gifts when they were on super sale, and ended up keeping a pair for myself, and even THOSE were heavy to me! Can't wait to see if my Walmart is carrying these!!

  6. I was at our Wal-Mart today and they were 1/2 off can't beat that, $1.50!

    1. Susan! You have got to be kidding me- $1.50???? That is nuts!! I hope you picked up a couple of pairs!!! :)

  7. So fun!!!
    I haven't been able to wear earrings for a few years because my ears are so sensitive. Even nickel free makes me break out. I am so stinkin' jealous...because those are adorable. Walmart jewelry department is really bringing it lately!

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