Thoughts for Thursday: Super Random Edition! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!!

This week has gone by SO FAST!!! 
Is anyone else just scratching their head, wondering how next Saturday is October 1st?!?
I say this every year- when school starts- I feel like once everyone goes back to school, time moves at warp speed and before you know it- it's Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and BOOM. Happy New Year! It's crazy, isn't it?!?

Soooo....lots of random things floating around in my mind....I thought I would share a few to them!! 

Whitney posted a recipe for these pumpkin streusel muffins last week and I can't stop thinking about them. They look absolutely amazing. Pretty sure I will be making them this weekend!

I am wanting a pair of new, comfy black lounge pants. They would be especially perfect after I indulged in several of those pumpkin streusel muffins :) I tried out this pair from Nordstrom- and while they were definitely comfy- they weren't amazing enough for me to keep them. (they are $38- not crazy expensive but definitely not super cheap either!)
So now I have my eye on these pants from you guessed it, Walmart! ;) Fingers crossed they meet my COMFY standards!! Especially since I like the $9.88 price tag a lot better :)
Our church is having their annual Fall Festival this Saturday and because I am a FREAK, I am already planning out what my kids will wear to it. Obviously- they will all be in some sort of Fall/Halloween attire. DUH :)
Luckily, the girls have PLENTY of cute fall/halloween clothes to pick from, but James and Marshall need a few new shirts...aren't these Halloween themed t-shirts from the Children's Place cute?!?
This pumpkin shirt comes in both short and long sleeve...and the sizing starts at 6 months! This is so perfect- because it means I can get one for Marshall and James- so they can MATCH :) 
And HELLO- right now all of the Baby/Toddler graphic tees are $6 or less!!!
And because I know I am not the only Type-A, everything-has-to-be organized, control freak out there :) 
This spoke to me :)
Hope you have the BEST day friends!!!

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  1. Your last quote you posted is just what I needed to hear this morning =) Thank you, thank you for sharing that!
    Those pumpkin muffins look delish! And the pumpkin shirts are cute and super affordable!
    Have a great day, Justine =)

  2. So when shopping at WalMart yesterday I didn't even take the time to shop their clothing. They did fail me on the scarf hunt but that's okay. I didn't expect them to have what I wanted because NO WHERE has had it.

  3. How is it time for pumpkin shirts already? I busted out my pumpkin candle today - who cares if it is 93 degrees, its fall!!! I am making your banana bread today too with my overripe bananas! Happy Thursday friend!

  4. Yay for pumpkin muffins!! I hope you love them as much as my family did :) Those lounge pants look so comfy. I hate paying a lot for them so you'll have to let us know what you think of the Wal-Mart ones. I picked up some new pjs there when I had Fletcher and the pants were great, but the tops have not held up well. Boo! I love the idea of matching holiday clothes and it's so fun when there are baby sizes to go with the toddler ones. Your boys will look so cute in those shirts. I'm planning to squeeze Fletcher in a 12month outfit for the holiday :) Both of my kids will be wearing pumpkins of some sort.

  5. Those muffins look delicious! I don't think you go to Costco, but they have my favorite lounge pants. They come in a pack of two for about $14. Hope you hAd a good day!

  6. Yes, to the muffins...please send me some asap! I picked up a couple pairs of similar pants at Target a few weeks ago. They feel amazing, but were a little more than your Wal-Mart find...I want to say maybe $16?? Either way, they were definitely cheaper than the Nordstrom pair.

  7. I can always use a new pair of cozy pajama pants. Let us know what you think! And I love dressing my kids in matching holiday gear!


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