Last Five Amazon Beauty Purchases!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! 
I hope you've had a wonderful week!!

I thought I would change it up from my normal "Friday FAVORITES" and share my last FIVE beauty purchases from Amazon! I LOVE beauty/makeup products- so I didn't have to scroll down that far in my order history to get 5 items! HA!

First up is this foundation brush. I am OBSESSED with this brush. I have purchased it three times! I use one for my foundation, one for my cream bronzer and one for my cream blush. It is so inexpensive and it's GREAT quality!! LOVE this brush! You can find it HERE

If you've been following me for a while, you know that my absolute FAVORITE eyeliner is Rimmel Exaggerate in the color "blackest black." 
On a whim, I decided to order the color "rich brown." I have been using this color to line my eyes and I LOVE it!! I have continued to use "blackest black" to line my inner lower eye and my inner upper eyelid. I am really liking the slight change from black to rich brown for my upper eye lid. This eyeliner is seriously the best and it's SO cheap!! You can find it HERE!

I shared about this foundation a couple weeks ago! I am still LOVING it! I will definitely be re-purchasing it. If you can believe it- it's under $8.00! It provides great medium coverage and looks great all day! You can find it HERE!

This Brightening Glowing Serum by Acure is in the top three of my most FAVORITE beauty products. This serum is amazing!! I use it every day and I put it on after I take my shower in the morning. It is SO hydrating and refreshing. Every time I put it on, I feel like my face says, "THANK YOU!" HA! 
You can find it HERE!

I had been using a different brand of eye patches - but I saw this brand had AMAZING reviews AND they were on super sale- so you know I had to try them!! I like them SO much better than the eye patches I was previously using! I truly feel like these really help "de-puff" my under eye area. I put my eye patches on right before I leave to take my kids to school and where them on the drive to school. I usually wear my sunglasses so people in the cars next to me don't think I am nuts. HA! Added bonus to these eye patches- they have sparkles in them and come in several different colors. They are just FUN! :) You can find them HERE!
And that wraps up my last five beauty transactions!! I love talking about makeup/beauty/hair products...I just think it's so fun to learn about and try new products! 

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Today is a bit of a BOTH/AND day. It is Good Friday, which is a somber day of reflection for us as we commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus. I am ALWAYS so emotional at the celebration of the Lord's Passion which we attend on Good Friday. 

And joyfully, Aaron and I celebrate SIXTEEN years of marriage today!
I could write a book on the extreme UPs and DOWNs of our marriage. It has been the most incredible journey and we owe everything to God. We went through several years of our marriage where we really struggled. We had to go through a great amount of healing work to become the husband and wife God meant for us to be. 
We will never stop being grateful for God's never ending, unconditional love for us, 
the incredible support of our therapist AND for each other. We NEVER gave up. 

Aaron is my BEST FRIEND. He is HOME. 
And I am indescribably grateful to be deeply in love and more connected than ever with him.
Wishing you the most blessed Easter friends. May you FEEL the love of God- who restores and redeems. God NEVER wastes our sufferings and He loves us in a way that is almost incomprehensible. He is for YOU. I pray you know and believe that!

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  1. Going to check out those makeup brushes and eye patches! Happy Anniversary!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I do like the look of that foundation brush and the eyeliner!
    Happy anniversary to you and Aaron!

  3. Visiting from Share Our Lives. I am laughing at the thought of you wearing eye patches and sunglasses to drive your kids to school -- that's EXCELLENT multi-tasking!!! :) And Happy Belated Anniversary to you and your husband. We'll be married 16 years this June.

  4. Happy anniversary and nice to meet you and your blog.


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