Coffee Chat!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hey friends!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Wow. How are we already in a new month?!?
Today felt like a good day to just have a good ol' fashioned chit-chat. I am currently drinking an iced coffee as I type this... and wishing I could have all of you over on my patio to just hang out and talk about all the random things!

We are headed out on a VERY fun family vacation soon and we will be going on a fun adventure. I needed a long sleeve rash guard for said adventure and ended up ordering THIS ONE from Lands End. I absolutely LOVE the will go with either my black swim bottoms or my black running shorts- so I know I will get lots of use out of it- outside of what I need it for on our vacation! Lands End's prices are definitely a little higher...but I find their quality to be excellent.  For something that I am going to wear a lot- it's worth it to me to pay a bit more for it- and know that it will last!
Another fun purchase I recently made was this Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector. It comes in 2 shades and I got the "medium to deep" shade. It is SO pretty and it TRULY conceals and brightens at the same time!!! I don't know about you- but even with the little bit of a tan I have during the summer...right under my eyes always just looks a little DULL. This stuff really works wonders and a little goes a LONG WAY! You can get it at Ulta and Sephora....but if you are a first time customer with you can sign up for a 20% email coupon and they have free shipping and returns! Totally the way to go if you want to try it out!! That's what I did! :)

Okay...switching gears a bit...I am wondering how ya'll are feeling about it being July 1st?!?
Do you love a FRESH new month as much as I do??
Did you set some goals for yourself last month....and now you need to set some new ones??
Are you feeling like despite being at home MUCH MORE...time is kind of flying by and you don't know really know what the heck is going on most days!? HA!

I am definitely feeling a bit apprehensive about the upcoming school year. Our school year is set to start mid-August...but with everything continuing to change daily- I truly think it's going to be a game time decision on what plan our school follows (they have several plans set in all depends on the current state of COVID at the time of school starting). I have considered taking the year off from regular school and homeschooling (I feel NUTS even saying that)- and I will never say never to that- but right now, both Aaron and I are feeling very strongly about sending our kiddos back to school. They DESPERATELY miss their friends and the social interaction....and if we do go back to remote learning- I know that the procedures our school has in place are very solid. Our teachers did NOT miss a beat when we started remote learning this past March and my kiddos continued to receive an incredible education. So that's where we are at with that right now.

As far as goals...I have been focusing on getting back to a place of wellness with my nutrition and overall health and wellness. I have been working on losing some extra weight that I have gained and really just trying to find a place of balance with daily movement, fueling my body with good food and working on my tendency to emotionally overeat.
I have to tell you- and you probably already know this- but there is NO magic formula for losing weight, becoming stronger and getting healthier. You just have to keep SHOWING UP. Every day. That's when you will start to see results. You are not always going to motivated. Heck...almost every day, at some point, I "lose" my motivation. It's what you choose to do in those moments which will lead to lasting, SUSTAINABLE success.
I am still working on losing a few pounds...but what has really kept me going is seeing the positive correlation between being consistent in my nutrition and daily exercise in relation to how my body FEELS (and is physically changing). The fact of the matter is- when I overeat- I physically and mentally feel terrible. Then that carries over in to me not wanting to workout. Which makes me feel worse. 
It's a terrible cycle and one that I have no interest in being a part of!
So consistency. Staying focused on WHY you make yourself, daily movement and proper nutrition a priority. We were meant to be fully alive...which is why God has called us to treat our bodies like temple. That's what I cling to when I want to give up, emotionally overeat or not show up for myself!!
By the way..I know most of you are familiar with my healthy and wellness journey- but if not- you can read all about it HERE, HERE and HERE!
Also- if you don't already- you can follow me over on my health and wellness Instagram account...where I talk about this stuff ALL THE TIME :) You can find me HERE if you are interested in following along on my journey! 

Okay friends...time for me to go!
I am getting my hair done this morning!!! YIPPEE!!

I had a MAJOR color malfunction back in December with a stylist who unfortunately ruined my hair. I have been going to a new stylist since January...but it has taken several appointments to correct all the damage. Today should be my last appointment for awhile...which I know will make my husband happy. HA! (After being married for over 12 years...he still can't fully grasp how expensive it is to get your hair done. HA!)

Hope you have the BEST day!!!
Thanks for "chatting" with me today! :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your hair! That is frustrating. I'm glad you found someone new to fix things for you. I'm in between stylists and I'm nervous to try a new one! I have had lots of hair cut debacles over the years so I need to be brave and just give someone a try. Hope you have a wonderful adventure with your family! That sounds so exciting! Schools in Indiana have yet to release their back to school details and I'm not sure what to expect. Olive has REALLY missed learning with her peers so I am praying that a happy middle ground can be in place for her to learn on campus with her friends and have extra precautions in place. We shall see!

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