Hello Monday!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday friends!!
How was your weekend??
Our's was so great!! And went by SO fast!

Since it's Monday, I am linking up with Johannah!! Every Monday, she hosts a link-up where you can share about your weekend or whatever else is on your mind! Be sure to grab her adorable graphic and link up with her!!
On Saturday, we enjoyed a lazy morning complete with semi-homemade cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs. After breakfast, Aaron and the "big" girls headed out for their soccer game. I stayed home with the 3 younger kids and once I got Marshall down for a nap, I pulled out all of my fall decor!! Woo-hoo!! I am having an open house this upcoming Saturday- (I wish you all could come!!!) and I wanted to get my house decorated for it!
I got my entire living room dusted, vacuumed and decorated....and WOW. It felt so GREAT to get that done! I still need to finish up my front porch decor...but everything is looking 
festive and fall-ish around our house and I am loving it! 
On Saturday afternoon, I made Johannah's recipe for pumpkin bread and to say it was a HIT would be an understatement!! I am using a picture of the pumpkin bread from Johannah's blog because I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of the 2 loaves I made! HA! My kids had it for breakfast AND lunch on Sunday- and just like that- a whole loaf was gone! We brought the second loaf over to some of our friends as a "thank you." 
Needless to say, my girls have requested I make "more of that BEST YUMMY pumpkin bread" this week :)

Saturday evening, we went to our church's fall festival and we had SO much fun!! We met up with some of our best friends and the girls and James just ran around wild playing games and jumping on the bounces houses. Marshall was a little angel and just took it all in :) 

After church on Sunday, we went through the car wash! Who needs a trip to Disney World when you can just go through the car wash?!? HA!
My kids LOVE it when we take the van to get cleaned's so fun to live life through the eyes of 5 little kids...EVERYTHING is so much more exciting! ;)
After we got my minivan all sparkly and clean, we stopped off at Walmart to pick up a few things. I grabbed a couple 719 Walnut Avenue candles to have on hand as door prizes for the little party I am having this upcoming Saturday. Aaron actually picked out the scents because I was stuck at Customer Service trying to return some shirts...I told him to get some "Fall-ish" scents...he did great! Both of these scents smell SO GOOD. Just like Fall! And if you didn't know- these candles are $5 friends!! FIVE DOLLARS.
 I also grabbed these cute little Halloween soaps for our half bathroom on our first floor. I used to keep my "special" Bath and Body Works soap in our half bath....but my kids are in there CONSTANTLY washing their hands and they would go through a bottle of soap in less than a week! I finally got smart and started buying something a little less expensive :)
These were only $0.98 each and I just thought they were so cute and festive! Perfect for a kids' bathroom! 
And now we are back to Monday!!
We have a full week ahead of us...I am ready for it!

My apologies if you are offended by the tiny bit of colorful language in this graphic ;) ...but these are my EXACT sentiments about Monday :)
Get your coffee and let's do this! 
Hope you have the BEST day friends!! 


  1. LOVE your fall decorations!! I need to stop at Wal-Mart this week, so I am grabbing those candles!!
    Love the graphic- that is exactly how I feel this week! Saturday is Ella's birthday party! So much to do!!

    1. Thanks friend! Let me know what scents you end up picking up in the candles!! Hope you have a great fun Ella's birthday is on Saturday! :)

  2. Ummm! I love that last graphic! Yes, please! Love your decor, too. I have to check out the candles at Wal-Mart. I just bought one from Aldi that smells sooooo good.

  3. Your fall decorations are perfect!! And I am so glad everyone loved the pumpkin bread! It's on my list to make again this week. I love that you gave one loaf away =) It's always a special treat. =)
    Alyx and I have to run to WalMart this morning so I will be looking for the candles. We actually have no plans this evening so a quiet night at home, all of us I might add, and a fall candle burning sounds perfect!!
    Love that last graphic! haha!
    Have a great day, Justine =)

  4. I am going to have to check out those candles - I love a good 3wick candle, but cannot do the prices at B&B. Love your fall decor, I think it may finally be fall in Nashville this week!!

  5. speaking of Walmart's candles, you have to try the "a walk in the woods" scent. If you have ever smelled bath and body works candle "leaves", Walmart's version smells exactly the same with just as much potency as the expensive version. I ran to all my local walmarts and cleared out each store's stash. I think I managed to grab about 15 of them, ahh! so good!

  6. I will have to make that break looks so yummy! I love these candles as well right now my favorite is caramel pecan it seems to be gone most of the time but if they have some I grab one to stock up love it! Have a great week.

  7. OK, WalMart Soul Sister, I made a point to find those candles that you mentioned at WalMart this weekend. They smelled great, BUT they were out of the fall scents. I'll have to check back soon.
    I have the same handsoap dilemma. I try to keep Bath & Body works in our half bath, too, but that's the one the kids use most, too. My 2 year old is obsessed with washing her hands. I have resorted to only putting the "special soap" out when we have guests...well, guests over the age of 18. Am I ridiculous or what?

  8. Your fall decor looks so pretty!! You guests will love it :) I bet those candles smell so good and your pumpkin bread needs to be on my Fall baking list. I usually end up making muffins instead of bread so I'm anxious to get back into the swing of bread making. I bet my neighbors would enjoy the 2nd loaf :) I had no idea that there were Halloween hand soap options for under $1. Olive would love that for her bathroom!

  9. I have been buying Bath and Body Works soaps for years, but recently I decided to look at the grocery store at their soap aisle. They had so many cute designs and nice scents, that I will be buying the soaps for less than $1 from now on. Sounds like you had a great the pic of all of you in the van!

  10. Your love of WalMart... I have to admit is what keeps me coming back for more. I told my husband about your love of WalMart's workout clothes and that for my birthday I'd like to get some. He was like WalMart and I said yet but Justine swears by it!


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