Hello Monday!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hi! Happy Monday!!!

How was your weekend??
Our's was really great!! I wouldn't say we didn't anything "extra" out of the ordinary...but it was just a GOOD couple days with my people. 
I went to bad last night with a full, happy heart :)

Since it's Monday...I am linking up with one of my best blogging buddies, Johannah! She hosts a "Hello Monday" link-up every Monday...I know she'd love it if you linked up and shared about your weekend! :)
Sooo...I posted this on Instagram (you can find me @fullhandsfullheart08) you might have already seen this...BUT- look at the super cool '7' my husband made me!!
I have had a '6' up there (number of people in our family prior to Marshall arriving :) since we moved into our house...and with our little buddy making his grand debut at the end of this past April....we have needed to change the number to '7' !! My husband found an old cutting board we don't use and made this '7' and I just LOVE it. I will be honest and say it is slightly bothering me that it is not white like all the rest of my frames on my little gallery wall. So part of me wants to paint it white! But I don't want to cover up the beautiful lines in the wood! So maybe I could do a light "white-wash?"  So it's more white...but you can still see the character of the wood?? Help me with this!:)
 I posted on Friday about Katie making her own laundry soap....well- we picked up the supplies to make our own on Friday afternoon and Aaron mixed it all up on Saturday morning!! He is SO awesome..while I was out on my Saturday morning run, he grated up 4 bars of Fels Naptha Soap :) Not a job that I was looking forward to! HA!
We did a couple things different when making our laundry soap...would you be interested in me sharing about the process?? Let me know in the comments and I will write a post about it! I washed laundry all weekend with our new DIY laundry soap and LOVE it! Our clothes smell great and honestly, I think they feel cleaner!! :)
Sunday morning...we got all packed up to go to the Special Olympics Summer Games for Indianapolis and the surrounding counties! 
(Just FYI: I couldn't do day trips or outings with my big ol' family without these two bags: the large utility tote and the thermal tote!!)
 For the past 7 years now, Aaron has been volunteering at the Special Olympics. He does examinations on athletes and gives them recommendations if he feels like they might benefit from seeing a doctor, etc. We decided it would be an AWESOME experience if we went together as a family! So while Aaron worked- the kids and I walked around and watched athletes participate in different events. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we had a BLAST. If you have ever been to a Special Olympics event- you know just how much fun they are! :)
We ended our weekend with some dodge ball in the backyard, hot dogs on the grill and everyone passed out within minutes of getting tucked into their bed :)
Now we're back to Monday and I am ready for this week!! 
How about you? 
Do you have a busy week ahead...or just "normal" busy?
We have doctor appointments for a couple of the kids- but other than that- 
not much going on!

Hope you have the BEST Monday and a FABULOUS week!!


  1. I would love to hear how you did you laundry detergent!! I have it on my list to buy!!
    Your 7 looks great!! I think a "white wash" would look amazing! I agree the wood lines are to pretty to completely cover up!!
    How awesome that y'all all went to the Special Olympics together!!
    Hope you have a great week friend!!

  2. I would love to hear how you made your soap!!
    And I love my 31 bags. I use the large utility tote and my thermal every wk at Aldi :) have a great week!

  3. NO!! Don't touch that beautiful wood!! I love it just the way it is and the tones of wood are perfect!! So glad you had a great (healthy) weekend - always love seeing pictures of your entire broad together!!

  4. In my opinion I would leave the 7 alone. Would like to hear more about your soap and if you continue to like it. I have made homemade liquid before and was pretty happy with it.

  5. I'd love to hear about the soap. And ditto with Leigh...don't paint the wood! I love it like that. That's so cool that you took your kids to the special olympics and that Aaron volunteers there. I will have to look for one around here.

  6. Love your new 7! I really like the way it looks now with the striped wood. I don't think I'd change it so it's a fun focal point in your gallery wall. It's sweet your hubby is so handy and that he whipped that up out of an old cutting board! Free DIY for the win :) Glad you had such a nice weekend and I bet the kids enjoyed going to the Special Olympic events and seeing their dad helping out. I've never seen laundry soap like that so I'm curious about it since you said it works so well.

  7. I love your service as a family and volunteering for the Special Olympics. That is awesome. I'm obsessed with the seven and I think that the grain of the wood will grow on you. I think it is sort of fun that it is different. As far as the soap goes, please don't shoot the question-er...but I don't understand? It looks like a snot ton of cleansers that you have to mix together. So it's not that it's all natural or anything like that. Also, the scent boosters are expensive. In addition, buying the two giant glass jars and then I feel like the bulk of those in my laundry room might cause me to drop one. I say this with love and adoration because everything you do is fabulous, so I am just curious to hear why I will be instructing Tom to shave down four bars of soap (he'll love you for that) instead of buying the gigantic Tide from Costco when it's on sale a couple times a year. Love you friend!

  8. I plan on making my own detergent one of these days. I just need to get my act together. I have too many cooks in the kitchen these days with projects and to do's.


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