Weekly Walmart Finds: Christmas Clearance Edition!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!!

Soooo...I LOVE shopping Christmas clearance!! :) DUH. Who doesn't?!?!

I am not a big "in-store" shopper at all- 98% of my Christmas shopping was done online!! BUT- one of the few times you will find me hopping from store to store is AFTER Christmas!  
We went to Hobby Lobby the day after Christmas and I picked up some gift bags, tissue paper and a few other things. I had wanted to get more- but a lot of the good stuff was already picked over.
 On Monday, we went to Walmart to pick up a few things and totally hit the jackpot in the Christmas clearance section!!!

We got this adorable 4 foot white, pre-lit tree for the girls' room- for $6.86!!! 
They are SO excited they get to have a Christmas tree in their room next year!
I picked up a BUNCH of wrapping paper...most of it being $0.61 for a roll...I got a couple HUGE rolls- and they were only $1.00!!
 I hit the total jackpot and got the girls their Christmas dresses for next year...for TWO DOLLARS EACH!!! I had the same luck 2 years ago and was just so excited when I saw these gorgeous champagne colored dresses with sequins and tulle in each of the girls sizes!! 
 I plan on doing a "fancy" tree in my formal dining room next year...and wanted to get a tree skirt for that tree. I found this super pretty and FUN red and glittery green tree skirt for $2.50!!! I plan to do my tree in mostly red and green- so this tree skirt will be just PERFECT!
We also got enough LED icicle lights to decorate the entire outside of our home! A box of 300 twinkly, LED icicle lights was $2.96...we got enough for the exterior of our home for right under $20!! SCORE!

Not only do I love saving money and getting great deals on is always so fun to unpack our Christmas bins and find all the deals I tucked away! 

I would love to know- do you love scouring through the after Christmas deals? I still need to hit up Target's 90% off clearance...hoping I can pick up a few random Christmas shirts for the kids! And a maybe a few, fun ornaments!!

Hope you have the BEST day and Happy Shopping if you plan to do some clearance shopping! :)


  1. I love all your bargain shopping! I wish I was more like that!
    Happy Wednesday Friend!

  2. Our Target was picked over terribly by the first day. Tahnkfully, I was able to get my paper "theme" for next year already. As for Walmart, I got a roll for .61, too, plus a 6 ft tree for our bedroom for around $9!! Yes!

  3. Justine! You always always find the best deals on amazing things! haha I did go to Hobby Lobby and got some gift bags for next year. I sent Brian and the girls to Target one morning while I was at work to stock up on wrapping paper =) I really love the idea of white Christmas trees in kids rooms. My girls have a white tree and it's so cute and I love the bright colored decorations on it. The tree skirt you picked up is adorable!
    Have a great day Justine!!

  4. If only I had a Hobby Lobby near me! I love the after Christmas clearance. I always stock up on things like wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift tags. Like you, I also love opening my bins and finding the treasures that I picked up during the clearance sale. Have a great day!

  5. I have so much wrapping paper thanks to after Christmas sales. I don't think I'll be needing anymore for the next 2-3 years.

  6. Great finds!! Love that white tree and the deals you found on paper. I headed to Target after Christmas and stocked up. I bought the kids darling ornaments for next year, a set of bird ornaments for a gift for next year, garland, sprinkles and a few other random things. Super sale, but never made it anywhere else. My kids got sick so we didn't leave the house. It saved me loads of money not shopping so I'll consider it a positive way to end the year :)


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