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Friday, September 2, 2016

Hi!! Happy Friday!!
Am I the only one who feels like it was kind of a crazy week?? PHEW! I am not mad at all we have a three day weekend ahead of us! HA!

I've had a couple appointments this week, Charlotte got sick AGAIN and had to stay home from school for two days and I started a new adventure (I will share more in just a minute :) needless to say, it's been a full week at our house!
I sure hope you've had a great week...and maybe if the last few days haven't been the best...your weekend will make up for it :)

Time for some FAVORITES from this past week!!

Celebrating our precious Cora Maye on her birthday with a cute little art party was definitely a FAVORITE! It was such a sweet, simple party and all the girls had SO much fun! James even had a blast painting a VERY abstract piece of artwork- HA!
Happy mail is always a FAVORITE of mine- so I was SO excited when I received my custom monogram decal for my (fake) Yeti tumbler (mine is from Walmart and you can find it HERE) from my sweet friend Heather!! Heather blogs over at My Glittery Heart and she has the CUTEST Etsy shop! I love the decal she made for totally turns my boring metal cup into something special :) I drink my afternoon iced coffee out of my Feti (fake + Yeti :) and it just makes me happy to have that little bit of extra sparkle on my cup!! Thank you Heather!!
Friends- definitely go check out Heather's shop if you want your tumbler to have some extra bling! ;)
These two boys. Definitely my FAVORITES :) Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have two baby boys!! I seriously thought I was a total girl mom :) I am loving the extra time I am getting with just Marshall and James while their sisters are at school. James is just SO cute with Marshall...I just couldn't STAND IT when I looked over, while doing the dishes, and saw him reading to his little baby brother!!! AAAHHH. LOVE THEM! 
Soooo...I am not a shoe girl. I could really care less about having a bunch of different shoes and honestly would prefer to wear flip flops 365 days out of the year. But...I have needed a cute pair of wedges since the beginning of the summer and just couldn't find a pair I liked, for the right price, and that were COMFORTABLE. Well...the search is over!! I ordered these B.O.C. Born Concept Nilsa Platform Wedges and got them in the mail a couple of days ago...and I am in LOVE!! Definitely my new FAVORITE pair of shoes! They are SO comfortable. Like I would totally wear them in place of my flip flops comfortable! And so cute! I love the neutral brown leather and I am just SO excited about them! I linked to a pair on Amazon- but I ended up ordering mine from a different site because I needed a different size. With a couple coupons, I was able to get them for $35! I am really happy with that price...considering most of the wedges I have found are double that price! 
Yay for a new pair of shoes! :)
And now for the little adventure I mentioned at the beginning of my post!
I have been a LONG time user and HUGE fan of Thirty-One bags. Recently, after talking with a couple good friends, I decided to become a consultant for Thirty-One!! I am really excited and very nervous :) I am excited because I really love the company, what it stands for and most of all the products. I literally use at least one if not two of my Thirty-One bags DAILY. With 5 kids and always being on the go- I am a total "bag lady." HA! If you were to see the passenger seat of my van on any given would see several Thirty-One bags piled up with all the things I need for the kids and myself! 
I am excited to be able to share how much I enjoy the different products Thirty-One has and how they might help you in your life- we could all afford to be a bit more organized...right?! :)

Sooo...I am nervous because I don't want any of you to think I am pushy or "salesy" or just another gal trying to sell something. That is SO not me. 
If you already love Thirty-One products and need someone to buy them through- GREAT! If you don't know anything about Thirty-One- but are curious- AWESOME! You can check out my personal Thirty-One website and just look around and see if there is anything you might like to have!
If you are a person who loves Thirty-One and enjoys hosting parties so you can earn free products....let's set one up! September is such an awesome month to check out Thirty-One because the Customer special is the beloved and best selling Large Utility Tote or the Stand Tall Insert!
And if you don't want to buy a darn thing...that's (obviously) totally fine!! :)

I started this blog because I wanted to connect with other women and share my journey as a wife, mother and woman...this is a new adventure in my life and I really appreciate you letting me share it with you! :)

If you have any questions about products or hosting a party- please email me!!!
And if you want to join in on the craziness and fun that is my daily life and how I use Thirty-One bags to keep me organized- check out my IG page: fullhandsfullheart08!! :)

I know my blog is teeny tiny and just a blip on the radar in big ol' blogland...but I sure do hope you all know how much I appreciate you visiting, reading and commenting. It makes my heart happy!! 

Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! 
See you back here Monday!

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  1. Your decal looks AWESOME!! I love it!! Thanks for the share!!
    I love how the boy's little feet are touching in the picture! So sweet!!
    Congrats on becoming a 31 consultant!! I love their products!!
    Happy LONG weekend friend!

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  3. I love the photo of your older son reading to his little brother! So adorable! I only have one little guy, but imagine that two would be pretty amazing. :) Happy weekend!

    1. Hi Monica! It is definitely super fun fun to see Marshall becoming more aware of his big brother :) You just soak up every minute you have with your one little's all SO precious!!

  4. Hi Justine just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog and all of your encouraging posts!! I headed over to follow you on IG! Good luck with the new adventure! Love the new wedges :)

    1. Kendra!! You are seriously the sweetest!!! Hope you have a wonderful LONG weekend!

  5. Love those wedges!! So cute! Your little family is so sweet!

    1. Kristi! I am so excited about my new wedges!! They are seriously SO comfy!! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I love the thirty-one rectangular totes. we have them in the trunks of both cars with stuff we need and about a million other places. Good luck as a consultant!

  7. Love the wedges, love 31 bags, and your sweet babies together - love them too!! I am praying Charlotte is feeling much better (again) and you have a wonderful weekend together!!

  8. Love 31 bags..I have several; it's semi-embarrassing. So glad I'm finding you on IG now! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend together!

    1. Thanks friend!!! 31 bags are so can never have too many of them! HA! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  9. I love Thirty One, and I'm so happy for your new venture. My rep recently "retired," so I will be sure to contact you when I need to place an order. :) Hope y'all have a great Labor Day weekend!

  10. Your boys are so sweet!! I'm sure it's fun to have special time with them during the days now. I hope everyone is feeling better - back to school germs are no fun! Love your new wedges. I'm having to reevaluate my shoes lately because my shoe size seems to have gone up a bit after having Fletcher. Your new glittery monogram is super cute. Everything is better with a monogram :) Yay for your new Thirty-One business - good luck!!

  11. I used to be such a shoe person but in the past few years I have changed so much. Now I have a few pairs and they're fine. But those are SO cute. They could be a great addition to my collection!! :) Hope you had a good weekend!


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