Confession Session!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!! How has your week been???
Our's has been great...very sweaty- but great! HA! I will take the HEAT any day over COLD!

Since it's Thursday, I am linking up with my fabulous friend, Leigh, who hosts a super fun link up party called "Thursday Confessions!" 

//1// We have a little diaper changing station on our first floor and yesterday when I was changing Marshall's diaper and went to grab a size 2 - I saw we had none left. Normally- I would have one of the girls run get me one from upstairs-but they were running errands with Daddy. So I did the next logical thing- put one of James' size 6 diapers on my 3 month old baby boy! Ha! I was feeling super lazy and didn't want to chance him peeing on me! And wouldn't you know it- the size 6 actually fit him fine.

//2// I love most things about being a parent...but I have to confess one thing I don't love is bath/shower time. Sorry I am not sorry. Bathing Marshall and James isn't terrible- but the process of getting my girls upstairs, in the shower, washed and out- without someone freaking out- is very slim.  And don't even get me started on washing their hair!! They are hot, tired and at their wits end by the end of the day..I totally get that. But still- get with the program girls! Momma does NOT have time for your shower shenanigans! Ha!

//3// I didn't think I would be emotional about sending my second daughter to kindergarten- she is SO ready and excited- and we LOVE her teacher...but as the first day of school gets closer, every time I think about dropping her off in her classroom my throat gets tight!!! I just feel like there is no turning back once a child starts "big" school! Time flies by so quickly as it is- and once your kiddos start school- it goes by even faster- at least to me it does!!! Am I the only one who feels this way??

//4// My toes are in BAD shape. Like so bad that I still have on nail polish on them from when we were at the beach- AT THE END OF JUNE. So gross. I want to paint them or better yet- sneak off for a pedicure- but we have another full month of going to the pool and playing a lot what's the point?!? But really- I should probably put a new coat of polish on them at the very least! Ha!

And that's all I have for today!! It always feels so good to share the wacky things that float through my head...never a dull moment with me and my thoughts! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day! Tomorrow is FRI-YAY!!
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  1. I totally agree that time REALLY flies once the kids start "big school." That said, my youngest is about to turn 6, and he really needs to head to kindy in 2 weeks. It's time. Although yesterday I took my kids to the zoo and thought "Oh it'll be so much less crowded when I come back with Miller after school starts," and when I realized he would be in school it nearly took my breath away. I will miss the little years. A lot.

    1. YES!!! It's such a fine balance of loving RIGHT where you are at in life and with your kids...and being okay with time moving on and them growing up. I have purposefully focused on LOVING every stage with my kids...because we don't get those moments back!! :)

  2. Cash has recently started taking showers on his "own". I sit on the stool in the bathroom & he does his thing in the shower. It takes a million times longer, but I actually get some quiet time while he's playing & having fun!

  3. I need a pedi like NO ONES BUSINESS and plan to get one at the end of the month before we head to Hilton Head for vacation.

  4. I always seem to find myself nodding my head and smiling in agreement with something you say in your posts. So glad to hear personal hygiene is a daily struggle in your house too. I just don't get it, everyday with brush our teeth and hair morning and night, why must we freak out about it each and every time?!

  5. Haha, I love these!! I am the SAME way about baths. Mine are almost old enough to bathe alone, but they won't bathe and they just sit there - so what's the point, I should just bathe them and get it over with but I hate it. Your sweet girl is going to do great at school - but I so understand that emotion, every year gets harder - not easier!!

  6. Oh I strongly disliked bath time too!! Now I just say go get in the shower and it's a few minutes of peace. It's amazing HA!
    Sending Ian to middle school was AWFUL, so I completely understand sending your youngest daughter to K:(
    Have a great day friend!

    1. UGH. I can NOT either think about sending one of my kids to middle school!!! I will take kindergarten where everyone is still sweet and happy- HA!

  7. You are absolutely right...once they start school, the time seems to fly by even faster! I keep meaning to give myself a mani/pedi, but don't...mine are looking pretty rough too! I think I'll treat myself on the first day of school! Have a great weekend!


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