Weekly Walmart Finds: Easter Basket Edition!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday! 

It's time for another round up of some of my favorite items from Walmart...and these are all things I have purchased in the last couple of months for my kids' Easter baskets!

My mom did such an amazing job at Easter when we were kids and she always put fun, thoughtful and useful items in our Easter baskets! It is something that I have continued to do with my children and I have such a blast shopping for all the goodies Peter Cottontail tucks into their baskets ;)

Since Charlotte was 1 year old, I have stuck with the same "theme" for the items I put in the kids' Easter baskets- they each get a new swimsuit, new pair of flip flops, a new spring/summer outfit and then of course candy and I usually stick a couple of those big bubble wands in their baskets.

I have been pretty much exclusively buying my kids Easter basket goodies at Walmart for several years now!! The prices can't be beat and I am always SO pleased with the quality and selection of their spring/summer clothing and swimsuits!

Okay- let's start with swimsuits! Celine's swimsuit is not pictured here- because she is getting a swimsuit I got her last year that she never wore and the tags are still on it :)
James is getting these adorable surfboard swim trunks and the short sleeve rash guard. The swim trunks are are $7.87 and the rash guard is $6.44!  I got James the same rash guard last year for Easter and he wore it almost every day of the summer to the pool. It held up SO great!! Cora Maye is getting the turquoise polka dot swimsuit and Charlotte is getting the multi-color tankini! Cora's swimsuit is $6.97 and Charlotte's is $8.84!! The girls are in kind of awkward places with the sizes they are wearing- especially when it comes to something like swimsuits! So- I just ordered each of the them two different sizes. Once they get their Easter basket- I will have them try on their swimsuits and the one that doesn't fit, I will take back to Walmart! I really love knowing that anything I order off of can EASILY be returned to the store!!

Now time for flip flops!!!  I got James a pair of "crocs" from Walmart- but I got them in the store and could NOT find them anywhere online. They are SO cute- they are a mixture of blue, green and black and it is all kind of marbled together. They were $4.97 and I think they will be the perfect "water shoe" for him this summer- as I think flip flops may be a little tricky for him to walk in this year.  Celine got the top of pair of flip flops- that is a little rosette on the top of flip flop and it is SO stinkin' cute in person! She is going to love these as she is into everything that is "cute" and "gorgeous." HA! Charlotte is getting the black sparkle pair and Cora is getting the turquoise striped pair!  Each of pair of these flip flops were $3.67!!!  Now- I won't go and say these are super high quality sandals- but they are PERFECT to wear to the pool every day and the ones the girls had last year held up GREAT!  Walmart has a bunch of other really cute flip flops and sandals- you should definitely check them out!!
Now for the girls' outfits!! I can't tell you how much fun I have shopping for the things that go into their Easter baskets!! Where as with Christmas presents- I try to keep everything pretty much the same with what I get them (to avoid major meltdowns on Christmas morning :), for their Easter "presents" I try to get them each things that are more in line with their individual personalities. I got all of the girls' outfits at my local Walmart store- but all these items are online too! Charlotte is getting the fun heart t-shirt (her's looks a little different from the one pictured- as they didn't have the EXACT one I got her online) and the cute purple ruffle skort. Cora is getting the cute little cat t-shirt (I had a hard time taking the plunge and getting her this shirt- I REALLY don't like animals on clothing- HA!- but I know she will absolutely LOVE it- and that is all that matters!!!) and the mint green striped skort and Celine is getting the flower shirt with the purple tutu skort! Everything pictured here is less than $5 for each piece!!! And I have to tell you- if you are hesitant about buying clothing from Walmart- don't be!! I buy about 90% of my girls' clothing from Walmart and it is such great quality and really is SO cute!! And I love that fact that I feel comfortable letting them actually play in it. If they do get a rip or a major stain on it- I don't sweat it- since I can replace it for less than $5!! And can I please tell you how much I love the skorts I got them?!? They are perfect for active little girls who want to be in a cute skirt- but also want to be climbing and playing. I LOVE them!
James is getting this SUPER adorable outfit set!! It is $12.64 for the two shirts and the shorts- that's about $4.20 for each piece! I LOVE how versatile the t-shirts and shorts are on their own and how cute they will look paired together! And it may just be me- but I think that pirate ship t-shirt looks a lot like the shirts from Boden Kids!

So there you have it! That's what the Easter Bunny will be bringing all of my kiddos this year and I am SO excited about it!! I have said it before and I will say it again- I know Walmart isn't for everyone (although- I am not sure why?!? HA!) but I personally have a ball shopping on their website and in their stores. As a momma living on a tight budget- but who still wants to be able to buy her kids cute, fun and practical clothing items- Walmart is the place for me!

So- do you have your kiddo's Easter basket items yet? Do you just get a few little treats for their baskets- or get them several items?
Tell me! I love hearing about other people's Easter Basket "traditions!"

Hope you have the BEST day!!!


  1. The Easter Bunny is bringing our guys swim trunks, too. Luke & I are doing Easter shopping & birthday shopping for Cash this weekend. Gone are the days of when I can sneak gifts in the cart with Cash. haha!

  2. What awesome items you found!! I generally stick to the same "theme" as well! Swim suits, outfit, shoes...then something fun! But it's getting harder for me because my kids are getting older! Ian is 11 and Ella is 8! So I am going to have to get creative!! I'm generally a die hard Target shopper....Target is a mile from my house, but I may have to check out Wal-mart now!! Happy Reading!

    1. Hey Heather!! I would definitely check out Walmart!! My oldest daughter is 7 and I am always very pleased with the clothing selection they have for girls her age!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I love all this cute summer fun gear. I am a little sad that my daughter Grace has outgrown the girls swimsuits at Target and Walmart. They are a great buy and lots of modest selections. Now she is in the juniors dept where everything seems to be itty-bitty bikinis! Anyway, you can never go wrong with all the shorts, tee's, and swimsuits from Walmart!

  4. Great finds! I love your theme of swimsuit and sandals for their Easter baskets. I have never looked at the swimwear at Wal-mart so I'll be scoping it out soon. I did browse the sandals and my store was in the process of stocking their shelves so I'll have to check back on those, too. Great idea with the bubble wands and candy. I'm adding in a few board books, a sweet night gown (kitty ballerina for $4.84 at Wal-Mart this week) and some fun treats.

  5. I love that you fill their basket with goodies that will be used and that they can look forward to summer with! So much better than random junk that will end up being thrown away. Someone during our last Pinspiration Wednesday linkup said she gets her kids a new beach towel each year in their baskets...that would go great with your themed basket! Happy mid-week friend!

    1. Erica!! I love the beach towel idea!!! I am actually thinking of getting my niece, for her upcoming birthday, a "pool" themed present- a new beach towel, new swimsuit, flip flops and some sunglasses. And I am SO with you on not filling their basket with "junk." We have enough of that laying around our house! HA!

  6. I'm BACCCCKKKK!! Well kind of - still struggling to get back to reality. BUT, I have got to get our kids Easter outfits soon....and you just reminded me Easter baskets too!!! Ahhhh...wanna shop for me?!? :)

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