Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hi friends!! Happy Wednesday!!

How's your week going??
Our's is cruising right complaints here! :)

Today is a fun day for Aaron and me!
It is the TEN YEAR anniversary of our first date/first time meeting each other!!
And the LAST first date for both of us :)

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time- you know that Aaron and I met via!!

You can read about all the details HERE- DISCLAIMER: it's definitely a bit, ahem, lengthy (have a big cup of coffee poured)- but it's a really fun story!!

Basically- in August 2006, I moved to Austin, Texas, by myself to essentially "start over."
I had lived in Chicago for the past two years and I was ready for a change and some SUNSHINE. HA! 
(I love Chicago!! But the winters were ROUGH for this warm weather loving girl!)

I quickly got settled into my cute apartment, started working at my new job (as a speech therapist for a local school district) and was ready to meet some people....of the male variety. HA! 

I took a HUGE leap of faith and joined for 1 month.
I went out with several guys- and had so much fun! Every single guy I went out with was super chill and really nice- just not a 'match' for me. All while I am doing confidence was growing...and I was realizing how awesome it was to be on this new adventure in Austin!  It was truly an amazing time in my life :)

Not sure of the exact date...but I think on September 7 or 8- I got an email (via from a guy named Aaron :)
We exchanged a few emails...then ended up talking on the phone a couple of times...and then on September 14, 2006, he came over to my apartment to pick me up for our first date.
I knew the second he opened my front door and gave me a big, warm hug that this guy was something super special.

(Picture of us a week after we had met! :)
And now here we are....10 years later...with 5 beautiful children and we still both can't believe the incredible love story God orchestrated for us!
I know some people think it's silly to celebrate your "dating" anniversary or the "first day you met" anniversary....but for us...this day is SO special. For us...September 14 is the day both of our totally lives changed...and it is etched on our hearts forever!! :)
Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. Happy "dating" anniversary! I think you probably already know that Michael and I met online too. I always look back at that time so fondly, because I knew right away that it was my last first date! When you it's right, you just know! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. I absolutely support celebrating the dating anniversary too! I love the 10-year-old photo with the time stamp in the corner! Congrats on 10 years and Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary!! I say celebrate all the milestones. Marriage is worth celebrating :) I love that you moved states away for a fresh start and found your dream guy. It's fun to see God's plan play out for our lives. Thanks for linking your love story - I've got to go and check it out!

  4. Are you still in Austin? I just moved back from there last year!


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