Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!! 

Just popping in to say a quick "hi!"

I have a favor to ask- could you check and see if you are set up as a "no-reply" blogger?
I absolutely LOVE all the sweet comments I receive from you- but I have decided to start only responding to them via email.  I have started losing track of whose comments I need to respond to via the blog and whose comments I need to respond to via email...and basically- I don't want to NOT respond to any of only replying through email seems like a good, streamlined solution :)

I absolutely want to respond to ALL of your will you pretty please check and see if your email is linked up to your account for commenting?

If you don't really know what I am talking about- rest assured, I had no idea what a 'no-reply' blogger was either...and I was originally set up as one in my account! HA!

Here's a quick explanation on how you can change your settings to have your email be linked up to your comments:

I hope you all know how much I appreciate and look forward to your comments every day! 
I love responding to them and having "conversations" with you!! 
THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. for all the love, kindness and encouragement you share with me. I really am so grateful!

Okay- gotta run- both boys are up extra early this morning...time for the morning hustle to begin!! :)

Hope you have the BEST day!

Okay- now it's time to link up with my favorite ladies for Tuesday Talk! 
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  1. Going to check that now!! Thank you for the tip!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Thanks for the tip!! I will be checking this out asap!!! =)
    Have a great Tuesday!!!

  4. No reply blogger make me so sad. I love communicated with my readers so when I can't I get totally bummed out.

  5. Thanks for the no-reply blogger PSA! I only reply to comments via email so I hate it when I can't reply because there is no e-mail attached to the account. I can't keep track of all that so I had to go to replying by email only. Wish there was a way to magically link all email addresses and comments with a wave of the wand :)

  6. I remember when I had to learn this, and now I am a reply - no blogger. :) Hope it's a beautiful Tuesday in Indy!!

  7. Great post with some helpful info. I have started just replying to comments through email, and it is a lot easier! Also I consolidated a little because previously I had several different emails attached to my blog. Now I just have one email that I am using for all blog-related stuff. Hope you had a terrific Tuesday!


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