Three Things I can't Live Without!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hi!!! Happy Wednesday!!
Ok- so is anyone else totally thrown off by the 4 day week?? I can't get my days straight!!! HA! I had to ask my 6 year old at least 3 times yesterday what day it was! HA!

Yesterday, Andrea's theme for her Show and Tell Tuesday link up party was: Three Items I can't Live Without. SO FUN! Even though I am a day late, I thought I would chime in and share 3 items that currently make that MUST HAVE list for me!

//1// My toothbrush and toothpaste. I know. SO obvious that it probably shouldn't be mentioned. HA! But seriously- I could have 5 day dirty hair, not have taken a shower in 3 days (so gross- but it happens-HA!), have no makeup on, and plan on being in my pajamas all day- but I HAVE to brush my teeth and floss. I literally can't move forward in my day without a clean mouth with minty fresh breath. 

//2// Coffee. SO many people put this as an item they couldn't live without- FOR GOOD REASON. I LOVE coffee. I could skip almost every other part of my daily routine- but NOT my morning coffee. I truly enjoy getting up extra early and drinking my coffee. It is one of my favorite parts of the day and my big cup of hot coffee is the main reason for that! HA! I have to be careful how much coffee I currently drink because I am nursing Marshall (I still drink quite a bit :) but in a perfect world, I would be sipping on a cup of coffee all day long. Okay. I think you get it. Coffee is my favorite. Definitely can't live without it! 

//3// My running shoes...because I can't live without getting some form of exercise in every day. 5 days a week I am at the gym (give or take- some weeks it's less if the kids have appointments/school activities)- working out and on Saturday mornings, I go for a run outside before the kids get up. If I don't exercise....I just feel SO 'MEH.' 
I exercise to not only stay physically strong and healthy- but mentally fit too. I am a better mom, wife and person in general when I have been able to go be by myself for 30-60 minutes and sweat it out :) So yeah...running shoes are a 'can't live without it' item...along with a really supportive sports bra- HA! This one is my favorite!! :)

And if you're can read about other items that are MUST HAVES in my life!! 
They are HERE, HERE, and HERE!

I would love to know a couple items you can't live without!! Share in the comments!!

Hope you have the BEST day!

P.S. Just a little PSA- I just recently joined Facebook...I KNOW. I am like the biggest loser EVER when it comes to social media. HA! I am not really posting on there too much- but I do plan to share about fun things going on with my new adventure!! I have a closed group and I would LOVE to invite you to it...if that is something that interests you!! I plan on posting a video later today of me opening my enrollment kit...I got it last night and I can't wait to see all of my goodies!! will be just another fun way for us to stay connected :) If you feel comfortable- leave your email address in the comments section or you can email me your address at Or just search for me on Facebook...and friend me.  Thanks a BUNCH. Love the support from all of you!! :)


  1. Love your list!!
    I do not understand how anyone could live without coffee!
    Im with you I could drink it all day everyday!! :)

  2. would like to join group,

  3. I never even gave my toothbrush a thought!! Clean teeth are definitely a must! And coffee...yeah that's a no brainer with me, haha =)
    I got your email the other day! And I will write you back today! It's been crazy busy here lately =) I am so excited for you on this new adventure!!!!

  4. Yes, Toothbrush for sure!!! I cannot talk to anyone or do anything without brushing my teeth!!

  5. Good luck on your new adventure!! Fun!

  6. I can't believe I didn't drink coffee at all until about 10 years ago. Now I am definitely addicted and really can't ever get enough or get tired of it. I feel the same way about brushing my teeth!

  7. You're so good with flossing! I need to improve in that area for sure. Love the comfy shoes and the highlight of my afternoon is usually a glass of iced coffee. I'd say I couldn't live without my planner/lists, my phone since it's my go to camera these days and iced coffee :)


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