Noah's Bandage Project!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hi friends!! Happy Wednesday!!

Sooo...a couple week agos, I wrote a post about a precious little boy Noah- you can read it HERE!

Sweet Noah, sadly, lost his life to pediatric cancer last June. One thing little Noah realized while going through all of his treatments was how un-cool it was to just have the boring skin colored bandages all over his body with all the pricks and pokes that comes with treatment for pediatric cancer.  
If he felt that way, he knew other kids did too.  He started a drive to collect fun bandaids (that all our kids love) and distributed them to other kids at Children's Mercy Hospital in downtown KC.  What started as a small drive, turned into something much bigger.  The KC Royal's got involved, the KC news, etc.  While he did end up passing away in June 2015, his family and friends are working hard to ensure his amazing project: Noah's Bandage Project, lives on. 
This past Sunday, we went to Walmart to get our bandaids to send to Noah's Bandage Project! The girls were very excited to pick out "boy" bandaids and "girl" bandaids :)
Our little outing to get bandaids lasted less than an hour....but we have continued to have conversations about children who are going through treatments for cancer and we have had to answer some "hard" questions the girls have had about getting cancer- especially when you are a young child.  

I am so thankful Noah's Bandage Project has been the catalyst for these conversations! Aaron and I want SO many things for our children...but one of the most important things we hope to teach them is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. That might look like a big mission trip when they get older or maybe them finding a place to volunteer at...but this past Sunday- it was picking out some super fun bandaids for kids who need a pick me up after an extremely ROUGH day of needles poking them.
I am sending off our bandaids along with some super cute pictures the girls drew today...and our family will be praying that our small donation will bring a smile and a moment of happiness to a child who is in the midst of battling pediatric cancer.
I am linking up with Just Another Day in Paradise today to help spread the word for Noah's Bandage Project!! 
 Noah's Bandage Project is always taking donations! You can go to the website to see how you can help and if you are interested in donating some bandaids- email me and I will send you the information on where to send them!
Please consider donating band-aids!!

Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. Love this!! I have answered some really tough questions too:) Praying for all those sweet babies!!

    1. I love that in a small way we can be helping spread the word about this project through our blogs! :)

  2. I love that so many of you have jump to spread Noah's story and to provide band-aids. Side note: Connor hates band-aids. HATES THEM. Weirdo ;)

  3. Thank you for introducing us to Noah's Bandage Project!! We were so happy to participate and you're right... we are still talking about and praying for those kids who need these band-aids long after we sent them off.

  4. I love love love that so many of us did this. I'm so glad that you guys participated as well. It's not a huge thing, but it will make the difference to a child and that makes my heart smile <3

  5. For some reason I can't open your email link. Could you send me an email with the info on where to send bandaids? Thanks!


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