Hey Hey Friday!

Hey friends!! Happy Friday!!
How was your week? Our's was nice and normal- and now we are headed into a VERY full weekend! All good things...but LOTS of things going on :)

I've got a few random things to share today. As I go about my week, I take pictures, save links and screen shot things that I think ya'll might like to hear about! 

A small change I have recently made is buying candles that have all clean ingredients. 
I LOVE burning candles and I pretty much have one lit in my house all the time. I decided a small, positive change I could make for our household was to only burn candles that had limited ingredients and that were better for the air in our house. After doing a little research, I settled on trying some candles from the small business, Sincerely Sarah Jane. I am so excited to share that I LOVE them! The scents I ordered smell so beautiful. I love the story behind why Sarah, the owner of Sincerely Sarah Jane started making candles. You can check the story out HERE
These candles are quite a bit pricier than the typical candles I buy at Walmart- but I am willing to make the investment for the better ingredients. Also- I love supporting a small woman owned business! If you want to do a little shopping- you can check out all the candles she currently has in stock HERE!
Okay. I have shared MANY times here on the blog how much I love makeup and beauty products. It is SO fun for me to learn about new products and try them out or learn about a new makeup technique...I just LOVE it! I recently came across a woman named Kate Albert on Instagram. She is beautiful, relatable and gives the most amazing tips and tutorials on how to apply makeup. She also shares a lot of good techniques for women with more mature skin 
(I think I fall into that category- HA!). I have already started utilizing a couple of her tips when I apply my makeup and I am loving her advice. She also shares SO many great AFFORDABLE makeup items to try out! She is definitely one of my new FAVORITE follows on Instagram! You can check her out HERE!

We are going to take a hard right turn from talking about makeup and move onto cookies. HA!
I am ALL ABOUT baking my own sweet treats. I just figure- if we are going to eat something that's not that nutritious- let's at least know what ingredients are in it. I also just think a homemade cookie tastes soooo much better than store bought.  With that being said- I am here to tell you- don't sleep on the Betty Crocker cookie mixes in the baking aisle at the grocery store! When we were on spring break last week, I wanted to bake some cookies for Aaron and the kids- but didn't want to purchase on the ingredients to make them. Instead, we picked up a sugar cookie mix and a double chocolate cookie mix. Both mixes just needed a stick of butter and one egg. SO easy! 

Not only were they super easy to make- both the sugar cookies and double chocolate cookies tasted AMAZING!! These mixes are affordable and they are especially great for baking with little kids. Highly recommend!!
We are having some friends stay with us tonight!! So I have been busy cleaning and getting our guest bedroom ready. One of my FAVORITE things to do when we have people stay with us is make them a little treat basket!
I have a little "formula" I follow: something sugary/sour, something sweet and something salty. I love these treats from Trader Joe's and this is exactly what I put in our guest basket every time. I figure it's fun to have some snacks on hand if they get the munchies AND they are set for their trip home if they want something fun to snack on. 
And I wanted to leave ya'll with this quote I saw on Instagram this week. WOW. This REALLY spoke to me!!
This is exactly how I feel. I have TRULY loved every stage with my kids...and it has all just been fueled by JOY! This obviously doesn't apply to just parenting...but that is what came to my mind when I saw it.
Happy, happy Friday friends. Thank you for stopping by today. I am truly so appreciate of you taking time out of your day to come see what's up on my little ol' blog :)

I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. It sounds like you have found some great candles, they look really pretty too.
    I love finding people on Instagram and TikTok sharing beauty tips and techniques.
    Homemade cookies are just the best!
    Your guests are so lucky, what a nice basket.

  2. I love that quote! And your guest room treat basket formula. Something for everyone! I hope you have a great weekend :)

  3. I really need to look into clean candles.

  4. The treat basket formula is such a great idea! I have tried those cookie mixes and loved them. Hope you have a good week!


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